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Avatar Req~~
Kind of avatar: single
Image: any cute image of Sakai Tama (from D-Frag!)
Text: Cubzy
Border type: Rounded-Normal
Size: 200x200
Extras: if you can blend the Text with the colors of the image please

That's all, I think. Thanks in advance Fina-chan <3
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edited :3
@Pichu_Senpai - @NatsukoHonda - @-C O N T R A L- - @xNiamh - @Riiikaa - @Azumy - @Cubzy - @Toshi

Fina wrote:

edited :3
@Pichu_Senpai - @NatsukoHonda - @-C O N T R A L- - @xNiamh - @Riiikaa - @Azumy - @Cubzy - @Toshi
Merci, et ce n'est pas grave pour l'ombre portée.

Par contre, pour l'écriture, j'adore complètement, merci en tout cas.
Ow ow We have the same age but you're the first person that i respect !
Good Luck Miss.

Bonne chance et je vais peut etre profité de tes services :3
Thanks you ^o^
Thanks Fina-chan <3
Kind of avatar: Avatar
Image: ... o1_500.png
text: xNiamh
border type: normal
size: 128x128
Fina you are great ^-^
-C O N T R A L-

Fina wrote:

edited :3
@Pichu_Senpai - @NatsukoHonda - @-C O N T R A L- - @xNiamh - @Riiikaa - @Azumy - @Cubzy - @Toshi
Thank you really much ^~^ No worries, you did great! I really like it :3 The only sad thing is that Coconut isn't on the Banner :D (Right upper corner)
But its really great :3
Thank you really really much Fina :3
Keep on the good work
Image: ... 8c8874.jpg
Text: Adson
Border-Type: normal
size: 128x128
Keep up the great work!

EDIT, I hope you see it: Text: Adson, A in red, d in white and so on. And the letters with a black border. The letters should be in a cool, curvy, graffity like style :) Thank you <333
- Banner
- Image : Anything killua, your choice :3
- Text :Tizona, dont put userpage ples <3
- Border type : Normal
- Size : 623x192
- Extras : Blue/white color scheme is my fav, but its entirely up to you
- Animated : yes, can use gif or just animate name either works.
I like your work :3
I main Bastion

- kind of avatar : single
- image : there. ( site NSFW )
- text : IMB
- border type : square
- size : 128x128

ty baeeab
- Banner : banner
- Image : (celle-la, au pire, prends juste le personnage de l'image, pas forcément le contour)
- Text : Spotty - the Happiness Rabbit
- Border type : pas de bord spécifique, genre un truc avec des bords invisible, un peu comme un truc du genre dessin, je sais pas comment mieux expliquer :c
- Size : standarrrrrr
- Extras : je te laisse faire comme tu le sens starfoula
- Animated : ui

wsh alors jrentre dans lgame en claquett ohhhh
tiens ta gadji j'ai pas la laiss grooo, on voit que ses fess ohhhh
Type: banner
Image: ... e-miku.jpg
Size: 623x192
Border: rounded normal
Animated: ui plagiat spotty ouuh
Text: Welcome to the kawaii world of Suki~
Extra: mets le text et la bordure en rose^^
Hi i'm Fina's gfx thread ♡(*´∀`*)人(*´∀`*)♡ big fan (´・◡・`)
- kind of avatar : collab
- image :
- text : Left : Yukinon | Right : Take
- border type : Normal square
- size : 128x128
Thanks in advance btw never forget le deny sur la collab
Type: Banner
Size: 623x192
Border: Round normal ^0^
Text: Welcome to my userpage!
Extra: I would love if you could make the font cursive (something similar to the one i have now) and different colors that you think look best >~<

Also I really like your name ;p

*Also if you could add my name somewhere on the banner that would be great!*

Je pensais que tu avais fermé :( Mais tellement heureux que tu est de retour ! ♥

- Banner : Facebook Banner
- Image :
- Text : Tortinix as font something like that and in RED just below the double V poses Emilia
- Border type : Normal
- Size : 828 x 315
- Extras : I let you choose, you will make something extraordinary as usual <3
- Animated : Nope

