[invalid] Can I get my account deleted

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I make big mistakes in my life and I cannot play on this account anymore but I want to keep play online..
Here in osu! your account cannot be deleted. If you don't want to play osu anymore, just uninstall and don't use your account again: t/266045
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see I want to play online but I can't play if osu! is deleted and can't play online without an account but sorry for post...
you can play osu! offline by logging out, (clicking your pannel on the main screen and clicking log out) but you're right. there is no way to play online and compete in rankings and leaderboards, as well as play in multiplayer.
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I rest in peace now, forever cry for no reset button. Mess up 1 and never to be again..
wtf why u want to delete your acc if u wants to keep playing? lol

If your acc is bugged use
I don't get what you're saying, what mistakes are you referring to?
Did you get some bad accuracy score or something?
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I do get bad accuracy but not why I wanna delete.
I make real world mistake and I lie to people that I care to I was fake person but I want to be real now so I make new accounts so I can be myself and if keep playing on this account they will know who I am and everyone will leave me.
Very much my fault, I'm sorry to all..
Making new accounts is a direct violation of the rules. You are entitled to one account, they cannot be deleted on request.
Sorry but you have to stick with this one :(

My advice to you is to just apologise and try to smooth things out, best of luck.
Vuelo Eluko
you must really ride the short bus or be incredibly young, im having a really hard time parsing your words with that particular form of articulation; what could have happened?
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