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still wait for rank :/
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AchsanLovers wrote:

still wait for rank :/
Soon x3
Still waiting for the next bn because his busy

maybe this will take a while, will find bn for now~
can i qualify? ;)
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yes pls xD
17:30 -SoraGami-: owo !
17:31 Critical_Star: 'w'!
17:31 Critical_Star: free for irc now?
17:31 -SoraGami-: is now okay?
17:31 Critical_Star: sure
17:31 -SoraGami-: owo
17:32 -SoraGami-: sure lol
17:32 Critical_Star: hehe
17:32 *Critical_Star is listening to [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/963330 Yooh - MariannE]
17:33 Critical_Star: 00:35:417 - till 00:37:930 -
17:33 Critical_Star: how about add a note (kick) for each red tick here?
17:34 Critical_Star: i can feel the kick here
17:34 -SoraGami-: mmm
17:34 -SoraGami-: i'll try
17:36 Critical_Star: 01:12:485 (72485|2,72485|3,72642|0,72642|1,72799|3,72799|2,72956|1,72956|0,73113|3,73113|2) - hmm, about this one. i think make something like 01:11:542 (71542|0,71542|1,71699|2,71857|3,71857|0,72014|1,72171|3,72171|2) - would be better
17:38 -SoraGami-: kinda want to emphasize the melody there
17:38 -SoraGami-: feels like a back to back sound?
17:38 -SoraGami-: like a trill xD
17:38 Critical_Star: oh i see , sure xd
17:38 Critical_Star: 02:12:328 (132328|0,132642|0) - why not make 1/2 LN here? start 02:12:171 - u can hear the 1/2 long sound stream
17:40 -SoraGami-: oh yur right
17:40 Critical_Star: 02:13:427 (133427|3) - i assume is you wanted to catch this sound for this part, u can make the same LN at 02:14:684 - 02:15:940 - 02:17:197 - since they have the same syhc here, what do you think?
17:42 -SoraGami-: hmm.. it will turn out weird for the doubles
17:42 -SoraGami-: would like to keep it
17:42 -SoraGami-: i honestly dont want to make 02:13:427 (133427|3) - this an ln xD but it pointed out many times xD
17:43 -SoraGami-: to be consistent with 02:08:401 (128401|0) - they said
17:43 Critical_Star: because yea since u layer that which is an odd LN for that double kick section
17:44 Critical_Star: but is fine
17:44 -SoraGami-: yeah, but i took 02:13:427 (133427|3) - for a consideration and applied it because i think it is fine since it is the staring
17:44 -SoraGami-: starting*
17:44 Critical_Star: sure thing :3
17:45 -SoraGami-: <3
17:45 Critical_Star: 04:49:239 - would be best to start the 1/2 LN pattern here like 04:49:867 (289867|0,290181|3,290495|0) - the double tick line represent the new phase of the beat so i think is better to start at here
17:46 -SoraGami-: w8, will try
17:48 -SoraGami-: idk, for me the current one is better, it stands out the highest pitch sound so it is easy to recognise
17:48 Critical_Star: i see
17:50 Critical_Star: 05:47:040 - till 05:52:066 - wanna catch the end tick sound here?
17:52 -SoraGami-: decided not to...
17:52 -SoraGami-: is it okay? or should i really add those?
17:52 Critical_Star: sure
17:52 Critical_Star: alright rest are nice, well done o/
17:52 -SoraGami-: w8 xD
17:52 -SoraGami-: im not yet sure, about the 1st one
17:52 -SoraGami-: will screenshot it
17:53 Critical_Star: first one?
17:53 Critical_Star: u mean the kick red tick?
17:54 -SoraGami-: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/7292201 https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/7292202
17:54 -SoraGami-: is the pattern fine?
17:55 Critical_Star: yes sure, doesn't seems a problem to me
17:55 -SoraGami-: okay :3
17:56 Critical_Star: oh about the OD and HP
17:56 Critical_Star: 8 8 seems low for me
17:56 Critical_Star: u can raise it higher to prevent spam pass
17:56 Critical_Star: 8.5 8.5 seems good to me what do you think?
17:56 -SoraGami-: ohh
17:56 -SoraGami-: 8.5?
17:56 Critical_Star: yea
17:56 -SoraGami-: okay xD
17:57 Critical_Star: :3
17:57 -SoraGami-: does that apply to shin's diff too?
17:57 Critical_Star: yes
17:57 Critical_Star: u can make it other value too as long is greater than 8
17:58 -SoraGami-: im satisfied with 8.5 :3
17:59 Critical_Star: :3 nice
18:01 -SoraGami-: updated
18:03 Critical_Star: alright should be good to go
18:03 -SoraGami-: yay \:D/
18:04 Critical_Star: :D
18:04 Critical_Star: anything u wanted to change before qualify?
18:04 -SoraGami-: i think im fine xD
18:05 Critical_Star: alright i will post it

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Thank you so much CS :D
gratz sora > <

wait for enkan no kotowari now lol :3
[ A v a l o n ]
finally this map can be qualified without me
i'm really sorry for my fucking terrible promise for you
bcuz i don't really interest with this "job" anymore

finally, good luck for you sora ;)
- Ly0572 -
Aryt grats sora \o/
gratz soraaa >w<
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AchsanLovers wrote:

gratz sora > <

wait for enkan no kotowari now lol :3
Thanks :D
dunno about enkan xD

[ A v a l o n ] wrote:

finally this map can be qualified without me
i'm really sorry for my fucking terrible promise for you
bcuz i don't really interest with this "job" anymore

finally, good luck for you sora ;)
nah, it's fine actually ;) Thanks

- Ly0572 - wrote:

Aryt grats sora \o/
Thanks xD

erlinadewi- wrote:

gratz soraaa >w<
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