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Welcome to our modding queue

The modders included in this modding queue are: Warpyc (STD), Ascendance (CTB) (Inactive), Arf (Inactive) and Shinenite (Inactive)

Check the last post for whatever kind of mod is available and how many!

The idea of this queue was to:
1: Increase our modding and mapping skills.
2: Having as few rules as possible, alot of modding queues are very specific and it's sometimes hard to find mods.

The way this works is you read the few rules that exist below before posting, follow them, make a post and then someone will (hopefully) mod your map.
If your map doesnt fit the requirements of one person, another person will mod it, if it fits for all of us it's random who will mod it.
Since only me and Ascendance is active right now I will mod all STD maps and Ascendance all CTB maps



STD and CTB only!

Always read last post!

  1. I mostly do NM but I'll only accept music I like and I may decline any song for any reason, dont argue with me about it!
  2. M4M is always open and it doesnt matter if I like song or not for me to accept it, you mod mine I mod yours I dont have a map that needs mods right now so no m4m
  3. I can do gd's just ask but only Insane or harder ^^ Already working on 2 GD's

Map shouldn't have more than 10sp (Not included kudosu stars shot at your map) (Feel free to still post if it has more but there's a big chance I wont mod it)
I will also judge the quality of your map personally:
[*] If I find it to be lacking overall quality I will give your general ideas.
[*] If it's decent to good quality I will mod it normally.
[*] If it has excellent quality I will try to nazi mod it as good as I can.

For the format I dont really care just give me the link, I dont mind some information about it though.

Since rules are now a thing I want you guys to read plz just write some random anime girl name in the bottom of your post ^^ (if you arent a weeb just write a random number between 1 and 10)

    M4M and GD only
    For GD's I'll map any diff except salad.
  1. 1 request at a time.
  2. I'll only mod equal to what you mod for me.
  3. I won't mod super hard overdoses if I can avoid it. They're well beyond my playing range and I may suggest something uncomfortable.
  4. I reserve the right to take an infinite amount of time modding your map. Just know that EVENTUALLY I'll mod it. Please don't spam me unless it's been more than 2 weeks and you're getting pissed.
  5. For GD's I reserve the right to decline your request.
  6. GD's will take even longer because I like making good GD's. Just use a hitsound copier on my GD also cause I blow at hitsounds.
  7. give me a gif of chitoge kirisaki from nisekoi at the bottom of your post to know you read this hue

    M4M Format

    Link to your mod on my map: 
    Drain Time:
    Link to your map:

    GD Format

    Map Link:
    Difficulty wanted:

  • If I have a map in pending that isn't bubbled and you mod it, I will mod one of your maps in reply (no limits on genre or drain time, but please not more than 5 stars), just make sure to include the fact that you've modded a map of mine (and a link to your map) in your reply.

  • Please have somewhat competent knowledge of the editor :P If you've mapped 10-15 maps, regardless of ranked status or submitted status, you should be good.
    No limits on drain time, but I can only mod up to 4.9-5 stars, beyond that is pushing it.
    Any song in an obscure language that has little representation on osu! is massive priority for me (Hindi/Urdu/Bengali= insta-mod, poke me in-game if you want to.) Bring out those patriotic cultures!
    English songs and any music that isn't seen often on osu! has high priority as well.
    No Anime/Japanese songs for me, sorry. Unless I really like the song, I probably won't mod it, and it's unlikely that I will like the song.
    Rhythm game music is also low priority, along with songs that have an existing, reasonable mapset on osu!
    Classic Rock and old songs in general are high priority as well.

  • I'll only mod difficulties below 5 stars.
    My preferred genre is video game OST.
    Songs that are English or something that isn't usually mapped on osu! is also a high priority for me.
    If your song is an anime or a Japanese song I will not mod it unless I really like it, sorry!
    If the map has a lot of mods I doubt I'll be able to point out much, if anything.
    I can't pomise that I'll mod all of the diffs for your map because I am pretty new to modding in general.
Nakano Itsuki

good luck guys; you'll need it
Requesting ticket :)
Nakano Itsuki

-Mo- wrote:

Requesting ticket :)
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I guess this Q is open :D

NM request please..
It's 5 minutes map for approval sang by Yasuda Rei
Here's the link
Thank you!

also, good luck with your Q :)
I read all the rules and i guess some modder can mod this one.

Still open ?
NM request guys

Link :

Thanks in advance :D

Requesting a normal mod: t/344706

3 diffs, only 1 min long.

Thanks in advance! :)
I'll give it a try here-

Requesting a NM for this map:

4 difficulties, drain time is 3:29

Good luck with the queue, and thanks!
This is the map in question:
System of a down - Needles
Star rating from 4.09 to 6.56 (4 difficulties)
length: 3:12
BPM: inconsistent, around 182
Genre: Heavy metal/Alternative metal

That's all i can think of you would like to know in advance.
This is my first map, but i despite that i don't think it's terrible (it's definitely playable)
Thanks in advance!
Hey, NM req for this:

It's a single marathon diff, just about 5' long, and more than 5 stars in difficulty

Thank you for your time!
NM Request.
SPYAIR - I'M A BELIEVER (1:28 drain)
It has 6 difficulties.

Hey, NM for this would be great:
Halozy - 864 melody
6 diffs - 45 seconds drain
[ Another ]

Normal mod request.
EGOIST - The Everlasting Guilty Crown (pocotan Remix)
6 min drain time, 5.74 star rating.

Thank you.
Hello! Would be nice if you could check out my map :)

Mod in swedish if you can.

The song is a Rock/Metal Japanese song from an eroge called Garden of Fith Zoa. It's 200 bpm and has 6 difficulties.

Thanks alot!
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DavidEd wrote:

Hello! Would be nice if you could check out my map :)

Mod in swedish if you can.

The song is a Rock/Metal Japanese song from an eroge called Garden of Fith Zoa. It's 200 bpm and has 6 difficulties.

Thanks alot!
Tyvärr så kan du inte få en svensk mod eftersom jag är den enda svensken i den här modding queuen däremot kan du få en vanlig mod av någon annan.
Jag anser själv att kvaliten på din map har överskridit min moddnings förmåga
I'll try I guess

Instrumental song
4 diffs
2:03 drain
NM open?

JRPG op, japanese vocal, length 2:10.
thanks ~
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pieguyn wrote:

NM open?

JRPG op, japanese vocal, length 2:10.
thanks ~
Yep we're going until 15, we're at 12 rn
Once we've modded all of them we'll be back in business again ^^
Hey there! NM request
For approval, 1 diff. 6:21 drain.
Japanese (soz). IOSYS - Scary Halloween Show.
+12 mod sp. Hopefully one of you can find something

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