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Kagu-chan wrote:

Dionysaw wrote:

Is that a feature to save a list of all your osu songs and download them later? It's been to many times I've started from scratch.
Also screenshots would be a nice touch.
...but i will implement a function like "backup your osu collection" when the main online features will be released.
:D your awesome
I guess i will finnish the updater today to keep it updated - Also i will port the VB code to C# and add a first version of simple UI - this will be served via the new updater then ;)

With the updater i will share the first part of source code on github - the C# rewrite will also be shared (So i do not push the old, nearly obsolete code to git then)
Glad to hear that
(My cellphone is a bit baka...)

Currently i have some trouble with some header data from my update server - after that i will implement the progressBar to show the Update progress and then i can hopefully release it...
I just uploaded the newest version!

+ Added AutoUpdater executable
+ Added SourceCode to GitHub
+ Implemented the first version of the Update Server
I just uploaded the newest version!

+ Prevent application crash due to long filenames
+ Prevent application crash due to corrupt registry values - it will ask for your osu directory in case of error (workaround solution)
+ Fix Sleep-Times (Small timeouts)
+ Application rename updatable files - this is required to update the updater itself
+ [UpdateServer] Serve files in subdirectories
+ [Updater] Download directories if required
+ [Updater] Change Working Directory (Some Apps dont start if you are not in starting directory)
+ [Updater] Fixed default configuration
+ [Updater] Changed release stream
Update from v0.2 to higher versions
Since i have made a configuration mistake the update would delete your exports. To avoid this i have changed the release stream.

Please do the update the following:
  1. Redownload the Installer
  2. Delete the file "%appdata%/OsuBeatmapGrabber/_kcUpdate.json"
  3. Start the newly downloaded Installer

This will create the fixed configuration and keep your user files as they are. Also it allows to update the updater in future.
I've just unlocked the Tracker for everywhere!

Contribute or report Bugs and Feature Suggestions

You can help us to improve the whole Software now!
For this just access our Ticket-System - here you will se the tickets and what we're working on. Also you can see the upcoming updates and when they comes. With a free account you can add Issues or just Ideas for the future of the software.
Also you will be able to see the Guys working on this ;)

I'm looking for translators in different languages and one or two guys who will help developing the whole system.
With four different Servers and two different clients we have a bunch of work - your invited to help us out!

Version 0.4 out now

After a long time i released a new version of the tool - with some importing fixes!


The installer runned into a thread lock on computers which are computing too fast (sounds weired, but yep, threading is complicated...) - I think i have fixed this issue.
If your installer does not update, just redownload and run it. You have nothing else to do!
If your installer runs smoothly, the update will grab the new installer anywhere...

Bugfixes and improovements

As suggested from Blankz_ i added the option to disable the albums. Albums can cause a display issue on smartphones only showing the first found thumbnail found in any song.
Also i added the album info (if not disabled) to album artists - This fix the issue that smartphones (and iPad) does not sort the songs correctly.
You can now select where your songs get saved.
A better filtering for alredy added songs is added now. Not perfect, but better then before. Also it founds TV sizes better.

More infos in changelog.

I really recommend to update, since the previus version contained an memory allocation bug which lets the software uses up to 1.5~~ GB of RAM - this is just too much and not good for your computer... (And caused to dont tag songs)
View and add #tickets at http://tracker.kagu-chan.de/projects/osu-beatmap-grabber

+ #73: Fix AccessViolationException in appdata - now user can select target directory
+ #74: Fix crash if osu! directory not found - user input if not found
+ #77: Fix crash if osu! config not found - user input if not found
+ #78: Run Update-Actions before any other action happens
+ #88: Added ablility to disable Album
+ #89: Set Album Interpret to make correct sort on smartphones possible
+ #90: Title Info improved - now more details
+ #92: Better filter for songs and TV sizes
+ #93: Fix OutOfMemory Exception
+ Display errors, but dont stop working
+ Added message for UI release plans
+ #84: [Updater] Get rid of kcUpdater.dll
+ #85: [Updater] Fix thread lock bug
it now works. i can see all the thumbnails on my phone instead of the same background for all. thank you so much <3.
i love the project.
Good job so far!
Keep it up
Thank you <3
I really like this program when it comes to extracting your mp3 files from osu!. It puts the all the track, artist, and album information on all the files, which makes my library really clean. The developer is really nice and will fix any problems that you submit to the ticket system. Keep up the good work! :D

Version 0.5.1 out now

After a (very) long time i released a new version of the tool - no, the project is not (longer) dead!


The installer is now cleaned up a bit. As well i added the possibility to close the installer (if you want to cancel or whatever - bye bye task manager).

New stuff

I added the possibility to keep already exported songs - This is useful if you delete a map, but want to keep the song from it.

I added a beta stream - as of now it points to the same version as the other one. But this will change in no time since ill use it to let you test the features before it crashes your computer ;)

As well the download server moved to an other location and is using SSL from now on

View and add #tickets at http://tracker.kagu-chan.de/projects/osu-beatmap-grabber

+ [ADD] Add a beta release stream (available at http://sources.kagu-chan.de/?p=osbg_install_beta&current=1)
+ [ADD] Add the CHANGELOG and a FILELIST to the installation directory
+ [ADD] Add the tiny sweet application icon to the application
+ [ADD] Added option to keep songs from already deleted maps
+ [UPD] Rephrased texts
+ [FIX] The client itself if now stated as "Osu Beatmap Grabber" instead of "OsuSongGrabber" in process list
+ [UPD] [Updater] Make updater closable and minimizable
+ [UPD] [Updater] Lot of code clean up
+ [FIX] [Updater] The version number is now part of the assembly, not just a naming reference in threads
+ [FIX] [Updater] The updater itself if now stated as "kcUpdate" instead of "Osu Beatmap Grabber" in process list
+ [ADD] [Project] Resurrected the project - it's not forgotten and still alive
+ [ADD] [Project] Project moved to a private gitlab instance - a mirror to github will follow
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