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Rumia- wrote:

hello ~ from my mod queue
offset+4 on all redlines
Rly? I've never had a timing suggestion from any playtesters, I'll keep it in mind
01:37:259 - this piano timing somehow feels wrong bpm?? especially in elvcho's since its the only diff that mapped this part , might need to revise the timing here

Yuki Takao , タカオユキ to tags (singer name)

Collabs changed with permission from collabers

[Professional collab with Box]
01:07:259 (6) - divide them into 2 slider like you did at 02:14:841 (6,7) -
02:22:753 (3) - end this at white previous white tick? because of vocal
03:20:775 (1) - i think delete and ad a 1/2 slider at 03:21:104 -
03:30:005 (1) - delete this and nc 03:30:335 (2) -

[Kibb collab with leru]
01:46:324 (4) - maybe delete this? fits with the vocal
I think this is fine. It matches with extending her voice
01:51:599 (5,1) - i think it should be like this ?

Changed to something else
02:16:489 (3) - maybe straight movement? since the previous slider is rigid ,it fits the flow :o
03:18:632 (2,3) -

fits better i think!
I think both scenarios work well so I'd rather just leave it as it is
03:47:643 (2,3) - wonder why u stacked these but not 03:52:918 (3,4) - ?

00:21:682 (6) - maybe delete?
00:32:973 (2,3) - since this stack is 1/2 , better make 00:34:622 (4,1) - as overlap , or add the 1/2
00:41:545 (1,2) - distance too low..
00:51:105 (2,4) - not perfect stack
00:54:731 (1,2) - this overlap , make them consistent ds please , with 00:56:050 (1,2) - and 01:00:006 (1,2) - and so on~ also check on your other kiais as well
01:15:501 (2) - start on previous red tick
01:55:390 (5,1) - avoid minor overlap?
02:39:896 (3) - nc this for consistency
02:56:050 (3) - move it to x372|y100
03:44:181 (2) - same as mentioned earlier

00:00:666 (3) - nc for instrument consistency
00:14:347 - maybe add a circle here?? since the gap kills a little vibe around this part since you didnt skip beat at 00:16:984 (2) -
00:32:314 (1) - ok here to 00:38:907 (1) - im kinda confuse your way of using nc its either vocal or instrument(??)
its better to follow up either vocal or instrument instead of new measure nc to fit the section more ( example should be nc for instrument 00:33:138 (4) -
,00:35:775 (5) - ) for vocals 00:33:468 (6) - 00:36:105 (7) -
Follow the drums
00:46:655 (6,1,2) - hmm suggestion to fit the instrument while doing the vocal https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/6470096
if you dont understand feel free to pm me in game i can explain further~ because im bad at explaining in post mod..
I got you, this works much better
00:54:237 (5,6,7) - strongly recommend you follow vocal here instead would be more consistent , this play fine but the transition feels a little off i think.
00:57:204 (8,1) - change position , 00:57:204 (8) - here fits a slider more because of vocal , 00:57:534 - and here starts a 1/2 vocal which circle fits too!
01:04:457 (3,4) - same as mention above
Not this one, i prefer the rhythm choice on this
01:05:281 (1,1) - o even with the nc the spacing feel a bit low here , if you want to make it very low make them overlap i guess??
01:13:852 (2,3) - ahh this feel kinda random since you didnt do any of these around this part.. unlike in toybot's diff he uses this regularly , a simple suggestion is to switch this to 1 reverse slider or just triple~
01:25:061 - why dont you map this beat out??
Gaps also give emphasis
01:25:308 (2) - not sure if it just me , but i didnt hear any 1/4 sound here ;;
I'll keep this in mind
02:00:830 (5) - nc
02:01:819 (6) - i think this should be at 02:01:654 - and the 1/4 starts at 02:01:819 -
02:20:940 (1) - remove nc??
02:40:720 (2,3,4) - this feel too drag.. since its so large than the rest .. imo 02:41:214 (5,6,7) - this should be larger since the jump sound is dramatically increase intensity
02:46:819 (4,1) - this flow is kinda awkward i think..maybe try http://puu.sh/s3GJj.jpg
02:59:264 (2,2) - 1/3
03:34:621 (1) - not necessary to nc
03:35:940 (1) - same as above
03:37:258 (1) - ^
03:38:577 (1) - ^
and ncs around these part..
03:44:016 - 1/4 should start here~
03:44:841 (2) - distance this out away from (3) so it has same distance with 03:46:159 (2,3) -
03:51:434 (2,3) - refer 03:50:115 (2,3) - spacing
03:58:687 (4) - the violin sound doesnt fit with stack imo.. make a little movement here instead??
the way it play is very nice but some minor inconsistency here and there which i think could be polish more

