Looping song from start instead of looping from preview pnt.

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As title said, I'd prefer a button to looping song from start instead of looping from preview point so I can looping a single song many time at song selection. :)
Has been denied before, I cant remember the reason though. It's pretty annoying and a non-preview loop would be better imo too, but there's nothing we can do :v
I remember when it used to be like that. I complained to peppy when it changed without love. I believe he even said that he was intending to change it to a short 10 to 15 second loop. Glad that atleast he forgot that part.

But yeah its especially annoying on songs where the preview point is at the very end. For this reason i try to put the preview point as early as possible on my songs.
t/296655 and probably this t/379822
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