Prend ton temps merci encore Fina ♥
Request Pls <3
- kind of avatar : single
- image :
- text : Kizu
- border type : Rounded Dashed
- size : 180x180
- extras : Blue glowing text ^w^

- Image :
- Text : Welcome To Kizu's Userpage <3
- Border type : Square Border
- Size : 623x192
- Extras : Make it cool pls <3
- Animated : yes

Thanks B4
Topic Starter
edited :3
@xNiamh - @Adson1 - @Tizona - @I Main Bastion - @Spotty - @[Suki] - @Yukinon-
in progress :
@Feina - @Tortinix - @Kizu

My Angel Veth wrote:

click here!

I hope you like it ! I'm a bit late, i'm very sorry about that !

click here! ~ i hope you like it :3 noice french :v)

hope you like it !
tried my best to find a good pic of her but I can't, sorry ^^ provide me a pic next time to avoid these kind of surprises ^^
click here! ~ I hope you like it :3

click here! ~ I hope you like it :3 I love you too ♥

font used is geometos :3 ~ i really hope you like it :3 and thanks a lot !

click here! ~I hope you like it :3

j'espère que tu aimes ! :) l'ombre portée sur tout le texte rendait quelque chose de pas très beau à voir, et agressif alors j'ai préféré le garder sur le mot le plus important de la phrase, j'espère que ça pose pas de pbs!^^

click here!

For the avatar, i'm pretty bad at rendering and stuff, and according renders to a specific background so I made that, I still hope you like it ;_; i'm so sorry
and for the banner, i couldn't add moving particles, sorry ;_; I animated the text instead :( I really hope you like it because I feel like I failed both of your requests and huh :cc

click here! ~ I hope you like it !

click here!

I hope you like it ! I liked doing it :3
Made this request only a few days ago for Nelly. It's the exact same request, why are you copying?

hope you like it :3
well uh seems like you deleted your request but I made it so instead of let it rot in my folder i'll post it :v)

hope you like it if you ever come here again

click here! ~ not really proud of this one ;w; I still hope you like it ! I hope I did well on the colors and I hope I understood well kek ! I hope you like the font too ;w; I feel like I totally failed it! :c

~ was really fun to do ! hope you like it!


la plus belle des rabbit femelles spottoche
Paris Saint-Germain, Matuidi Charo
Attaquant, défense, Matuidi Charo
Milieu de terrain, Matuidi Charo
Même les diagonales, Matuidi Charo
Finesser, finesser, Matuidi Charo
Ching Chong, Matuidi Charo
Même contre le Barça, Matuidi Charo
Vends de la jamba, Matuidi Charo
Matuidi Charo, Matuidi Charo
Matuidi Charo, Matuidi Charo
Matuidi Charo, Matuidi Charo
Matuidi Charo, Matuidi Charo
Ça court vers le butin, Matuidi Charo
Terrain d'pilon d'beuh, Matuidi Charo
En cas de pépin, Matuidi Charo
Ça slalome les 22, Matuidi Charo
Matuidi Charo, Matuidi Charo
Matuidi Charo, Matuidi Charo
Matuidi Charo, Matuidi Charo
Matuidi Charo, Matuidi Charo

j'ai pas pris ton rose il est trop agressif aux yeux, mais j'espère que ça te plaira quand même
click here! ~ dsl ptn mais ct rafis :c
Sorry for the late waiting.. I hope it won't happen again :c
@- Kurk - - you're welcome! :3
@[Suki] - non
@[ Kasuga ] - So damn cute ♥ toi aussi tu es géniale ! watashi mo
@alkalde - hehe you're welcome !
@Exaria-sama - you're welcome ! :3
@Azarian - Merci à toi ! :)
@Alea - huh tysm!!
@-C O N T R A L- - thank youu <3 and yea sorry but it wouldn't have fit otherwise ;w;
@Tizona - thank you!
C'est pas grave, ça va très bien merci ;3
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