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Lumael's M4M Modding Queue! [Standard] [M4M & GD] [Open]

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M4M Rules

  1. You mod the map first
  2. Any length is allowed (there won't be drain match)
  3. You don't need to make a long mod, but please, put some effort to your mod
  4. It'll be better if your map has decent quality, otherwize I won't mod so deeply due to the amount of issues I will find
  5. I reserve the right of not modding back if your mod was completely useless + completely lazy (Hardly ever occurs, mostly here as assurance)
  6. I don't hurt, kill or make you cry, I'm a nice person, I swear!!
  7. You can placehold

GD Rules

  1. You must have one GD or Beatmap Qualified/Ranked or atleast have a map with good quality
  2. Any length is allowed but I will priorize TV SIZE or Cut Ver.
  3. I like almost every kind of song but breakcore, screamy songs, SOUND VOLTEX stuff, vocaloid (I can have excuses here, but I prefer utaite)
  4. What I most like: utaite (madotsuki@ and reol are my favorite), J-Rock, English Pop, English Rock
  5. Even if your song isn't from a liked style, you are free to post because sometimes the song is cool
  6. Please, rank my GD :3
  7. Check my M4M map as a sample of my style
  8. I can't do Extras, I'm sorry, I'm just up from Easy to Insane

Beatmap available for M4M: STYLE FIVE - FUTURE FISH
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OPEN - 3 Slots
asdf ~ placeholder ~

fdsa mod :
dddd map :
Hi Lumael!

M4M request!

My map:

I will try to mod your map sometime today... Thanks!

pls don't make me cri /w\
M4M 8-)

I'll mod you're map later since I have work in a bit.
I'm not sure if you accept WIP maps, but since my mapset has 3 diffs, as well as yours, it should be okay... I guess.
Placeholding. Just let me know if you don't accept WIP maps.

Okay I'm done.

My mod : p/4734564/
My map : (Easy to Hard, Insane isn't finished yet)

Thanks in advance!
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Woooo I didn't expect that so fast!

@Sc4v4ng3r: Yes, I do. Btw, you're the fourth and I said 3 slots, but I will accept yours as well

I forgot to say that placeholds are ok, but I think you already know that!

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