[resolved] Email Recovery Does Not Work!

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osu asked me to verify my account through email, but i forgot my old email. I've tried using email recovery, submitted my request and i was told that i would receive an email to my new email. But i haven't got one until now. I couldn't submit any records and when i do i would get disconnected..
Please help me solve this, thanks.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:
N/A but when i did email recovery, it showed me "osu! verification complete" but i'm still not verified

osu! version: 20151217.3 (latest)
This is not the place to post account problems. Send a email to accounts@ppy.sh explaining your problem instead.
Are you sure that you typed it correctly? Try to use https://osu.ppy.sh/p/forgot-email again. If you are typing it correctly and not getting the email with the verification code, please send an email to accounts@ppy.sh explaining your problem.
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Thanks for the quick reply, i've already sent message to account@ppy.sh as you told me to.
I have this problem probably because i reinstalled windows..
Ina Liong
how did you verifiy you e-mail?
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