nice song and map
good luck!!

Haruto wrote:

Hello! M4M as promised :3

  1. MP3 is on 320kbps Quality and need to be at least 192kbps or lower. Please fix this else, it'll be unrankable. And, its also starts with a number or string in the mp3 file name. Heres the 192kbps quality one. Feel free to rename the file name into "audio" instead as thats the default mp3 file sound of a beatmap

The mp3 you gave me changes the offset and I'd rather have it so that I don't have to do any work with the offset since 666 offset is GODLY


  • There's nothing much i cant point out stuff in this difficulty rather than nazi things like blanket and minor placement stuff. What i wanted to know is, 00:14:841 (5,1) - does Stacks like this are allowed? i know it has a big gap but might make people/newbies confused since Easy must not has any kind of stacks but yeah... just wanted to know that, else stuff like playability or rhythm is just fine on the diff in my own opinion :D.

[ProBox's Collab Normal]
  1. 00:00:666 (2) - It might be better if you shorten the rhythm for this slider into 1/1 00:01:655 - here instead ends it on 1/2 which ignores the strong piano sound on the 1/1. Also remove this 00:03:138 - so it'll be consistent and more good to play. Why using 1/2s too early on the intro anyways :D?
  2. 00:03:303 - 00:05:446 - Try this kind of rhythm? Its a lot better in my opinion. The reason is having 00:03:303 (1) - ended up in 00:04:457 - is it would not give any consistent feeling to the previous rhythm. And the reason i moved 00:04:622 (2) - to 00:04:457 - is to make them consistent too, just like 00:03:303 (1) -.
  3. 00:14:841 (3,4) - Could avoid this 1/1 Stack so players won't recognize it as 1/2 as the previous objects were 2/1 (00:13:852 (1,2) - ) Which could make people think like that.
  4. 00:49:457 (4) - NC?
  5. 00:58:358 (4,5) - 2 Stacks? Its pretty confusing for players with low rank in my opinion. But, if those rhythms were transformed into sliders then they wont represent the vocal... Its up to you i guess what do you wanna do with this stuff. But i highly suggest you to avoid this on Normal since it may make players confuse.
  6. 01:14:512 (3) - Plz its nto teh usual slidesr u usaully make -_ - lo
  7. 03:28:687 (1) - NC?
  8. 03:42:863 (4,5,1) - Almost looks like triplets to me lol change it into repeats instead?
  9. 03:53:577 (1) - NC?
  10. 03:58:357 (7,1) - Inconsistent spacing
  11. 04:02:973 (1,2) - ^.

    The reason i jumped from 01:14:512 - to 03:28:687 - is because the things before or after 01:14:512 - to 03:28:687 - has the complex rhythm and repeating rhythm too, i've mentioned the same thing previously so i dont want to mention things that i have mentioned. But the rhythm on that part is fine to me is its pretty okay :okay:

Will continue later, i have stuff to do irl lol. Good luck~!

