How much does accuracy matter to you?

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My opinion on accuracy is...

Accuracy is very important. Sometimes I skip playing hard maps in fear it will go down.
Accuracy is important. I replay maps many times to improve my accuracy.
Accuracy is alright. Sometimes, I will try to improve it.
Accuracy is unimportant. I do not care about my accuracy.
Accuracy is stupid. Accuracy should not exist.
What Derekku said.
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I personally don't care about accuracy that much. All those crazy approved maps (or even ranked ones... e.g. Shotgun Symphony, Tag4 stuff) ruin it anyways for me. Oh well.... almost forgot random DTs on multi. I'm waaaay too lazy to replay them without DT afterwards.

It's another story if I am hunting for a certain rank though...
I'll care more about my overall accuracy when I can pretty much pass all the top difficulty maps. As of the moment it's more of a learning and improving thing. Sure I'll go back and improve my old scores to get my acc up, but I'm not going to go for an S rank on some song that I can barely pass :P
i find that as i get better and better i start to care more and more about my accuracy. (though i still suck XD)

kriers wrote:

Accuracy is everything to me. I'm just too darn lazy to fix my overall statistics.
+ I skip maps that might make my accuracy go down until I can get decent accuracy on them
Accuracy is unimportant to me, but I obviously try to do the highest acc I can when I'm playing a map xD
It's important, but has been since i started playing so it's not like i do a lot of retries to get good acc, i usually do allways, i do retries if i miss but that's another story, on maps i can't do good acc because they're too hard for me or they're old maps i may do some retries but i learned that playing them a bit per day it's better than doing thousands of retries cause i'll rage a bit too much.
U mad bro?
Voted "Accuracy is important. I replay maps many times to improve my accuracy." option.

I consider accuracy important and I'm trying to get it higher :P
Accuracy as a skill is important but "total accuracy statistic" (the one on your profile) is completely irrelevant to me.

It is mentioned in the OP that the poll is about the actual accuracy stat but the way the answers are worded imply that not caring about the stat = not caring about the ability to get good accuracy. I also think that controlling your acc stat with spunout/leaving before the end is lame.
I love accuracy!!!! very big big very big accuracy's fan!!! Big Big yeah!!!!

Waryas wrote:

I love accuracy!!!! very big big very big accuracy's fan!!! Big Big yeah!!!!
I actually care about accuracy. But I keep bad accing every single map I fc, that makes me not giving a fuck about it sometimes :(
I have 93'5 % accuracy and I feel fine because I've been playing for 2 weeks :D I just play the maps and then I replay them to get more accuracy and score.
Not a single fuck given. My accuracy has only been going up because I keep getting 95-99% first time I play a map these days.

And about a year ago, I purposefully lowered it to around 80% by putting NoFail on a ton of maps and just hitting one note. I still haven't done anything to improve those scores.
before i noticed it, i had a good overall accuracy. so i'm taking care while playing
high acc also gives high score, so yeah.
The game's about enjoyment, I don't take it that seriously. Accuracy is trivial, just like rank.
As long as I get S, I'm happy.
In osu mode I need only full combo.
But in CTB I need only SS.
Accuracy is important. I replay maps many times to improve my accuracy.
yup , i get 96% , even if i'm playing shitmaps \:D/
At the beginning , i lost 11% of accuracy on that map , didn't understand that

but 2 years later , FC Hidden 99.35% , after ~2600 trys 8D

But yeah , if i get a bad accuracy (generally <97% , it can change into <80% for stream maps) , i'll try to improve it.
Accuracy is like a status thing to me *^*; I work way too hard trying to get it up..
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