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Current Priority: +0
Hi! :D
Sometimes I see really very very long mods and in the same topic one really short one.
The thing that annoys me about that is that both get the same amount of.. okay let's call it wage.It would be 'fairer' if you could choose between 'Give 1 Kudosu and Give 2 Kudosu' so you would get more 'wage' for your work..
Just a idea..
Immediately the issue comes up of abuse.

Abuse. Abuse. Abuse. Abuse. Abuse. Abuse.

No support.
hmm, yeah you might be right :/
The idea is good...but

soradg123 wrote:

Abuse. Abuse. Abuse. Abuse. Abuse. Abuse.
yeah....what soradg said...so no support sorry :o
Yeah as said above if the community followed the rules completely it would be a great addition to add

But they don't~ so no support
I could be completely wrong here, but isn't peppy is planning an overhaul of the kudosu system where the usefulness of the mod is taken into account (or something like that)?

Disregarding that however, the kudosu system is already abusable and we have BATs who moderate it so I actually don't think it would be that much of an issue to implement. So long as it's made clear that posts should only be given two kudosu for very useful posts, I think the benefits would outweigh the bump in kudosu moderation. It would certainly encourage people to work harder on their mods to get that extra kudo, seeing as you would currently get the same reward for skimming through the map and picking out a few problems as you would for an extensive hour-long mod.

EDIT: And it's not like people aren't already receiving two kudos for lazy mod posts; all one has to do is skim through a map that hasn't been modded in a few days and bam, you just got double of what a good solid mod post on a recently modded map would receive. I believe that the proposed system would increase the ratio of two-kudosu posts that deserve it to two-kudosu posts that do not, even without heavy moderation.
Faceman makes some good points.
It's already abused, yes. But this could make it even MORE abused, which would be bad.
It would make people put more effort into their mods, and this is probably the main reason why this could be a good idea.

What if the BAT could like, reverse kudosu? I'm just pulling the idea out of my ass but if a BAT sees a mod post saying like "move this 1 grid to the left" and gets 2 kudosu for that, they could either remove all the kudosu or just make it worth 1?
Would probably be hard to implement but it's an idea I guess. xD
The only way I could see this working would be if BATs could give an extra kudosu to great posts, just like they can deny kudosu to poor posts. Even then it's kind of sketchy
yes...but the problem there is then the BAT's need to go through all the maps with posts making sure this isn't being abused...can you see that happening?
EDIT: @ Feno

deadbeat wrote:

yes...but the problem there is then the BAT's need to go through all the maps with posts making sure this isn't being abused...can you see that happening?
I'm assuming you were referring to me, and yeah, good point.
Why does everyone assume this will be abused? The kudosu system can already be abused; simply make two posts and get kudos for both. Or make three posts, or fifteen posts. This rarely happens though, and it isn't going to suddenly start happening frequently if you make it possible to give 2 per post.

What's more likely is that people will have differing standards for what deserves double kudosu and what doesn't. This is the actual problem with implementing this; not the threat of abusive behavior that is already possible.

deadbeat wrote:

yes...but the problem there is then the BAT's need to go through all the maps with posts making sure this isn't being abused...can you see that happening?
This is completely irrelevant to LuigiHann's post, so I'll assume it was directed at Feno's post. What he described here is the system that is already in place. That is, the only system in place to stop abuse currently is that BATs have to go through all the map posts to make sure the system it isn't being abused (giving kudosu to random posts). Absolutely nothing would change if people could give 2 instead of 1.
long mod post!=good post.
This is shit. I agree to Lybydose though.
00:00:729 (1) - 1 grid up
00:01:001 (2) - 1 grid left
00:01:819 (6) - 1 grid left
00:02:092 (7) - 1 grid left
00:02:364 (8) - move third slider point 1 grid right
00:03:728 (2) - remove clap
00:04:273 (2) - add clap
00:04:409 (3) - add clap
00:04:682 (4) - add clap
00:05:636 (8) - 1 grid up
00:07:272 (1) - put whistle on start, clap on finish. also 1 grid down
00:08:635 (3) - add new combo
00:08:908 (1) - ^
00:10:544 (1) - ^
00:11:907 (3) - spacing
00:12:453 (2) - spacing
00:12:998 (4) - add clap
00:13:816 (1) - add clap
break - add storyboarded claps on white lines, sounds much better imfo
00:29:084 (3) - add whistle
00:29:630 (5) - remove whistle
00:30:175 (7) - add finish and clap
00:31:538 (1) - spacing
00:32:629 (3) - 1 grid up
00:33:447 (5) - switch places of 2nd and 3rd slider points
00:34:537 (1) - remove new combo
00:34:810 (3) - add clap, remove whistle
00:35:355 (2) - 1 grid down, 2 grids up
00:35:901 (5) - 1 grid right
00:36:719 (9) - use a timing section to make this silent.
00:36:719 (9) - add finish
00:37:537 (3) - 1 grid left
00:37:809 (4) - 1 grid left
00:37:946 (5) - 1 grid left
00:38:082 (6) - 1 grid left, 1 grid down, 1 grid right
00:38:627 (2) - add new combo
00:38:900 (4) - change to slider
00:39:991 (7) - 1 grid up
00:41:627 (1) - 1 grid up
00:42:172 (2) - ^
00:42:445 (3) - ^
00:43:263 (5) - 1 grid up
00:44:080 (7) - 1 grid right
00:44:898 (1) - replace with deathstream
00:45:444 (2) - remove clap
00:46:534 (5) - add claps to both endpoints
00:47:352 (7) - add clap
00:48:170 (2) - new combo
00:48:443 (3) - remove new combo
00:48:988 (5) - 2nd point 1 grid left, 3rd point 1 grid down
00:50:624 (8) -
00:51:442 (2) - add whistle
00:52:260 (3) - 1 grid down
00:54:441 (1) - 9 grids right
00:54:714 (2) - remove new combo
00:56:759 (4) - change hitsounds to claps
00:58:258 (1) - add timing section with hitsound volume 66%
00:58:531 (2) - add timing section with hitsound volume 63%
01:00:031 (2) - 1 grid left
01:00:439 (3) - 1/2 grid right
01:02:893 (2) - 1 grid left
01:03:984 (7) - 1 grid left
01:04:256 (8) - 1 grid left
01:05:075 (2) - 1 grid left
01:05:347 (3) - 1 grid left
01:06:438 (7) - spacing
01:07:801 (3) - change to slider
01:09:982 (6) - spacing
01:11:892 (3) - 1 grid right
01:12:710 (1) - remove clap
01:13:119 (2) - 1 grid right
01:14:072 (1) - 1 grid down
01:15:981 (3) - 1 grid up
01:16:662 (6) - delete this
01:18:162 (4) - spacing
01:19:253 (1) - add finish
01:19:934 (3) - add another finish with storyboarding
01:20:616 (6) - remove clap
01:21:297 (2) - 1 grid right
01:21:570 (3) - stack with 1
01:21:979 (5) - 1 grid left
01:22:388 (7) - 1 grid left
01:22:933 (3) - 1 grid diagonally
01:23:888 (7) - 1 grid right