Battle wrote:

I'll try modding the Extras since you kinda requested those lol

00:33:138 (4,6) - Even though you primarily focus vocals, I feel that it's important to capitalize on significant beats like this to make them stand a little more out, the vocals in this section are pretty calm so make a distinction by making the drums more intense would be really good imo
00:35:775 (5,7) - Emphasis is lost when the adjacent notes are the same spacing
01:20:281 (3,4) - Ctrl + G rhythm maybe? It kinda feels weird that 4 is clickable since it's a somewhat quiet beat, better to make 3 a slider since it stresses the cymbals n stuff more, alternatively you could also just put the two 1/2 sliders where 3,4 are and put the hitcircle at the end, both follow different things in the music so yeah
01:25:061 - Pause here kinda just feels awkward, unlike the pause at 01:25:720 - which doesn't have anything there's still something pretty audible on the downbeat
02:12:863 (4) - mmm this feels really undermapped, the pause is there yeah, but unlike the first chorus this has additional drums and is overall more intense, having a pause kills momentum by a lot imo
02:57:533 (5) - Unnecessarily large amount of emphasis, I feel like there should be a decent amount of space between 5 ->1 since it's the start of a new verse
03:23:412 (1,2) - tbh this stack feels pretty random, if you don't feel 2 is worth clicking or movement (jump-wise or anything) why not just make 1 a slider?
03:34:621 (1,2,3,4,5,1) - This doesn't really feel like it goes with the gradual increase of intensity that the song does, all the spacing is relatively the same so it doesn't make anything feel special in the music, applies to the jumps in this section, most of them just feel like they're equal spacing throughout, and that just makes everything feel boring w/o variation
03:54:236 (3,4) - mm tbh making these 1/4 sliders instead would make it feel a bit more staccato than it is rn, cuz rn it feels like it flows along really well despite the very choppy sounds in the music
03:59:511 (3,4) - Kinda the same as last point, it just feels like it's doing what the maps been doing despite different changes in the music


Rumia- wrote:

hello ~ from my mod queue

00:00:666 (3) - nc this for instrument consistency?? // dont really need to, those notes are the anacrusis and thus p connected
00:14:841 (5) - i feel this should be further away from 4 and closer to 1 because the vocal here is kinda strong , would help to emphasis it better imo // emphasizing piano more
00:19:786 (4,5) - maybe do overlaps here? to be consistent with 00:17:314 (4,5) - or either way is fine too~ // think its fine
00:21:765 (5) - better make this a 1/2 slider i think .. the gap with the next slider spacing could be misleading somehow , recommended a low sv slider would make it nice // made it a little further instead
00:25:226 (5) - ctrl g? it has the same vibe as 00:24:072 (6) - imo
00:27:534 (4) - move this up a little so it has the same spacing as 00:28:028 (6,1) -
00:32:644 (2,3) - somehow this kind of antijump feels better with overlaps but that is subjective i guess. // ?
00:36:600 (3) - o? is this a mistake or intentional.. since you were constantly do 1/1 beats on this section and suddenly feel out of pace // i liked the drum on 4, so i chose to do it this way
00:50:281 (4,5) - imo this should be equal strength with 00:48:468 (2,3) - so maybe increase some spacing?? // mimics 00:50:281 (4,5) -
01:22:094 (1) - i think this nc is unnecessary ? // i repeated it at 01:23:413 (1) - , should be fine tbh
01:28:687 (3) - this is fine but i think circle is better? looks more consistent too! // you could hear the little hold in that sound for a beat or so
02:09:896 (6,1) - distance out a little to avoid minor overlap
02:15:006 (4) - hmm feels better with a littler larger jumps i think.. since the vocal strengh is the same.. // 02:14:841 (3,4,5) - all have same vocal intensity, so its fine to connect them like this
02:22:423 (1,2) - make the same distance as the next one?? could be confusing imo since its 1/3 // i think its clearer now if i reverse the first one to indicate 1/3 better
02:45:171 (4,5) - stack? or the otherwise on 2 and 3
02:59:456 (3,4,1) - why dont you make overlaps like 02:58:852 (2,3,1) - ? isnt it the same? // wanted to differentiate between 1/3 and 1/4

sorry for lots of question =O,im a curious mapper and i wanted to understand your map so please reply me with detail (if possible) so i can improve my understanding)towards your future maps/gd!

nice song and map
good luck!!

