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Problem Details:
I just started mapping one of my favorite songs about a hour ago.
After i saved and tested the map, osu stopped playing the mp3 when I started the map.
I saved and tested it about 5 times and then just randomly the mp3 wont start >.<
It is still in the song folder and every other song works...

Anybody else had that problem or knows how to fix it :(?


osu! version: 20151228.3 (latest)
I think we basically have the same problem... where the mp3 no longer plays at all in osu!

What I did was go to the osu! folder and look for the folder that contains the .osu file (the beatmap) and the .mp3 (audio file)
open the .osu folder with notepad

one of the first things you should see in the notepad is Audio File: (insert name).mp3

basically change the name so that the name of the audio file in the notepad AND the audio file itself are the same

(make sure osu is closed doing all this)

start osu up and try it again, worked for me o.o
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