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Nakano Itsuki
STD queue

nm rules
1. 1 map per post
2. no mapsets above 4min pls, unless it's approval
3. no song limit, I usually mod what I take in, but please avoid putting stuff like 240bpm 1/2 spam cuz I really don't like modding those
4. only completed sets

m4m rules
1. m4m > nm (priority)
2. You can placehold, but complete it within 48 hours or else I wont mod yours
3. You mod first, then I mod yours.
(If theres no maps here for m4m just go ahead and request nm lol)

Maps for m4m:

For both, Always check my last post
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Nakano Itsuki
Slots: 3
Drain Time: 2:00 or less

go! :D
requesting ticket :^)
Chibi Maruko
Hai M4M is still open slots?

My mod: p/4733959#p4733959
My map:

If my mod no change
Just ignore mod my map
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Nakano Itsuki
Yes, still open :P
Mazziv please c: ill mod yours tomorrow when i come home

StarrStyx wrote:

my boarding school wifi cuts
lol what kind of bullshit school is this
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Nakano Itsuki

xxdeathx wrote:

lol what kind of bullshit school is this
So that ppl will not surf the web after lights out and instead go to bed lol
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Nakano Itsuki
Ok closed
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Nakano Itsuki
Open again, 3 maps pls

No limit on drain time this time, just post whatever you want
I'll mod your map today (later), just post my map
My mod: p/4844021/
My map:
m4m placeholder~

My mod: p/4844074
My map:
Topic Starter
Nakano Itsuki
actually, for this time, Im gonna let one more slot and make it 4.
tl;dr, 2 slots left!
placeholder ok done
my map:
Topic Starter
Nakano Itsuki
nvm the last slot then, closed
Topic Starter
Nakano Itsuki
nm open,
3 slots
Hey Starrr ! :p

Thannks ~
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