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PolySTREAM World is a tournament hosted by nanoK. Many osu! players around the world will participate in teams of two based on their country. The two players whose team won will be granted a prize, along with the title of PolySTREAM World Champion.
To sign up for PolySTREAM, you must post IN the thread your team members and which country you will be representing*. For larger countries such as the United States, Japan, and Canada (and more), up to 3 teams may represent the country. Sixteen teams of two will be participating in the tournament, so choose to represent your country now! *note that your team may be rejected due to a lack of skill.

To begin the tournament, each team will be organized into spots on a single-elimination form bracket. In the bracket, each team will have one corresponding round one enemy. Each team will play against their round one enemy, and the winner of the game will continue to round two, where the same process will occur. These games will be played in multiplayer, and must follow the following procedure:

1. The players of each team will join an official multiplayer PolySTREAM match, which a password only given to the participants will be entered. In order for the match to count, there must be an official PolySTREAM referee in the match.

2. The captain (player who signed their team up) of each team will roll a die using the command !roll. The winner (highest roller) of the roll will choose two warm-up maps less than three minutes long which are not contained in the mappool. The winner of these warm-up maps will not be granted any points.

3. The loser of the roll will now choose one map from the round mappool which is not the tiebreaker, and the team who wins the game will be granted a point. Then, the other team chooses a map, and continues the procedure.

4. The first team to reach five points from the given nine maps is the winner of the match and continues to the next round. If the players have played all eight maps not including the tiebreaker and there is no winner (4-4 score) then the tiebreaker will be played.

To evaluate the winner of a map played, the sum of the two player's scores will make their team score, and the highest team score is the winner of the game. Each player's score, before added to make the team score, will be multiplied by the following percentages based on their play.

100% - if the player passed the map without failing
75% - if the player failed the map at one point but passed in the end
25% - if the player failed in the end

The mappool for each round is to be announced a week before the round to the participants of the tournament.
Round One - Saturday 1/16
Round Two - Sunday 1/17
Semi-Finals - Saturday 1/23
Finals - Sunday 1/24

Team 1 - Argentina
Player 1: -Neko
Player 2: AjeyC

Team 2 - Singapore
Player 1: oneplusone
Player 2: GSBlank

Team 3 - United Kingdom
Player 1: Thor
Player 2: Toucanator

Team 4 - Poland
Player 1: Hantsuki
Player 2: Terello

Team 5 - Sweden
Player 1: elliwz
Player 2: Saya

Team 6 - France
Player 1: Musty
Player 2: NerO

Team 7 - Canada
Player 1: _Naxn_
Player 2: Bullhax

Team 8 - Spain
Player 1: [ Escu ]
Player 2: Pablonr
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Player 1: -Neko
Player 2: AjeyC
Why are the dates so early? You need to give players at least a week to decide whether they want to sign up or not. Otherwise, you're going to have a tournament where not a lot of people are participating because nobody knows that the tournament was even running.
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