Battle wrote:

I'll try modding the Extras since you kinda requested those lol

[Toybot] // wtf is this shitty map
00:11:874 (3,4) - Ctrl + G rhythm? It kinda threw me off and took me a while to figure out what you were mapping, but the combos following this one follow vocals so I'm just assuming it goes along with vocals. The slider 4 goes over prominent piano beats although starts on a piano beat so that's the reason why I'm confused lol // gud idea
nvm I'm still confused on what you're following at the start lol but I hope it's to something consistent
01:10:555 (1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1) - I kinda expected for the biggest jump to be at the end since it kinda resets itself on the last beat highlighted, also the second portion of it you made it so it gradually increases in spacing to reflect the build up so I feel you should do it for this section too // eh i like the receding pattern more tbh
01:18:138 (7,1) - mm I feel like you shouldcalm down the section instead of doing it immediately (if that's what you want to do), cuz the last combo emphasized the sounds on 01:17:149 (1) - 01:17:644 (5) - which are also hitsounded with cymbals to make it feel even more stronger. Making spacing very low on the very next combo // placed 2 closer to 3 to emphasize cymbal more
01:25:556 (1,1) - Maybe silence slider ends?
02:11:214 (3,1) - Stacking these doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, you're giving more emphasis to 3 here when the vocals are heavily stressed //
02:12:863 (1) - tbh you could hitsound this by having a clap at the started and following it with two drum finishes cuz having it have no hitsounds feels awkward when there's thing you could be doing with it // put drum finish on the head
02:18:138 - This is the only kiai that doesn't stress jumps, feels a bit inconsistent // they're geometric jumps
I don't really know if you're the one who hitsounded it, but keep in mind that if you have a drum sampleset in a custom skin or something that makes putting it sound good, there's nothing in the default skin to make it sound good, making places where it's place such as 02:17:973 (3) - feel empty // i'm not the one who hitsounded it
02:47:973 (3) - I find it weird that you mapped a triplet on 02:46:984 (5,6,7) - and not a triplet here, where the 1/4 is very-much audible // removed triplet
02:59:017 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3) - Cute
03:01:489 (2,1,2,2) - Purposely not perfectly stacked? // editor shit
03:10:225 (1) - I feel it would be better to end on the white tick before instead, since the pause is naturally since "hontou" is two syllablesss //
03:35:280 (1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,3,1) - mmm since you probably won't change the time I pointed it out, maybe make it so that this one also gradually gets more spacing like 01:11:874 (1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2) - did? // same as before
03:54:236 (1,1) - Why are there timing points when they're the same volume and not silencing the slider ends ;A; // blame hitsoundcopier
03:59:511 (1,1) - Like the samplesets aren't even changeddd aaaaaaaaa // blame hitsound copier

thx! forgot to reply to rumia's -- https://0paste.com/10415.txt

00:08:600 (1,2,3,4) - Emphasis on 4 better than 2.
01:54:918 (3,4) - Ctrl+G is better imo, to give the player some leniency after the double.
02:41:401 (2,3) - This could probably be a bit smaller, and 02:41:731 (4,1) - bigger.


00:13:133 (3) - spacing on this triplet kinda got messed up.
03:27:555 (2,3,4) - Three different kickslider patterns just looks a bit odd imo. But if you want the variety im cool with that.


00:34:314 (4,7) - I don't think these are snapped correctly.
00:36:951 (4,7) - ^
00:38:600 (2,2) - ^
01:30:358 - Inconsistent red/green line


01:45:193 - Inconsistent red/green line

Kibb's Hard

HP 5 Instead? HP 6 is quite high considering the spread.

Probox Normal

HP 3 or 4? Easy is HP 2, and Hard is HP 6.


Got metadata? Link me.
Topic Starter
How did i not notice this reply, one sec

Agreed with all except 01:54:918 (3,4) - Where I feel changing the structure of this now wouldn't be great
The site you linked wasn't official, so I just checked metadata individually.



