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m4m from your ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ thing


how about slightly cutting the beginning of your soft-hitnormal to make it feel more "responsive"(there is no delay, but some buildup etc.), give this one I cut a bit a try please:

also very miniscule delay on slidertick2/hitclap, those should be fine:
00:04:700 - is not mapped, even thoug you mapped 00:03:610 (2) - ?
00:06:882 - same, feels a bit unintuitive to have the same sound/pattern once clickable and then ignored
00:09:246 (3,1) - looks more like 1/4 or 1/6 or sth due to the fact how yo uspaced the 1/3 gap before on 00:08:246 (1,2) - but I guess it makes sense pattern/gameplay wise so it should be fine anways

00:11:246 (4) - actually mapping the 1/3 clicks here would fit better imo. considering you also map them as clicks later

00:15:064 - at least add the clap-slidertick here too?
or maybe try to use a different rhythm anywhere in the section from 00:11:519 (1) - to 00:19:700 (2) - since it is the excat same tapping pattern the whole time :& Same for aftwerwards

00:16:700 (3) - uses the soft-hitnormal from the player's skin. use c1 set here or add soft-hitnormal2 as it sounds weird to have this sound different for no reason
00:28:610 (5,6,1) - 2 differently spaced 1/3 gaps immediately after each other make it a bit awkward to read imo. maybe map it as 1/3 "stream " instead of repslider and rearrange a bit?
00:29:247 (2,3) - same sound in the same combo but completely differen spacing?

00:34:974 (2,3,1) - :(.jpg

00:54:791 (5) - maybe remove finish here as the "finish spam" seem a bit too much

01:02:520 (3) - same sampleset thing as 00:16:700 (3) -
01:06:337 (2) - ^
01:15:065 (2) - ^

01:10:156 (3,1) - again.jpg.gif.rar.png
same hitsound/sampleset thing for other diffs
00:04:700 (4) - here you actually map those, but not on the harder difficulty?
00:11:155 (4,5) - this "slight overlap" doesnt look nice here imo, space them a bit less (since more would be too hard maybe) or maybe make it a slider?

00:32:973 (4,5) - might will be really unexpected for players since they play the 1/1 ticks for so long, suggestione:
=> 00:32:973 (4) - as 1/3 kickslider or
=> this rhythm or
=> this rhythm

00:37:337 (4,5) - this would also be better then since the player can now expect something on the 1/3 tick as they clicked it before

00:45:337 (3) - is that part actually rankable? should be fine since it is only a grey anchor but it still goes back the same path, idk

01:02:428 (2,3,4,5) - this seems more difficult than how you mapped it on hard, lol
01:03:064 - why is this completly ignored?
01:03:246 - note here if you plan on keeping 01:02:428 (2,3,4,5) - as it is, since you mapped the same musical pattern as 1/3 doubles there too and it feels strange to ignore this one then
00:06:610 - there is a a sound and all here. having a whole empty measure when there is nor real need to feels a bit weird to play
00:17:246 (2,3,4) - do you really want this to be the hardest part of this diff?, it's as hard as 01:09:610 (2,3,4) - and 01:16:155 (2,3,4) - which deserve it way more. maybe nerf the first one a bit with a slider or sth?
00:35:246 (4,1) - not overlapping them like that would look much better
01:14:791 (1) - isnt that path a bit too unclear for a normal? since it is meant for players with barely any experience

looks pretty clean already, good luck with this!

  1. Maybe silence the end of the last spinner since it's only a passive beat?

  1. 00:24:611 (1,3) - Overlap intended?
  2. 00:33:337 (1) - Maybe you could move that more to the left and up a bit so 00:33:337 (1,2,3) can be evenly spaced? Since 00:37:700 (1,2,3) is the same pattern too
  3. This is the only diff where you didn't drag the break-thingy in the timeline to 00:49:700
  4. 01:09:610 (2,3,4,1) and 01:16:155 (2,3,4,1) - Four clickable 1/2s in a row seems a bit much when there's only been a single time where 3 1/2s were clickable, maybe 'introduce' that earlier or nerf it a bit? : \
  5. Just a suggestion, how about making the two 'intros' (until 00:11:519 and then 00:52:973 (1,2) -) with a bit lower SV so it's also kinda represented as an intro in the map? Because 00:11:519 (1,2) and 00:55:155 (1,2) are not any more dense than the intros so I think that could be improved this way

  1. 00:42:882 - Missing hitsound? Generally I noticed that this is the only diff where those hitsounds are that regular, maybe make it similar in the Hard? Because in the Hard it seems rather random but I didn't mind it until I noticed that it's that regular here ^^
  2. 01:02:428 (2,3,4,5,7,8,9,1) - Until here you always spaced those out with x0,3 and never stacked them, why change that here?

  1. 00:38:700 (4,1) and 01:13:609 (4,1) - Those are the only two clickable 1/4s in the whole map that are spaced like that, seems like a rather unjustified difficutly spike to me, I'd suggest either adding more of them or stacking those two too
  2. 00:30:064 (1,2) - I don't know about these rhythms in the Kiai, the thing that makes the Kiais special is the melody but these rhythms more or less ignore the melody as it lands on a slidertail, which was also rather unexpected after being emphasized in the first combo 00:28:973 (1,2,3) -
  3. A looot of blankets could be improved a lot, and there are also inconsistencies in the spacing of blankets like 00:32:700 (6,7) with 00:37:065 (2,3,4) or like 00:31:155 (1,2,3) and are overlaps like 00:34:974 (2,1) and 00:43:701 (2,1) intended?

