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So I'm a producer and have an APC25Key from Akai and a Casio full keyboard. Would be interested in using either of these instead of laptop keys as my main controller for clicking because it would heavily improve my accuracy and reduce impact on my wrists, but neither work even with joystick support enabled for mania (pressing on the keys makes nothing happen, and even mapping them doesn't work because it's not recognized

Is there any way to make Osu recognize an APC25Key?

osu! version: 20151228.2
Does Windows even recognise your keyboard as a controller when you plug it in? If it is a controller, you should be able to see it in the "Set up USB game controllers" menu.

If it's not just a simple controller, then support for it is unlikely, since I'd have to go and purchase a keyboard myself to even begin to be able to add support for it.

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You can use GlovePIE to use a MIDI keyboard as a computer keyboard, it might work that way.
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