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i'll referee for you but i agree that the dates are too early
Will this be streamed? And if so where?
Ugh... 3 days after asking my question and i still haven't got an answer. ¨

By the way what times are the matches being played on? I mean you've given us the dates but you gotta be a bit more specific
Eehm, is this tournament even gonna be held? I mean we havent recieved the times when the matches are supposed to be played, the bracket is a mess and the host is inactive >.>
nanoK seems MIA.
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Many clarifications will need to be made due to my recent absence from vacation.

Elliwz: the matches won't be streamed unless a referee would like to. Also, expect the matches to be around noon EST

gracefu: you have been signed up as a referee, pm me

Also, the dates are accidently posted as a WEEK EARLY. CORRECT, THE MATCHES WILL BE HELD A WEEK LATER THAN AFTER I SAID SO (1/16 INSTEAD OF 1/9)
Player 1: Musty
Player 2: NerO

Player 1: _Naxn_
Player 2: Bullhax
[ Escu ]

Player 1: [ Escu ]
Player 2: pablonr
Sooo... can you like give us more specific times for the games? Or do we decide that ourselves with the other team?

Also you might want to update the teams, alot of people joined and they havent been added yet
Austria: KilianPvP and Soap
Organiser seems MIA. Again.
barbie girl
host is probably asleep b/c USA time is like 5-7 hours behind
Doubt that this is even going to be held. Host can't even stick to a time!
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NOTE TO PARTICIPANTS [those who speculated I didn't care about the tournament]:

I PURPOSELY did not hold the tournament on sunday. The reason Saturday was added as a date was in the case we had 16 teams, which i intended the tournament to have. HOWEVER, we only got 8 teams to participate, so therefore, the first round would be obsolete. THE FIRST ROUND OF THE TOURNAMENT WILL BE HELD TOMORROW AT 12:00.

My apologies, nanoK.
UK vs SG will be playing slightly earlier, since SG team has to sleep. I will be refereeing this match.

UTC 12:00
Thor and Toucanator please take note

UTC+8 20:00
oneplusone and GSBlank please take note

Unfortunately I will be sleeping for all the other matches. nanoK will be refereeing those.

The pairings for the other 6 teams are not confirmed. Please wait until ~11:00 EST; nanoK will pair you guys.
SG vs UK

mp link: (the last match, night of knights, is missing but blue won by a landslide on that as well)

SG wins 4-0
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Argentina [4] - Sweden [2]
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