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Buenas tardes everybody.
This is pretty much my first rhythm game, and yeah, i pretty much suck a it.
I'll try to have fun and get better... if i can :D
Hey K4ik0! Osu! is probably of the better rhythm games you'll find. It seems hard at the start but as you play countless hours on the game, you'll get better without even realising you can do 4* now! In my opinion, the best way to practise is to play on difficulties where you get A's and B's most of the time. Practise getting combo first then work on accuracy. When you start getting S' and SS' and Perfect's (earning highest possible combo on map) go to slightly harder difficulties, usually increasing by around 0.3* to 0.5* at a time.
Another way of getting better is to just play without a care in the world (and watching pros like hvick225, Rafis, WubWoofWulf or Cookiezi. Many pros stream on twitch too such as Doomsday). Have fun clicking circles, fund peppy's jet

And remember, don't chase skill, let skill come to you!
Do not worry about pp points just play like your high.
pp will come to you automatically.
I recommend it to play it slow so u can perfect the maps... play easy first after u feel u are really good now there jump to normal... :))

They actually said practice makes perfect right... and wish u have fun in this game... wish u all the best: 3
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Thank you all for the tips! I'll do my best. :)

Hitouh wrote:

Do not worry about pp points just play like your high.
pp will come to you automatically.
would it mean it would end better if you actually played while high? :!::?::shock:
Welcome to the forums! Hope you like it here.
Hello there, welcome to osu! :)
And happy new year. c:

Lemme get my only masterball on you.
From what I see you're definitely not bad at playing osu.
Relatively few plays, good progress. Better than me in any case.
Welcome to osu :D and a happy new year :D .
Hey there, welcome!! :)
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