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Maxus wrote:

blame me for taking so long :o

[4K Rara]

00:59:291 (59291|2,59291|1,59605|1,59605|3,59919|2,59919|3) - you can make these double at the same column? because they are essentially the same snare sound here. same with other part as well. although the snares are the same, i still want to accent the melody there, i feel more better in that one, and i think the rhythm in col 1 here 00:59:448 (59448|0,59762|0) is enough to feel same feeling for the snare sounds
01:00:076 - add note to maintain the rythmical consistency with 00:59:448 (59448|0,59762|0) - ? also the same with other part. cool, applied
01:08:087 - This section, i capture the melody as a "repeated melody", so i thought you can do mini trill with the LN as well, like this one: http://puu.sh/sPWXr/b42deaaa6e.png im having a problem with the comfortability in col 2, but i will rearrange it myself instead :)
01:10:286 (70286|0,70286|1) - instead of doing LN, i think you can map the 1/4 drum instead here, that would make it more consistent here. i kinda want to maintain the good flow of melody here 01:09:658 (69658|2,69658|3,69972|1,69972|2,70286|0,70286|1) to feel the section more-like LN oriented
01:13:113 (73113|2,73427|3) - shouldn't these have to become LN instead? tbh not too sure either how you measure the timing with double LN and single LN here. aaaa my bad Dx thanks for pointing this
02:04:631 - i saw your reasoning behind the patterning for variation, but then i still think you can make the layering scheme the same with the one at 02:09:658 - , i mean, the interval transition between this pattern and those pattern are too close, i feel it will be too sudden you change the type of layering that fast even if you want to blend many different pattern type. hmmm... fair point, but when i make the 02:04:631 same as the other one, it will force me to change 02:07:144 into full 1/2 LNs, and i feel like there's too much LN going on while entering the chorus, i kinda doesnt want that to happen, and the sounds in 02:09:658 are much tronger than the first one that's why i made it like that
04:05:260 (245260|2,245574|3,245888|2) - make these notes at column 1, 3 and 4? will be much more balance here. okay, applied
04:51:516 - 04:51:673 - i still sad that the 1/4 didn't get mapped D: , even though it's the middle of dense chord, i still think it's worth it as the 1/4 is loud enough here, and this is essentially the ending part too. okay i'll try
04:56:464 - this too, and you can reduce the triple at 04:56:621 - to be consistent with 04:51:595 - ^ same
05:04:317 - since this is the last jumptrill i think you can do some sort of 14-23 for "final challenge" here. i hope it will not be too hard, but ill try

call me back :D
will wait for Shin :D
Thanks munch Maxus :)

not yet updated~

Maxus wrote:

blame me for taking so long :o #blamedixon

[6K Zozo]
00:59:605 - 00:59:919 - masing2 tambah 1 note biar konsisten ama snare di 00:59:291 - lebih kurangin satu di 00:59:291 - biar konsisten ama roll ny
01:08:872 (68872|3) - pindah ke col 6? biar lebih enak ama ga ngeshield note ini D: maxudnya col 5 ya ? yahhh gpp lah shieldnya wkwk kalo di 5 malah lebih susah jarinya neken
01:10:286 (70286|4) - ampir sama kyk diff 4K nya, lbih baik dimap drumnya biar konsisten ama dapet penekanan di 1/4 drumnya okaay
01:15:783 - patterning LN ini lbih baik diganti columnnya biar beda ama 01:15:155 (75155|3,75155|0,75312|4,75312|1,75469|0,75469|3,75469|2,75626|1,75626|4) - karena transisi dari instrumen melodiny udah beda disini, coba pindah 01:15:783 (75783|0,75783|3) - ke col 3 dan 6, lalu pindah note 01:15:940 (75940|2) - ke column 1. oh nice, fixed tapi ga ngikut suggest mu soalny entar ada yg nge jack 1/2 note ama LN nya
01:23:165 (83165|1,83794|3) - patterning LN ini ga dibuat sama ja kayak yang di 01:21:909 (81909|5,82537|0) - ? kalau mau, panjangin 01:23:165 (83165|1) - ampe 01:24:422 - , lalu note di 01:24:422 (84422|1) - pindah ke col.1 okeoke
01:40:129 - 01:41:385 - menurutku prlu ditambah 1 note lgi, mngkin sngaja dibkin lbh simpel krna 1/6 nya.. tapi di 01:30:076 - juga sbnrnya pake 2 note (1 LN + 1 note). ohiya gud gud
02:59:919 - add note buat cymbal? added juga di 02:58:663 -
03:06:202 (186202|4) - ubah jadi LN? end LN nya di 03:07:459 - boleh boleh
03:43:820 - masih ada drum disini. ceritanya belum ngikut drum roll nya disitu, masih ngikut synt x..x
03:46:097 - add note lgi buat crash snareny? nice
04:23:480 - knp ini double LN? klo buat emphasis cymbal harusnya double LN nya di 04:24:108 - ohya fixed
05:25:679 - 05:25:993 - 05:26:307 - snare sengaja double? bkn triple? sengaja hehhe

solid :o

call me back :D
thanks you xonxon (?) xusxus (?) lol :v
lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalal am i late ? idk :p
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Nice, really good map here.
Bub #2.
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Maxus wrote:

