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I agree with this
I honestly hated the rule which prevented custom diffnames
I know it's better, but still, why?
Or at least make it fine for 2 diff sets, as you can have 1 custom name, and one needs to follow the difficulty, that just makes no sense imo
I like the idea of having custom names for each diff in a set. However, I think we should also implement this with some caution. Diff name sets should still hold some sort of cohesion to them, thus making them a "set" not a bunch of words and/or phrases. Lets not have stuff like " abcdefg / 123 / bubbleabsolutesoul / ULTRA LIGHT INSANE / Tragic Love EX" for a custom diff spread.

Custom difficulty names should contain a central theme and relate to other custom difficulty names in the set. They need not be in ascending difficulty order, but they should be relevant to one another.

I think a guideline should be enough. QAT's can then disqualify on their own discretion if they deem certain custom sets to be too random/nonsensical.


As for having all difficulty names reflect the star rating, some people don't mind, but others enjoy having custom difficulty names because yes, it actually makes your beatmap unique. This is especially true for marathon maps. Actually, I refer to many of my maps by their custom diff names instead of their song title (ie. my Celestial map, rather than my Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari map). Top Ranks also mention both the song's artist/title and the difficulty name so I like to have a unique diff name on all my mapsets xD.

monstrata wrote:

I think a guideline should be enough. QAT's can then disqualify on their own discretion if they deem certain custom sets to be too random/nonsensical.
It really only comes down to this imho.
The problem is that I find a lot of the custom names used in maps today are already random/nonsensical. "Candy" because that word shows up in the lyrics or it's the title? That doesn't really give any information to what kind of difficulty it is, and that's the point of having a difficulty name. If you can think of a theme and an ascending set of words to describe each difficulty, cool. Otherwise there's nothing wrong with using our established default names.
you basically just have to define what "The mapset's hardest difficulty may use an appropriate custom difficulty name, unrelated to a username." means in this context.
I oftentimes chose something related to the song, it's theme, it's lyrics etc because I like having a custom diffname in my sets, oftentimes these do not really reflect the difficulty of the beatmap behind it at all, but i interpreted appropriate as fitting to the song or the series it's from. The reason for that is quite logical, too, because this rule only allows the hardest difficulty to have a custom name. So whatever difficulty this custom difficulty name diff is, it's harder than the descriptively named preceding difficulty and thus guessing what diff it is should be pretty easy, SR and online icons help as well lol.

If you happen to interpret appropriate as reflecting actual difficulty you will automatically disagree with everything above.

but if you want to screw the whole rule anyways then you could just read above how i handled custom diffnames lool
I may agree with this because there just few songs on osu! where's allowed the custom name spread among the diffs

  1. https://osu.ppy.sh/b/672199
  2. https://osu.ppy.sh/b/304602
  3. https://osu.ppy.sh/b/188939 Removed due OzzyOzrock's complains.
  4. https://osu.ppy.sh/b/330201

As long as the custom diff names make sense with song and the way the diffs get harder to differentiate each diff I don't see any problem to a player wouldn't be able to understand it.

Crawl | Walk | Run | Usain Bolt
Same as Rocket said imo. You have my support :)
You don't see how a player can't understand that? Language? Not knowing references? That last example you gave was terrible, being that [Orz] could be ANYTHING (not to mention that people will likely not even know that Orz is) and [Darri Style] gives NO insight as to how hard the map will be.

The one with 'Hard' or 'Extra' in the diff name along with whatever it is is fine, as now the player can identify the common words representing a difficulty and know how hard it'll be.
seems you guys forgot: p/2962715 the agreement done so years ago.
To be honest the only thing you guys should discuss in my opinion is how to avoid some stupid difficulty names. Happyrocket examples are fine, you really need to be silly to don't get how the difficulties scale.
Even having Easy - Normal - Hard - Insane don't tell you what lvl of difficultie they represent you just have a clue and really you can't tell how hard it gonna be, ex:


and alot more, tbh is basically the same to have : Sleeping - Walking - Dancing and Easy - Normal - Hard, you need to test to see at any case.
Guys guys. What if instead of having the difficulty name describe how hard it is, make it tell what kind of mapping it has? After all, it is the only information we dont get from song stats, except for SV.

For example "stream" "jump" or "insane streams". I see a lot of older maps doing it, and i find it really really useful. Not any of these im the newer maps thou.

Endaris wrote:

Imo that part
Mapsets may also use a complete set of custom difficulty names that clearly indicate their level of difficulty to the player.
should be deleted completely.
While this can be done in a nice way (like in this popular mapset)there's always the language barrier that keeps non-native speakers from understanding the difficulty names without taking a dictionary for help(I could only guess what "Bud" might mean). That shouldn't be a requirement if you ask me.
i feel flattered

pls keep custom diffnames as long as they're working in context to other diffnames and the song itself
With the change of how the Ranking Criteria Subforum works from now on, topics like these are obsolete.
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