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You forgot my request lol c':[/quote]

Both of your requests are on page 60. The ones that I did are on page 58.
I won't miss out any requests, don't worry! Just give me a few days to catch up.
Thanks for being so patient![/size][/color][/quote]
Oh sorry x)

stal wrote:

Thank you Kurochiie

OMG I LOVE IT, thx stal yet again :) <3
Closed? Oh. Okay. Stal, thank you and I understand your situation. I wish you luck!

Due to stal's real life problems, I have cancelled this request.
Type: Banner
Size: Banner: 620x190
Image Source:
Text: 10nya's Userpage
Border: Y
Extra Information: make it cool please

thank you :3
Type: Banner
Size: Banner: 620x190
Image Source:
Text: ~~Welcome to my paradise~~
Border: Aye
Extra Information: Nien
Type: Banner
Size: Banner: 622x140 and 622x192 ( please make two )
Image Source:
Text: AllRiseSilver
Border: Your choice
Extra Information: -

thanks! take your time, make it awesome! thanks! :)
Still waiting hehe :)8-)
canceled, sorry.
I would like to cancel my request here! I apologize.
Banner please!

Type : Banner
Size : Banner : 620x190
Image Source :
Text : Jesderp's Userpage
Border : Dots/Small lines please!
Border type : Normal
Extra info : Can you do it in the font in the style of Illuri's (in the example)? Much appreciated! (or any style you think is better)

Once again, thank you so much! Your graphic art is incredible :)
Aoi Hikari
One tap queen @_@!!~ i've yet again have a request for you~

Type : Collab
Size : 128x128
Image source : Click me ~
Text :
Left=Flamie , Middle=Aoi- , Right=Muicat
Border : Y
Extra Information : Kms buddies 4 lyfe! :D

I almost forgot, i want one with the full picture as well >< sorry for making stuff harder for you. Do take your time!
Type: Collab
Size: Avatar: 128x128
Image Source: ~
Text: Starting from the back :3, Aster, Liru, Lockon, Hiro and uh Ice cream at the back: LanJay, Letter at the front: Seel
Border: Up to you :D
Border Type: ^
Extra Information: Can you make one with the full picture, thanks :D

Take your time ^^
D a n i e l a

-Type: Couple
-Size: 128x128
-Image link:
-Text: Dani (Girl) Alex (Boy)
-Border: Y
-Border Type: Circle

thank you~
Yahallo! ;)

Type: Userpage

Size: 620x190

Image Source: ... 264_p0.png

Text: You are the one who creates your world

Border: Up to you

Extra Information: -

[ Air Project ]
Type: Banner
Size: Banner: 620x190
Image Source: [url] [/url]
Text: Air Project

"I gaze upon the stars

just to dream about the future"
Border: Yes (anything you want)
Extra Information: just make it as beautiful as possible if you can
The PurplePanda
Type: Signature
Size: 650x150
Image Source: background and if you can a gif with it >,<? which will be click
Text: I'm trying to save you...Again.
Border: Y
Extra Information: nope ;w;
Topic Starter


Sorry for the long wait but I have decided to close the thread for now.
Since college have started, I have a bunch of work to do for both studies and my client.
On top of that, internship is also approaching and it lasts for 3 months.

I'm not going to lie -- I have lost interest in graphics after seeing so many people multi-requesting (eg. Yukisa) and
not using the works/edits from other threads. It is frustrating to know that people can't even read the rules, yet they still have
the audacity to blatantly request from multiple threads. As someone who is doing this for free, I only wish to serve people who
have patience and the ability to read. I don't want to keep checking if this person has multi-requested or whether this person has
been using other works/edits for at least 5 days. It probably sounds selfish, but I'm sure some of you can relate.

Besides that, I am no longer an active player on osu! and have switched over to games such as FFXIV, so there's that.
If your patience level is really high (I applaud you for that, no sarcasm) and still want your request done, feel free to send
it to me through PM through osu!/Steam/Discord. For tournament related graphics such as OHC's thread, feel free to send a PM as well.
However, if you are a multi-requester, kindly do the entire Art section a favor and fuck off.

Otherwise, I think I am done here for now.
Maybe I'll return when there are lesser people multi-requesting and more people showing appreciation.

Thank you for requesting and also, for your patience!
Good luck to the others and see ya someday.

stal out. o/
im gonna cancel my request then...
Hey Stal !

By being a very big fan of your works for months now, i'm just sad you're quitting, but I just can't agree more with what you said. I clearly understand how bad it is to do something that won't be used, to struggle really hard and being "skipped" like that.

Anyway, i just truly think you were one of the greatest gfx here, and I will probably keep thinking that for a long time from now on.

I wish you luck with college, and have fun on FFXIV :^)

All the best for you Stal! ♡

i'm pretty late wtf i didn't notice ._. / sri 4 bad eng me tired
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