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I would like to apologize to the osu!mania community for lashing back at jhlee for his insults and causing more drama. As one of the most well-known players in the community and a top player, I realize that this was a terrible thing to do and I am really sorry for my impulsive and childish behavior.

I have also unintentionally worded things badly making stuff come off really wrong in the past, and for that I also apologize. I never intended to "undermine" jhlee's skill, I simply wanted to give credit to other players because I thoroughly believe that other players also deserve credit for their amazing skill and hard work, and that jhlee isn't #1 at EVERY aspect of the game (because at the time, he did not show scores that encompass all skills of the game).

I really enjoy being a public figure in the community, talk to people, being an inspiration and help others with improving, finding content to play, skinning etc., but lately I haven't done much to deserve being one, so I really hope you guys will understand and give me a new chance. Again I apologize for all the harm I caused.

Staiain wrote:

I don't think many of us think badly of you. Only the people who are heavily biased to one side wouldn't understand. Sure, there are a lot of people who think badly of you and stepmania's community in general, but that's natural considering how childish this community is. In regards to JHLee and what not, I don't think, and I'm sure a lot of people would agree, that anyone is necessarily wrong. What you just wrote has brought me a new light on the situation albeit the situation itself meager and blown out of proportion; a fair distribution of applause is very gallant and noble even if you didn't particularly like the performance. However, a competition must always have a winner, and JHLee wants to be that winner apparently. When this first started, it was clear that JHLee wasn't really a 4k player, and his skill seemed to be a consequence of his clearly superior 7k gameplay. A lot of stepmania (generalization) didn't see JHLee as the undisputed "best player". It's easy to understand what went wrong. I don't think you really owe an apology; considering the ones who target either side even without their involvement are ridiculous in their behavior. I think you just haven't heard of the neutral party, which is a majority of us I am willing to bet.

In case you have really bad anxiety about this situation. Seeing you post about this in this particular forum is really something.

also some day could you teach me how to whistle /shot
Is this about something that happened very recently? I know there's been stuff between you and jhlee before, but I've been out of the loop recently :/

Bobbias wrote:

Is this about something that happened very recently? I know there's been stuff between you and jhlee before, but I've been out of the loop recently :/
one acronym, FFR, you'll find your way to what has happened recently.
Rori Vidi Veni
This informative post will be deleted anyway, just move along
FFR's owner has pretty much been MiA for a while, only coming back in like week-long spurts then disappearing, so it's really hard to get anything done from there unfortunately.
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