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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Sunday, July 27, 2008 at 4:01:39 PM

Artist: Masato Nakamura
Title: Scrap Brain Zone
BPM: 119.85
Filesize: 2200kb
Play Time: 01:12
Difficulties Available:
  1. Act 1 (1.17 stars, 50 notes)
  2. Act 2 (3.6 stars, 96 notes)
  3. Act 3 (4.86 stars, 203 notes)

Download: Masato Nakamura - Scrap Brain Zone
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Second map uploaded... Three difficulties this time. Sorry for the big difficulty jump between the first two. Some Sonic-related graphics and sounds added... Wasn't sure what else to do. I think everything is fairly correct and okay, but... not sure. Noting anything that should be improved would be helpful.
Also, I got an error asking me to remove unused files... but it listed files that I do believe are being used, so... hope that's okay I selected not to remove the files.
Can't think of anything else to say here now. Hope you enjoy the map.

Hah, I'm still all hesitant to press the "submit" button...

Because the song follows an AABB pattern, I didn't think that having the repeated phrases that are exactly the same be almost exactly the same in the map was a crime or something. Guess I was wrong, hah. So I changed the placement of all the circles and directions of the sliders in the repeats. I didn't change the rhythm, however, because I didn't think that was necessary.
Also, I originally had the BPM at 119.88, but that one thing said that if it's a decimal, it probably is the rounded value... Guess that doesn't always work. Changed the BPM from 120 back to 119.88.
Also changed the few timing issues mentioned, with where the sliders end and all that. There are probably still things that don't seem wrong to me but are, in fact, wrong. I'm not used to the end of a hold having a beat on it..
Thank you, buraimaster, for noticing all those errors.

Awaiting more critique now. Wheee.

Oh! Almost forgot to mention. I was wondering if my whistle and finish placement is okay and, if not, what I should change.

Just resubmitted. I was looking at the glossary, and I came upon Recalc. ... I had no idea that meant to change the slider lengths after a BPM change 'till then. So applied both a recalc and resnap just now. Sure, there are only millimeter differences, but... they matter. It's still today enough to not put another date header above this update.

Manually resnapped all of Act 1. That should all be spaced correctly now. Fixed the slider ending. Added that note at the end. 'Cause it was a question, I'm guessing I didn't have to, but I did so in a different difficulty, so I thought I may as well for the consistency. Run-on sentence, blah.
I believe most of the finishes and whistles are on sliders because sliders seem to begin and end several combos...
Hm. Yeah. That's all for now. Just fixin' what was said again. Thanks.

And that's what I typed before I refreshed the forum page and burai popped up with some more things to fix.
So I hit Cancel, so I could submit again after I fix what was said. I'm wondering though, did the new map upload despite me hitting cancel when I saw his post? So are the comments on the version of the map I didn't make an edit in the first post on?
If so, well, ... There shouldn't be any spacing problems in Act 1 because I manually resnapped that. I even checked the times that were "off", and they seemed right to me. When you say "closer to 4 and down", did you mean to move the slider direction down as you move it closer to four or to move it closer to four by moving it down? Either way, it's spaced correctly...

Also, I added more sounds. I hope I didn't do too many, though.

Timing fixed.

Fixed that one slider spacing in Easy.
Timing feels a little off at the end to me. BPM: 119.90? Resnap and recalc.
I like the skinning. :D

Act 1:
I don't like the beginning as it's just a copy paste. or the end for that matter.
I don't like some of the timing either. One instance would be at [01:10:02](5), and would sound better if it ended at 01:11:27 instead of 01:11:52.
Spacing doesn't seem to be any problem. Except:
[00:05:72](2): Bring closer too 3.
[00:21:73](2): same.

Act 2:
Same problem with Act 1 with copy and paste.
final slider, starting at 01:10:02 sounds better ending at 01:11:27 then add a note at 01:11:77.
No spacing errors.

Act 3:
Again, same thing with the copy and paste.
No spacing errors.

Please get rid of the copy and paste. It only makes this map that much boring, and it does have much potential. I won't star for now because I want to see what you'll change once you change those copy-and-paste parts. ;)
My friend (who introduced me to this site) told me that I should post in my thread after I update the file. "Bumping with content". So that's what I'm doing right now. Everything I would say in this bump has already been said in the edits in the first post when I was resubmitting.

So, yeah.
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
Still problems.
Act 1:
00:32:24 - 5 - bring closer to 4 and down.
01:00:02 - 4 - bring down a little, closer to 3.

Still probably should add some more sounds.
Oh I love this song. The map is great and I love the sounds and everything. I had no problems with it.

4200 offset?

James wrote:

4200 offset?
Agreed. Then BPM would change as well. 119.85?
Corrected the timing as requested. Resnapped and recalced and stuff. Hope that's all good and well now.
very good

Silvuh wrote:

When you say "closer to 4 and down", did you mean to move the slider direction down as you move it closer to four or to move it closer to four by moving it down? Either way, it's spaced correctly...
No, I mean move the entire slider, not it's direction. Here's screen of what I'm talking about.
Good! grats on first ranked beatmap! :)

edit: hold on. I can't rank for some odd reason. :(
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