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So, I'm a rookie mapper, and an even worse modder. I simply don't have the experience to see mistakes, unless they are blatantly obvious.


I've got a pretty good grasp on rhythm, been playing the piano for 10 years (taking lessons), been playing guitar for 7 (self taught for the most part), and is currently taking music theory classes at school (pretty high level, making our own arrangements and such). Been composing for years as well.

So if you are having trouble with the rhythm on a map, put it down below, and I'll see what i can do. It can be the entire song, or just part of it, timing or what beats you should place the notes on

I will not do the timing, if it is easy, and you are just being lazy!

I don't currently have a m4m policy, but if you are interested, I would love a mod on this map of mine. It's my first map, so it's not great, but at least i should have gotten the rhythm down :P
Hey! I've got an old map of mine I plan on finish one day because I really like the song, but whose timing is kinda messed up.
There's a moment when the notes become totally offset, and I never know whether my bpm is wrong or the offset changed or both changed or whatever, so I would be glad if you could help me! :)

Thanks, that's a nice queue, it's often tough to find help with tricky timing! :D

Edit: And i forgot to link the map >
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