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First request, sorry if I messed up on the format x_x

- Kind of avatar: Collab
- Image:
- Text: Listed characters left to right so it's easier for you
Light red-brown/: NachOx
Blonde: Walter
Dark greenish: Underforest
Black: Bishou
Dark blue: Nez
Brown: xSk
Red: Calderon
- Border type: Whatever you think looks best!
- Size: 128x128
- Extras: Names into the original image and resize/crop so it fits on a userpage

Thank you so much! :)

Edit: Just readed your new post, feel free to disregard this request.
Hellow' Fina ♥

- Image : :
- Text : : "Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time"
- Border type : : Rectangular border.
- Size : : facebook cover size is 851x315.
- Extras : : something extra, I let you choose, you will do something great i swear !
- Animated : : it is possible to have one without animation and the other with it ?

Thank you again, you can take your time ^^ good luck <3

omfg.. i'm not proud of this one at all..
So well, the idea of the gif wasn't that bad tho, but quite hard to do since I'm not very feeling comfortable with that. Second, the image you wanted with the gif wasn't a render so, quite hard to add to the gif tho, then for the white marching ant lines, white wasn't see-able so I changed it to blue.

I'm really sorry but I still hope you like it ;_;

Dont worry about it i like it :D
- Image : You choose (going random)
- Text : Ryan
- Border type : You can choose this too
- Size : Banner
- Extras : Up to you
- Animated : Yes

Going all random on this one, hopefully you don't skip this because this is my second request
Thanks in advanced!
- Kind of avatar : Simple
- Image : ... 6bcc61.jpg
- Text : AlienPikachu
- Border type : Up to you
- Size : 128x128
- Extras : Up to you as long as both are in the picture

Thanks! :D;)
- Astral -
- Kind of avatar : Collab
- Image :
- Text : Fille de gauche : Astral / Fille du milieu : Raido / Fille de droite : Raido
- Border type : Rectangular borders
- Size : 128x128

Merci beaucoup ! :x
Topic Starter
I hope i'll be able to do all the requests before my one-week trip ! Trying my best to give it until tomorrow, I already worked on some ! :)
Hi Hopu
- Kind of avatar : Collab
- Image :
- Text : Banana for the left one and Ewilon for the right one =w=
- Border type : Circle
- Size : 128x128
- Extras : ♥.

Have a great day cutiiie

Avatar: Group

Border: Rectangular
Font: ur Preference
Text: Aigis (brown haired girl), Mystic (White haired guy), Razor (Blonde haired guy), Snowy (Blonde haired girl), Aura (Black haired guy)
Size: full image + 128²
Extra: We are Friends, we do not forgive, we do not forget

I hope u do this for us, we would be very greatfull 8-)
- Kind of avatar : Avatar
- Image :
- Text : Dotox
- Border type : Square
- Size : 128x128
- Extras : /
Do you make stream overlays?
If you don't, do you someone who does?
I main Bastion
Hi girls

- Kind of avatar : Collab
- Image :
- Text : Ward' for the guy and " Mahiro " for the girl.
- Border type : dotted borders
- Size : base
- Extras : osef
Topic Starter
I made a choice while my Ireland's travel, and I decided to close this shop because i'm very busy, and the passion and hype I had when I was doing the requests is now gone.
I'd like to say thank you to all the people who have been supporting me no matter the situation. (Banana- , [ Izu ] , Imakuri , ThePoon (missing a lot of ppl, I'm sorry D: ) and of course you, beloved customer). It was an enriching experience while it lasted. Again, thanks to everyone. You won't be forgotten.
I can't update the first post and the title so..
Sorry for all the people waiting their requests to be done, if I have enough faith i'll send those in PM.
Again and again, thank you a thousand times.
I'll continue the GFX tho, just PM me if you want smth.
love y'all.

Thank you for everything cutie ♥.

Thank you so much for making so much cool stuff for everyone in this forum
愛し Fina
Rip fina 2016 :?
that's perfectly fine, thanks for everything!
(you can go ahead and cancel my request)
I main Bastion
Thanks Alistar :s
Arigato Fina-san and Good continuation :(
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