Smokeman's modding queue (std M4M) [Open]

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Artist - Songname: Gesu no Kiwami Otome - Ruins
duration/draintime: 0:46 (0:46 drain)
difs: 6
Link to your mod: p/4830765#p4830765
notes: thank you :)

NM or M4M

Artist - Title: Prefekt ft. Johnning - Numb

Duration: 2:15 (1:59 drain)
Difficulty to mod: Hard
BPM: 128
Note: Thank You and I hope you'll like it.
Chibi Maruko

Artist - Songname: Misokkasu - Rising Rainbow
duration/draintime: 3:27 (3:06 drain)
difs: 6 (Maybe insane wip, so don't mod dat diff)
Link to your mod: p/4831375/
notes: Hopefully, thank you and mod my map!
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M4M open i can have some stuff to work on during the week.
around 3-4 should be fine
Lily Bread
Artist - Songname: Ling Yuan yousa - Beng Huai Shi Jie De Ge Ji Chinese Ver
duration/draintime: 1:30 (1:27 drain)
difs: except easy
Link to your mod:
notes: none
Artist - Songname: baker - Natsu ni Sarishi Kimi wo Omofu
duration/draintime: 2:39 (2:06 drain)
difs: Only four.
Link to your mod:
notes: Don't mod back if the mod isn't helpful. Mod what you feel like.
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M4M open
...for the week-end.
around 3-4 should be fine
Hello, Smokeman! I decided to do a M4M with you, because your map is actually well done and I love the soundtrack! I didn't mod it yet though, but I just want to let you know, if that's okay with you. Of course, you'll have to wait my mod before you mod mine!

Artist - Songname: LEO - The Wolf
duration/draintime: 3:05 (3:05 drain)
difs: Normal / Hard
Link to your mod: p/4859426/
notes: deleting the SB would help if you have trouble modding in the editor, but check it first!

Thank you in advance! I will get to yours tomorrow.
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NM open
...for the week-end.
around 2-3 should be fine
NM pls.

Artist - Songname: Hana - MAJICK
duration/draintime: 1:42 (1:39 drain)
difs: Actually I have 7 diffs but you can mod any diffs you feel like it
notes: I already wrote my note on the line above, thanks in advance~

EDIT : Oops and the answer is 14
Artist - Songname: Sayuri - Sore wa Chiisana Hikari no Youna
duration/draintime: 1:22
difs: normal, hard, insane, erased
notes: 385 (?)
Artist - Songname: fripSide - magicaride
duration/draintime: 4:18 (3:45 drain)
difs: One dif
notes: 1300 - 1400
The answer is : 14
[b]Artist - Songname: [url=]IDOL CO
song: TRakker - Countdown to the Blue
drain: 5:45
diffs: 1
notes: answer is 14
Please NM my map, my map is bad and I would like to know and have siggestions.
Artist name: Kawada Mami
Song: Contrail
Drain: 1:30 (TV size)
Difficulties: 1 for now(Insane)
Stars: 4.3-4.6
Answer: 14 ww
Link to map: Kawada Mami - Contrail~Kiseki~

Notes: idk, can edit and say later...Sorry
NM request!

Artist - Songname: Omoi - Snow Drive
Duration/draintime: 4:13
Diffs: Extra > Insane > Freeze
Notes: n+n = m
Topic Starter
M$M open
...need 1-2 mods on my Easy dif Kajiura Yuki - Decretum
will take a look at some of the NM request once i get more motivation...
Will take ONE more NM doe

14 is not the correct answer...
Why not try for that one nm :^)

Artist - Songname: Stereo Dive Foundation - Genesis
difs: Insane is top priority then mod whatever you feel like
notes: Thx in advance!

If 14 isnt correct then 69 is
NM pls

Artist - Songname: Orion's Reign - Darkness Comes
duration/draintime: 3:09 (2:21 drain)
difs: 3 (Easy, Advanced, Insane)
notes: Thanks in advance!

385. sieht schwerer aus als es ist oO falls ich es richtig hab jedenfalls :P
kann auch m4m versuchen, bin aber nicht besonders gut im modden
Hey o/ I guess m4m is still open right?

Artist - Songname: Gowrock - bloom
duration/draintime: 1:53 (1:53 drain)
difs: E/N/H/I/I/I/X
Link to your mod: *click*
notes: Just mod how as many diffs as you want.

Thanks in advance!
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