then delete .osb and full submit.

i worked very hard on this, give me 3 kudosu pls
I'm sure no one will even bother reading all of that mod post

and if I'm not wrong, you can get 2 kudosu if the map's thread don't have any post for eh....some days?

Sallad4ever wrote:

and if I'm not wrong, you can get 2 kudosu if the map's thread don't have any post for eh....some days?
7 days

I really do think there should be a difference in kudosu between a person that makes a huge mod post pointing out a ton of errors(that are not nazi errors) and a person that points out like 3 smaller errors.
I suggested something like this back when I joined osu! and the priority system was still newly implemented. There really needs to be more variance in how much a mod post is worth instead of fixed values and abuse of the 2kd bonus.

As has been brought up in various places, there also needs to be more moderation on what constitutes giving kudosu and what doesn't. There's too much gray area and inconsistency. There's mappers giving kd for non-mod posts (dealt with once BATs check the threads); there's mappers giving kd for non-helpful/unsubstantial posts (e.g., a few lines of combo mods, nazi mods, "your inherited section is off by 3ms", "+2 your offset", etc); and there's BATs that still incorrectly give/receive kudos even though they're well-aware of what should and shouldn't receive kd (e.g., guest difficulties aren't supposed to receive kd, yet a few BATs still hand out kudosu and willingly accept it).

2kd for a single mod post should be the upper limit (i.e., 3 is too high), and I agree that the mapper should be able to select between 1 and 2 kd. Perhaps the 2kd bonus (for no posts in a thread for a week) could be either changed to taking 2-3 weeks without posts/updates or just removed entirely, but this is a slightly separate issue.

tl;dr - We need to regulate kd more (with strict guidelines/rules and actually taking action when we see abuse) and allow true helpful/extensive mod posts to receive the credit they deserve.
the main problem is probably, what counts as a "good mod post that worth 2 kudosu"

Larto already given a short checklist for giving a kudosu, but it still a general checklist. The mapper also have to know for which mod post will the 2 kudosu awarded to. For me a multiple timing section mod (if there's any multiple BPM on the song) is worth 2 kudosu rather than a long mod post (with or without nazi).

Sallad4ever wrote:

For me a multiple timing section mod (if there's any multiple BPM on the song) is worth 2 kudosu rather than a long mod post (with or without nazi).
Make that "a correct multiple timing section mod" and I'll agree with you. Another problem is:

modder 1: bpm 120 and offset 760 plz
mapper: oh okay! =D ty! *gives kd*
modder 2: ofset 780 is better
mapper: oh... okay! *gives kd*
modder 3: no no 760 was fine :|
mapper: oh... *gives kd*
modder: >x< *gives the 20th kd*

MAT/BAT/SOMEONE THAT ACTUALLY CAN TIME PROPERLY: bpm 120, offset 740 *bubble* *rank*
For the timing kudosu, perhaps just give kudosu once the map is done and the correct timing has been found?
I don't think the 7 week kudosu "boost" should be removed, that's one thing that make modders mod those maps that don't always get attention and end up being abandoned.
Kudosu does need to be regulated, have like one or two BAT's be like "Kudosu Guards" and if someone sees abused kudosu, tell them and it'll be corrected.

As for the "what deserves 2, what deserves 1" issue, perhaps make certain types of mods more weighted than others.
Like, a "move this 1 grid to the left" would be like a 0.05.
A PROPER timing mod would be let's say a 1.
Maybe like value the mods and give kudosu based on that, it's a crazy idea but w/e.
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