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Hi , i have a problem and a hope you can help me.

the menu background dont work , the menu background and also in multiplayer is all black i try to find why and i found that only happens with some resolutions
if i down the resolution in osu i can see the background but with the resolution that I play dont work.

Thank you :3

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

That's weird... They should be working in all resolutions. I tried to set your resolution in Stable (Fallback) and they are working without any problem, as you can see in the image. Could you try to reload the skin (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S) and see if they work? IF that doesn't do anything, I don't have more ideas about this problem, sorry.

Judging from the resolutions it may be that your videocard cant support large textures, Has it always done this to the default backgrounds?

You may want to try forcing low resolution to see if the issue clears up by adding/changing
LowResolution = 1
in your user config.
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omg thank you that works , i changed the code and now work :) <3
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