Option to Hitcircles disappear instantly

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Please make an 0/1 option on skin.ini to Hitcircles disappear instantly.

Idk why we need that visual feedback when hitting hitcircles. Like slider's startcircles, still having hitcircles on screen when we already hit then is useless, and the fading animation is most useless yet. Isn't the audio feedback provided by our really loud hitsounds enough?
Can be nice
peppy is strong against this

Adder wrote:
peppy is strong against this
damn, thats bad :(
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¬¬' Fuck peppy y u do it. Lazy as hell... Just forces the players to use every single line that u coded cuz u just want. Same happened with kiai. "blabla i did it now you guys will be forced to use it because my work will not be lost..."

Okay i'm going to cry thunder on fetal position. bye

Aeii wrote:

This is skinnable.
Citation or tutorial needed
Wasn't obvious enough. Had to dig. Here for anyone else: p/4659270
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