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Ok so I guess we all know DT is actually 1.5 times songs normal speed, not 2.0. How ever I noticed that when watching replays with DT mod on, then using the 0.5x playback feature, the song slows down only to 1.0 times songs normal speed. Quick math 1.5*0.5=0.75.

Not sure if intended behavior but what ever. Im pretty sure that the 0.5x feature slows down nomod replays to actual 0.5x speed.
osu! version: 20151228.2
It Always used to be 0.75x and when you toggle the mod off the replay will be at normal speed
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Baraatje123 wrote:

It Always used to be 0.75x and when you toggle the mod off the replay will be at normal speed
Lol i didnt even know u can toggle the mod. Anyway, the point is that it isnt 0.75x. Its 1.0x. It should be 0.75x thou.
So changing speed is the same as toggling O.o
That makes no sense to me
It used to be actual 2x and 0.5x and 2x wasn't allowed on DT and 0.5x wasn't allowed on HT (and fallback is still like that). But after becoming latest version, their actual speed changed to 3/2 speed and 2/3 speed. Which means

Nomod+2x = 1.5 (=DT speed)
Nomod+0.5x = 0.667
DT+2x = 2.25
DT+0.5x = 1 (=nomod speed)
HT+2x = 1.125
HT+0.5x = 0.5

and now we can use both speed on both DT and HT. However if we need a strict indication of the speed, then they should be renamed to "3/2x Playback" and "2/3x Playback". Wonder if peppy would change it.
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I always tougth it was unnecerssary confusing to call the mods Double Time and Half time as neither change the tempo of the song that much.

But now it seems we have:

I seriously cant understand what were they thinking when they came up with this shit lol. I guess the change also sucks because no longer can you speed up or slow down unmodded replays as much as you were able to.
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