Nice, really good map here.
Bub #2.
Thank you so much Dixon Maxus <3
still wait for rank :/
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AchsanLovers wrote:

still wait for rank :/
Soon x3
Still waiting for the next bn because his busy

maybe this will take a while, will find bn for now~
can i qualify? ;)
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yes pls xD
17:30 -SoraGami-: owo !
17:31 Critical_Star: 'w'!
17:31 Critical_Star: free for irc now?
17:31 -SoraGami-: is now okay?
17:31 Critical_Star: sure
17:31 -SoraGami-: owo
17:32 -SoraGami-: sure lol
17:32 Critical_Star: hehe
17:32 *Critical_Star is listening to [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/963330 Yooh - MariannE]
17:33 Critical_Star: 00:35:417 - till 00:37:930 -
17:33 Critical_Star: how about add a note (kick) for each red tick here?
17:34 Critical_Star: i can feel the kick here
17:34 -SoraGami-: mmm
17:34 -SoraGami-: i'll try
17:36 Critical_Star: 01:12:485 (72485|2,72485|3,72642|0,72642|1,72799|3,72799|2,72956|1,72956|0,73113|3,73113|2) - hmm, about this one. i think make something like 01:11:542 (71542|0,71542|1,71699|2,71857|3,71857|0,72014|1,72171|3,72171|2) - would be better
17:38 -SoraGami-: kinda want to emphasize the melody there
17:38 -SoraGami-: feels like a back to back sound?
17:38 -SoraGami-: like a trill xD
17:38 Critical_Star: oh i see , sure xd
17:38 Critical_Star: 02:12:328 (132328|0,132642|0) - why not make 1/2 LN here? start 02:12:171 - u can hear the 1/2 long sound stream
17:40 -SoraGami-: oh yur right
17:40 Critical_Star: 02:13:427 (133427|3) - i assume is you wanted to catch this sound for this part, u can make the same LN at 02:14:684 - 02:15:940 - 02:17:197 - since they have the same syhc here, what do you think?
17:42 -SoraGami-: hmm.. it will turn out weird for the doubles
17:42 -SoraGami-: would like to keep it
17:42 -SoraGami-: i honestly dont want to make 02:13:427 (133427|3) - this an ln xD but it pointed out many times xD
17:43 -SoraGami-: to be consistent with 02:08:401 (128401|0) - they said
17:43 Critical_Star: because yea since u layer that which is an odd LN for that double kick section
17:44 Critical_Star: but is fine
17:44 -SoraGami-: yeah, but i took 02:13:427 (133427|3) - for a consideration and applied it because i think it is fine since it is the staring
17:44 -SoraGami-: starting*
17:44 Critical_Star: sure thing :3
17:45 -SoraGami-: <3
17:45 Critical_Star: 04:49:239 - would be best to start the 1/2 LN pattern here like 04:49:867 (289867|0,290181|3,290495|0) - the double tick line represent the new phase of the beat so i think is better to start at here
17:46 -SoraGami-: w8, will try
17:48 -SoraGami-: idk, for me the current one is better, it stands out the highest pitch sound so it is easy to recognise
17:48 Critical_Star: i see
17:50 Critical_Star: 05:47:040 - till 05:52:066 - wanna catch the end tick sound here?
17:52 -SoraGami-: decided not to...
17:52 -SoraGami-: is it okay? or should i really add those?
17:52 Critical_Star: sure
17:52 Critical_Star: alright rest are nice, well done o/
17:52 -SoraGami-: w8 xD
17:52 -SoraGami-: im not yet sure, about the 1st one
17:52 -SoraGami-: will screenshot it
17:53 Critical_Star: first one?
17:53 Critical_Star: u mean the kick red tick?
17:54 -SoraGami-: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/7292201 https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/7292202
17:54 -SoraGami-: is the pattern fine?
17:55 Critical_Star: yes sure, doesn't seems a problem to me
17:55 -SoraGami-: okay :3
17:56 Critical_Star: oh about the OD and HP
17:56 Critical_Star: 8 8 seems low for me
17:56 Critical_Star: u can raise it higher to prevent spam pass
17:56 Critical_Star: 8.5 8.5 seems good to me what do you think?
17:56 -SoraGami-: ohh
17:56 -SoraGami-: 8.5?
17:56 Critical_Star: yea
17:56 -SoraGami-: okay xD
17:57 Critical_Star: :3
17:57 -SoraGami-: does that apply to shin's diff too?
17:57 Critical_Star: yes
17:57 Critical_Star: u can make it other value too as long is greater than 8
17:58 -SoraGami-: im satisfied with 8.5 :3
17:59 Critical_Star: :3 nice
18:01 -SoraGami-: updated
18:03 Critical_Star: alright should be good to go
18:03 -SoraGami-: yay \:D/
18:04 Critical_Star: :D
18:04 Critical_Star: anything u wanted to change before qualify?
18:04 -SoraGami-: i think im fine xD
18:05 Critical_Star: alright i will post it

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Thank you so much CS :D
gratz sora > <

wait for enkan no kotowari now lol :3
[ A v a l o n ]
finally this map can be qualified without me
i'm really sorry for my fucking terrible promise for you
bcuz i don't really interest with this "job" anymore

finally, good luck for you sora ;)
- Ly0572 -
Aryt grats sora \o/
gratz soraaa >w<
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AchsanLovers wrote:

gratz sora > <

wait for enkan no kotowari now lol :3
Thanks :D
dunno about enkan xD

[ A v a l o n ] wrote:

finally this map can be qualified without me
i'm really sorry for my fucking terrible promise for you
bcuz i don't really interest with this "job" anymore

finally, good luck for you sora ;)
nah, it's fine actually ;) Thanks

- Ly0572 - wrote:

Aryt grats sora \o/
Thanks xD

erlinadewi- wrote:

gratz soraaa >w<
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