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Congratulations to Canada or getting 3rd place and good luck to Taiwan against Japan next weekend. Can't wait for this
also double tiebreaker hype
I'd like to be the first to apologize to all the Canadian fans for my performance when it counted.

Taiwan you guys did great and deserved the win here. I have no regrets with how far we managed to get this year. Maybe next year the result will be different.

Tasha wrote:

I'd like to be the first to apologize to all the Canadian fans for my performance when it counted.
Well they could'nt have made it that far without thier team leader :)

Dont be too hard on yourself.
Just one last thing to post here. For anyone who may be interested in pre match statistics for our team on matches (what our best scores were before the match took place), we're releasing our charts we used for helping us decide what maps to pick.

Round of 16
Thanks again tasha ! :)
Well, I was about to share my tournament spying app, but I guess that would be a bad idea :D

Anyway, judging by this year's teams, next TWC will be interesting...
Was hoping to see France or Germany in top #3 too :(
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wiki updated!

Don't forget! Last chance to buy support banners for your user profile! Keep in mind that buying a banner of the winning team will make the banner decorate your profile a while after the tournament, even!
Why is this so dead? Literally no hype for Grand Finals?

GO TW :^)

:) I can't wait for the Grand Finale of TWC2016 Tomorrow. Not sure if I'll be able to catch the games since it's going to start really early in the morning for me and I might miss out while I'm asleep but....I hope both teams give it everything they got! GL to Both Teams playing in the Final Battle tomorrow; and may the next Taiko World Cup bring us more excitement!
this is pretty silent

Nwolf wrote:

this is pretty silent
i wish there will be consolation prize for me :C
I have to say the match was really exciting to watch. I guess no one is posting because it leave them without words? (hehe)

Congratulations to Japan team for winning and to Taiwan team for putting a good fight against them.
SOON. I mean in 2050
I'm actually surprised, that no one is even posting in here. It died so quickly. :(
maybe it's because of expectations getting fulfilled and such? lols

>still waiting for LMS to reoccur

DarkStoorM wrote:

SOON. I mean in 2050
every year ;_;

DarkStoorM wrote:

Well played, HK, as always!

And of course, thanks everyone for playing! I had lots of fun this year, even if it was hard as f.
Ono, great mappools, enjoyed every single map. Even if they are hard, I still find them challenging to play. There is no such thing as a bad map. Many people said these maps from mappools are weird, but I loved them. Challenge = fun. Thanks.

Commentators were great, teams were great, everything was awesome. Keep up doing the great job, guys!

Psst psst. We had 2 girls playing on our team :3

goatlife wrote:

every year ;_;
I'm prepared for posting this image again, next year :D
When does banner on user profile update?

Kradfiz wrote:

When does banner on user profile update?
I just got mine : )

Kradfiz wrote:

When does banner on user profile update?
i raised this issue the other day. so hopefully they'll be taken down soon
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