[4k] Xayy LMAO Mixtape (feat. Chill Pill) CONVERTS RELEASE

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Xayy LMAO Mixtape (feat. Chill Pill) has been released!

Overview: (From the release thread)

- 60 songs to play, covering a wide range of difficulty scales, chart types, and music genres, so everybody gets to enjoy this pack!

A few words from xay:

I have no clue how I managed to finish this pack and I have no clue why I did it. I had this insane need to step something at the end of September and have been working on finishing this pack for my birthday ever since. Originally, this was supposed to be German Dump Mini Pack 5, but I dropped that due to the fact that I simply don't fit into stepping only Dump songs (you will find some left over german songs in this pack for exactly that reason). So I started stepping MA charts, and then realized I also need harder stuff so it appeals to a bigger group of players, and this pack slowly became a Mix of everything Stepmania charting might be able to offer. It was well worth it!

My highest priority was to make this pack fun to play. As a result, what you will find in this pack are 60 songs, some more unique than others and perhaps more unique than everything you have ever heard in Stepmania packs (if you are aware of my Swear Words file you know what I'm talking about), covering classic MA charts, which I advise you to give a try because I put much more work into them than the rest of the pack, Nuclear Blast-y Jumpstream charts, for all the people that somehow love playing files like fucking Quadraphinix, and Dumps (some with a stronger tendency towards Quality, some with a stronger tendency towards difficulty)

In terms of both music and charts, the variety in this pack is huge, so considering it a Mixtape would only be fitting!

So, by all means, ENJOY this pack. I've put all my heart and dedication into this!

Credits and Contributors:
(most names are from FFR)

- Xayphon (pack head, chart quality assurance, chart judge)
- Phil (motivating me to even think about making this pack, moral support throughout the making of this pack, playtester, chart contributor, responsible for complete osu!mania convert of this pack)
- Kraezymann (for absolutely blowing me away with all the GFX he made for this pack (56 sets!!!) and making this pack possible to release in the first place)
- IcyWorld (just for being a sexy ass bitch and the shenanigans we've had after all these years!! oh, and he's a chart contributor, too!!)
- Eze/Wiosna (pattern checks on a few songs, putting up with all my talk about the pack, chart contributor)
- Caliber/Fullerene (playtesting and chart contributor)
- Choof (chart contributor)
- -Tim- (chart contributor)
- Dreamgate (GFX contributor)
- Scylaax (GFX contributor)
- Silvuh (creator of Phil's CD-Title)
- blanky (creator of NPS Generator)
- tunsz555 (creator of Stepmania Songlist Generator)
(thanks to Eze for helping me with the convert process, Phil)

Side A
Side B
Side C

Link to the full Stepmania Pack
xayy lmao

ps get this shit it's dope
extremely dope

edit: also I don't guarantee 100% map similarity with its stepmania counterpart, maybe 98%
this mixtape is so fire i fear it's gonna burn down banchobot
xayy lmao

this pack is great
oshit get lit fam
lagbox link to the full stepmania pack is down.

Houraisan- wrote:

lagbox link to the full stepmania pack is down.
smo mirror
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