[resolved] Some Taiko skins slightly broken in 4:3 resolution

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When playing in a 4:3 resolution (fullscreen, letterboxed) in some Taiko skins the background where the notes slide along (Taiko-bar-right.png) is cut off early. How do I fix this? (The problem here is the one mentioned, the rest of the skin looks like it's supposed to.)

osu! version: 20151218beta
What skin version is set for that skin?
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I thought this would be a simple problem. Maybe not. Well here's more details:

The two skins that are affected for me are Blackout 2.3.2 and Orbit v9.
They're both set to Version: latest
Skin version 2 to latest have taiko-bar-right.png extended to reach underneath taiko-bar-left.png

Check to ensure that taiko-bar-right.png is at a resolution of 1024 x 200 (2048 x 400 @2x)

If not you can extend it yourself or inform the skinner that his or her skin version isn't valid.
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Yeah, they were both ~845 x 200
It works with the resolution you posted. Of course taiko-bar-right-glow.png had to be changed in the same way.

Isn't it weird how only 4:3 resolutions are affected and it looks fine in Widescreen?

I'll notify the skinners. Thanks for your help!
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