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You will be missed.
Have fun with your life. (:
Heyyyyy Fina :D:D

Request : Banner
Image Link :
Text : Welcome to Cyrus userpage
Size : 623x192
Extras : idk

Merci D'avance :):P
- Image : https://3f0861b6bc98c08770be-789248f044 ... 223547.jpg
- Text :Colin
- Border type :Rectangular
- Size :623x192
- Extras :make it look cute
- Animated :Y

Fina wrote:

I made a choice while my Ireland's travel, and I decided to close this shop because i'm very busy, and the passion and hype I had when I was doing the requests is now gone.
I'd like to say thank you to all the people who have been supporting me no matter the situation. (Banana- , [ Izu ] , Imakuri , ThePoon (missing a lot of ppl, I'm sorry D: ) and of course you, beloved customer). It was an enriching experience while it lasted. Again, thanks to everyone. You won't be forgotten.
I can't update the first post and the title so..
Sorry for all the people waiting their requests to be done, if I have enough faith i'll send those in PM.
Again and again, thank you a thousand times.
I'll continue the GFX tho, just PM me if you want smth.
love y'all.
it's closed
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omfg i am back
My Waifu Kotori
omfg you are back

You are.

yk what this does to me♥
Wuuuuuuu c:
- Kind of avatar : simple
- Image :
- Text : selfhate
- Border type : square
- Size : 128 x 128
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click here! ~ hope you like it !

click here and here! ~ anww thank you so much, the pic was so cute ;w; ily ♥ you're the best :3

hope you like it et merci :3

hihi, hope you like it :3

click here! ~ i hope you like it ! :3

click here ~ hope you like it ! :3
thank you very much selfhate, it warms my heart ♥
thank youuuu YeTony♥
/me slaps Ascendance

Fina wrote:

click here! ~ hope you like it !
how to make the perfect avatar in some minutes by fina :3
ty :D
Well hi you,

- Kind of avatar : Collab
- Image :
- Text : Banana and Fina (Choose the cutest 4 u)
- Border type : Circle I guess
- Size : 128x128
- Extras : Welcome back.

Welcome back Fina!

Good luck with the shop, again ;w;
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edited ♥
u da best
Je fais en français

Bon retour ^^

- Image : ... rea-01.jpg
- Text : Just, i want you.
- Border type : Rectangular.
- Size : 650*150
- Extras : As you wish(comme tu le souhaites).
- Animated : Oui si possible.

Merci Fina. ^^
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edited ♥

Fina wrote:

hope you like it et merci :3
thank you very much selfhate, it warms my heart ♥
thank youuuu YeTony♥
I like it. :3

Thank you. :3

Et de rien. :3
- Image :
- Text :Welcome to my page!
- Border type : Rectangular border
- Size : 623 x 192
- Extras : Il leave it up to you!
- Animated : Nope
Thanks Fina!
- Kind of avatar : Single
- Image : Image :D
- Text : Groax
- Border type : Stylish Circle
- Size : 128x128
- Extras : everything else is up to you >_> make it look pretty
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