Seems like your metadata is fine so thats good! You can maybe add "ブレイドアンドソウル" to tags since that's the Japanese version of the anime name. Other than that, call me back when people have applied and stuff.
Please do the fixes for me and elvis!
Topic Starter
Changes to tag and diffs applied!
Fixed some snaps. Bubbled!
btw can we change the diff name to something like Mikiib's hard or something lul

btw toybot: i think 00:36:951 - its kinda random to just skip this drum sound when u seem to focus on drums all through this section 00:32:666 (2,3,1,2,3,4,5) -
Topic Starter
No :)

unless you want kuaib or son
omg is my boy miKII going to get his FIRST ranked map ???

also i think you should definitely rename kibb's collab hard to pkuaib's tragic love normal+++
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I'm unfriending you
Nao Tomori
hi guys popping over some subjective issues in the top diff and toybot's extra.

01:30:358 - ur breaks rnt snapped cuz u changed offset or something

00:07:775 (3,4,5) - this really sounds like the same thing as 00:07:281 (1) - but its differently represented, kinda weird imo

00:25:083 (4) - i know you're following vocals but 2 stronger notes could be better as 2 circles.

00:26:237 (3,4,5) - doesn't sound like anything major to emphasize with the overmapped triple, since the stronger notes are on the next slider.

00:44:204 (1,5) - inconsistent nc here imo

01:14:122 - sounds like it could be a quint instead, dunno.

02:03:984 (2) - u could like move this 3 px to the left and it might look better cuz it follows the slider path

02:43:379 (1) - these are pretty major sounds to put under slider end imo.

03:00:193 (3) - sound weird cuz vocal is on blue tick but w/e

03:44:038 - should at least be kickslider imo, drum sound pretty clear here

[toybots extra]

00:07:940 (5,6,7) - really weird note to emphasize with overmapped triple.

00:36:457 - drum, like kibb said

00:42:885 - the kickslider placement in this stream was weird. it seems like it was on vocals, with this 00:44:039 (7) but then 00:44:369 - gets ignored and 00:44:534 - has it instead. 00:44:863 (3,4) - not sure why these are there either.

the next half of the stream then has kicksliders right before the vocals, to make a jump on those, but that isn't used in the first half, and both of them start with 16 note streams which ignore the vocals entirely by nature of being pure circles. i think this should be changed to be more consistent overall, using one concept for when to place kicksliders.

00:54:094 (1) - you put streams on this earlier.

01:47:088 - weird ignoring this too

02:11:731 (2) - 02:17:006 (2) - meh looks kinda bad, better to put it in line with slider track. you do it consistently but ehh

02:53:599 (4,5,1) - feels like 4 is the stronger note that you would overmap a triple on, not 1.

03:44:615 - super anticlimatic spinner lol

[other shit]
can u change the collab names to actually have your name on them i got confused wondering who kibb and probox collabbed with >.>

like.. mikiibb or mikiibox or something idk

ok pm me when respond
Topic Starter

I'll get the issues checked out tomorrow, thanks for checking it out after all
00:54:094 (1) - you put streams on this earlier. // tbh i'd like to keep a simple contrast to the previous stream heavy section
02:11:731 (2) - 02:17:006 (2) - meh looks kinda bad, better to put it in line with slider track. you do it consistently but eh // i think i changed most of these in the map now, hate them
03:44:615 - super anticlimatic spinner lol // i'd like to keep this just bc, its not a big deal anyway

thanks! https://0paste.com/10730.txt
Topic Starter
03:44:038 (1) - is pretty consistent 01:15:358 (1) - 02:01:841 (1) -
01:13:874 (2,1) - more vocals imo

other than these, i'm pretty sure i have changed the rest. I'll sort out the collabing issue
Nao Tomori

Monstrata wrote:

Fixed some snaps. Bubbled!
changed a slider on easy go me
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