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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 25. desember 2015 at 01:35:48

Artist: Memme
Title: Happy Solo Christmas
Source: O2JAM
Tags: Chiptune Christmas Chromoxx
BPM: 140
Filesize: 1642kb
Play Time: 01:32
Difficulties Available:
  1. Chromoxx' Muzukashii (2,72 stars, 325 notes)
  2. Chromoxx' Oni (3,15 stars, 366 notes)
  3. Futsuu (2,17 stars, 205 notes)
  4. Inner Oni (3,88 stars, 502 notes)
  5. Kantan (1,51 stars, 123 notes)

Download: Memme - Happy Solo Christmas
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
don't judge map for inner kappa
Hellooo, modding from this thread! t/360744&start=0
[ General]

d as Don
k as Kat
D as Finisher Don
K as Finisher Kat

I mod according to structure, flow and tones :3, Not picky though!

1) Disable *Widescreen Support* in song setup
2) Add *Preview Point* in timing menu plz, 00:29:188 - Sounds good
3) If you need background i can help :3

[ Kantan]

00:29:188 (37) - D Notorious change in music (start of kiai time)

00:42:902 (57) - D Notorious change in music (end of kiai time)

00:56:402 (77) - D Notorious change in music (start of kiai time)

[ Futsuu]

00:02:188 (2) - Delete Seems like you are mapping to the bell, no bell sound here >_<

00:29:188 (64) - D Notorious change in music (start of kiai time) as Kantan

00:42:902 (98) - D Notorious change in music (end of kiai time) as Kantan

00:52:652 (116) - Delete I recommend deleting because sound is not strong enough to place a note here

00:56:402 (125) - D Notorious change in music (start of kiai time) as Kantan

01:10:117 (158) - Delete No sound for this

01:13:545 - d Add, it's strong enough and seems void this way

01:19:760 (181) - d Sounds better imo

01:30:688 (203) - Delete No sound for this, and slow part so...

[ Chromoxx' Muzukashii]

I really have nothing to say...But maybe?

00:45:474 (165) - Move to 00:45:367

[ Chromoxx' Oni]

1) 00:01:760 (3) - d Same as 00:08:617 (28) and low enough :3, if you apply see 2)

00:44:295 - d Add, sound is strong

00:51:152 - d Add, sound is strong, same as above

2) 01:18:902 (3) - d Same as above

01:31:117 - k Add, seems like it's missing! :c

[ Inner Oni]

I suggest if you are lazy pls remap inner lol, other difficulties are cool, if you are happy enough with inner i will mod it :333

Good Luck :3, i loved this song
Hello, this map was posted in TNA in round 14 but was unfortunately declined.

Reasons of rejection

  1. Kantan lacks 4/1 breaks from 00:01:760 to 01:16:974 - .
  2. The spread between Futsuu and Muzukashii is very imbalanced especially from 00:42:902 - to 00:56:402 - .
  3. The note density of Muzukashii is too close to Oni in general, so Muzukashii should be easier to reduce the gap with Futsuu. Oni can be slightly harder as well.

Additional modding

  1. You probably need a Christmas-related background image for the map.
  2. Preview point is not set. 00:29:188 - would be a possible point.
  3. Tags in Chromoxx's Oni is not consistent with other difficulties.
  4. Disable widescreen support in Futsuu, Muzukashii, Oni and Inner Oni.
  • [Kantan]

  1. From 00:29:188 to 00:42:902 - , the kiai is mapped in a dull way owing to the repetitive patterns. You may want to change a bit by following other musical elements like the main rhythm in the session.

If you have any question, you can PM me or any TNA member :)
@Pohm: I will try to check your mod sooner or later, thank you for the mod (I will give kd before I implement the mod, once I'm able to see the mod and the map at the same time). As for the inner I don't intend to remap it but you can wait before you mod it as admitedly some parts might have been a bit sloppier than they should have, and I will attempt to fix it before you need to mod...I guess if you're feeling nice and bored I suppose we could talk about it in irc or something as I'm fixing it? shrug

@Nardo: I will try to improve upon the points you mentioned, although I do admit some of them don't sound accurate from memory, perhaps I'll see it when I check the map though. I am surprised you didn't mention anything about inner to be honest. Neitherless, thank you for the advice, for a lack of better word.

Neitherless, thank you both.
mod from special list :o

Still missing BG, this is unrankable until you get the BG done
This one will work as it give electro feel.
Probably you should delete chromoxx's oni and reduce inner oni's difficulty (of course rename it as oni) as the gurst diff SRs are too near and notes numbers are too similar.
Delete widescreen support <- is a must (Unrankable if this is checked.)
Lack 4/1 break. Will be hard for newbies to play. (00:55:974 I think you can remove this... this note does not affect the song too much)
00:27:902 (35,36) - I don't see the effect of placing these notes into there. consider delete? (to make break time and reduce unneeded notes)
01:19:974 (110) - move to 01:20:188 (placing the note there is hard for newbies to recognise the rhythm)
kiai patterns are too dull imo... only k k k k d k patterns....example of fixing dull issue
00:02:188 (2) - don't see a point placing a note here (no SE is heard at there) either delete or move to 00:01:545
00:05:617 (10,11) - swap (the pitch drops here instead of rising)
00:06:902 (13) - delete (although I heard a sound there but it is too weak, maybe does not fit placing a note there*)
00:09:045 (17) - move to 00:08:042 (I cant hear sound at 00:09:045 but I do hear a sound in 00:08:042, moving this fits the song and making breaks as well)
00:10:760 (21) - delete *
fits the song SE
00:28:117 (63) - don't see a point placing a note here (no SE or pitch change is heard)
00:47:617 move to 00:47:510 and add note to 00:47:831 (fits the SE of the song)
01:18:474 ~01:25:760 is not consistant.... long 1/1 become 1/2s at last is quite weird...maybe copy and paste the whole last part and changing a few d to k or k to d
01:28:760 d (pitch from low to high)
00:05:831 (16) - no point of placing a note here (no SE or pitch change is heard)
01:22:974 (16) - ^
01:25:760 onward : Reduce note density from here, the music is getting quiet from here

This map is too good for me to make further amendments

Skipping Chromo's Oni because I think this diff is not necessery (Affects diff spread, moreover, this map is hard to make inner oni)
Reduce note density for a lower SR (balance the diff spread), around 3.4* will work best
Rename if you delete Chromo's oni

Use less complex 3 or 5 plets to reduce SR, make some 1/2 breaks.
like this, to give break time for oni newbies

I hope this mod can help you getting the map ranked :)
This modding thread has been migrated to the new "modding discussions" system. Please make sure to re-post any existing (and unresolved) efforts to the new system as required.
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