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How's the skin?

It's great! I use it out of the box, unedited, and I like the new innovations
68.98% 438
It's good, I just get used to the things that aren't so good
11.50% 73
Its ok, I used the options folder to change some elements
9.29% 59
I use some elements from this skin in my own private skin, but I don't use the original
6.61% 42
Nah stuff this
3.62% 23
Total votes: 635
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Welcome to my very first skin - Sky!

This skin is made to be clean and innovative. Something beautiful, but not flashy. It's also home to many new concepts that enhance gameplay, (well, for 3.0 anyway. in 4.0 i scratched that and made things more aesthetic than easy.... :? ). Of course, If you prefer some other design options, there's always the options folder! Here you can change a lot of the elements, not just turn them on or off, but actually change them. You can even customise the scorebar! If you don't have the software, no problem. follow the instructions included to request for one, I'll try make it as soon as possible.

With over 80 comments and 3,332 downloads, why don't you see it for yourself?

Added Score v2 mod
Fixed up options folder to support the new update

Added more colour in the form of animations
New hitbursts

Enhancements to readability (in my opinion)
Mania skinned! Sorry not centred... i have a slow osu build so thats very hard to do
New sounds!

--OPTIONS v3.0.1--
There seemed to be a problem that otakupingu, LERUfic, and Mozu found... Thanks so much for letting me know!
I attempted to fix this, hopefully it works on windows now. I tested it and it works fine for me, but let me know if it doesn't work.

When this was 3.0, I uploaded the one that I was working on. oops. It's been fixed now, so it's the "latest latest" version.
Minor changes from there were made, mainly debugging.

Spinner - Better
Target Practie Mod Icon (but not sure how to skin target practice gameplay)
Follow point improved animation
Combo is transparent - less distracting
Buttons - rounded now, more clear to new players.

Target Practice Mod (but not sure how to skin target practice gameplay)
With the new items made in version 3.0, I added more options with the things I changed. So you can still revert back to the old versions of things if you like them better.

Approach Circle is fixed (results vary from person to person) - added a black shadow so the edges are more distinguishable
Cursor - made more visible, and looks cooler

Mod Label ON/OFF option added in options folder.
Drums ON/OFF for ranking
a few more...

Mods fixed. They are now more beautiful.. nah just kidding
Menu Back fixed
New Menu Click sound
Installation bug should be fixed...
skin.ini error fixed
Pause-fail works for widescreen now.

Heaps of options added! (in the seperate options folder download)

Fail-screen is still the same, still using the 16:10 ratio. (could anyone screenshot the fixed fail screen found in the comments? i need to calibrate the 'failed' text on it.)

First Release

The skin is a greatly modified version of the '2014-08-06+(For+Sharing)' skin, which was sent by a friend. It seems it's lost in the internet though...
The details in it's skin.ini:
Name: 2014-08-06 (For Sharing)
Author: Startrick (Modified by ril)
Some elements from it remain the same, like the ranking letters, menu back and most hit sounds.

Elements from YUGEN by Garin were used as a base for some items

ummm... Some more sounds got taken from even more skins. I've asked all I could, but I don't remember which is from where... sorry if I used yours!
I NEED IT NOW (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
wow that was fast! thanks!

i might get it done tomorrow or in the next two days if things go to plan...
(the skin's progress status will now be displayed semi-live at the top.)
Yeah I really want to check this skin out as well. Looks great!
Nice skin! It seems very clear ^^
Can i have a custom scorebar? :D
Looks promising; take your time! :)

- Em4gon wrote:

Nice skin! It seems very clear ^^
Can i have a custom scorebar? :D
that'll be after the skin release...

yea sure but i need to make the template file first ;)
Looks nice, looking forward to final release!
Thanks to all for your encouragement!

Unity wrote:

I NEED IT NOW (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Omg very awesome skin you've made there! I'll looking forward on this skin because its cool and simple :D
Great job!
Btw what font do you use for this skin owo?

Haruto wrote:

Unity wrote:

I NEED IT NOW (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Omg very awesome skin you've made there! I'll looking forward on this skin because its cool and simple :D
Great job!
Btw what font do you use for this skin owo?
I used Santana (normal), Hiragino Sans and Avenir Next.. The one you see on this post is Santana. You'll find it in the skin pack, or maybe 'sold separately' in a second download for the options.

btw, Its a saying. this is not actually paid :/
------------------ ↓ BETA VERSION 1.0 ↓ ------------------

Comments are related to beta version 1.0.

pls report anything that needs fixing, thanks! :)

>oh and also, someone screenshot the main menu I don't have supporter
it is not .osk?
.osz is for beatmap use,please

-[Jess]- wrote:

it is not .osk?
.osz is for beatmap use,please
This should be fixed.
Finally! :3
Edit: http://puu.sh/monEL/39a36a99c1.jpg here is the screenshot of the main menu you wanted, right? D:
The menu-background needs to be a .jpg file. (http://puu.sh/monJw/d75ce325e3.jpg)
uh... the fail-background seems like "halfed" you know what i mean.
its like, not the whole screen covered by the background
it only covers on the centre of the screen.
also for the hit-circle. i think it size should be a bit bigger. the current one is interrupts my reading tho ;w;

imo the skin is great. very simple, modern-look and glowy. i really like it :3
keep up the good work UO!
looks neat
It's beautiful ^^
Wow, looks great, good job!!
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