Not much to say, I hope it helped in some way ^^ Fun map though, osu! needs more 1/3 :D
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Thanks guys!
Fixed almost all
Things I didn't fix
DS things, I use a steady DS structure in Normal, with 1.2 for the 1/1, and 1.0 for the 2/1
Some rhythm related things, as the 2/3 notes in Advanced, they feel as a fine build up

Oh, Lasse, I can't download the hitsounds, can you maybe upload them all together in a zip-file?
sure, tried some other site to upload it:

  1. your hit-normal sound is really quiet, and almost not audible. i made two versions which may be better (just louder) (has a more quiet standard-hitnormal sound mixed in it)
  2. 00:12:610 - 00:13:700 - 00:14:791 - and so on.. how about setting sampleset to drum?

  1. 01:14:790 (1) -, fully symmetrical (rotate it 45° for prove if you need prove :p)

  1. 00:26:791 (1,2) - imo big symmetrical slider-patterns always look better when they are centred around the playfield-centre, so yeah.. °^°
  2. 00:45:337 (3) - Ok this slider looks weird, why not sth like this?
  3. 01:16:973 (1,2,3,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,1) - why not make something symmtrical instead of the "average" for the the showdown lel? like

  1. 00:16:701 (3) - wrong clap? at least it sounds weird
  2. 00:25:700 (1) - it would look better if it were symmetrical around the red slider-waypoint
  3. 00:46:155 (3) - standard claps sounds strange here again
  4. 01:02:520 (3) - ^
  5. why are the standard-claps in the 2nd kiai at different places compared with the 1st kiai :(?


well, nothing more to say than that^^
Hello- M4M thingy from your queue

  1. Not sure if you should be using SV multipliers for a normal, because then people are probably going to be saying things like “oh fix your distance snap” or things to similar effect
  2. 00:07:155 (1,2) – Maybe use the same slider shape here or something idk
  3. 00:33:064 (4,1) – This looks a little awkward in my opinion; I think you should move the (1) a bit to the left, e.g. try and make it similar to 00:37:428 (4,1)
  4. 00:35:246 (4,1) – The only overlap in this entire difficulty
  5. Start break at 00:49:700 and end at 00:51:882 so it’s consistent with Hard
  6. 00:58:700 – Feels a little empty in my opinion; you could place a circle with a clap here
  7. 01:08:246 (1) – I think making this shape symmetrical instead of giving one side some weird angle would look more visually pleasing; same thing at 01:14:791 (1)

  1. 00:11:155 (4,5) – I’m not hearing any beats on these; if anything, the beat is on 00:11:246
  2. 00:17:519 (3) – Blanket here could use some refining
  3. 00:32:973 (4,5) – So this is for every double you use, but maybe you can stack them? It looks a little weird when they’re like this, in my opinion
  4. End break at 00:51:882 so it’s consistent with Hard
  5. 01:01:700 (1) – Blanket is slightly off sorry orzz
  6. 01:03:064 – Think you should place a beat here, since the clap is pretty strong; remove the clap from 01:03:337 (7) if you decide to go with this suggestion

  1. 00:11:246 (4) – Pretty sure the only beat here is the one on the white tick at 00:11:246; I’m not hearing any beats on the 1/3 beats
  2. 00:11:519 (1) – Why no clap on this slider tick but then you have a clap on the slider tick at 00:12:609 (1)? In my opinion I think you should make it consistent
  3. 00:14:791 (1) – Similar to the above, I think you should have a clap on the slider tick here
  4. 00:16:973 (1) – and 00:18:064 (1) – ^Yeah same thing here; this is the last one I’m gonna point out, but the gist of it is that I think it’s a little weird how you placed a clap on some of the slider ticks and then flat out ignored some of the others. I think being consistent here would work wonders for your map
  5. 00:19:973 (3,4,5) – Similar to 00:11:246 (4), the only beat I’m hearing here is the one on the white tick at 00:19:973
  6. 00:28:700 (6) – ^
  7. 00:33:064 (7,8,9) – ^yeah same for pretty much all these points, so this is the last one I’m gonna point out
  8. 00:58:428 (1) – I’d rotate this and move it so the slider end isn’t so close to 00:58:156 (3); this just looks bad aesthetically in my opinion
    maybe something like this idk; in this example I rotated the highlighted slider by 30 degrees counterclockwise and then moved it to x236,y48. You don’t need to do exactly this, but you get the idea, right?


Yeah that’s it; hope this helps ;)
okay, I'm the last xD
M4M from your queue
Not sure that your map needs to Widescreen support, although I probably something I don't understand
Also AiMod speaks that tags conflict with Hard diff
  • [Normal]
  1. distance snap (AiMod) argues that you have 10 warnings about distance, it's not fine i guess
  2. 00:06:610 - i'm not think miss this beat is good idea because yolu mapped same beat later
  3. 00:33:337 (1,2,3) -looks okay, but i suggest to straight flow here
  4. 00:41:791 (4,1) - same, straight flow will be better imo
  5. 01:14:791 (1) - you can improve slider, now it is not quite symmetrical
  6. 01:20:246 (1,2,1) - i can suggest for you do it symmetrical that fits your style. Just move 01:21:064 (2) - on 256 308 and 01:21:337 (1) - 318 256
  • [Advanced]
  1. 00:27:882 (2) - move on 268;316 so it looks better
  2. 00:27:882 (2,2) - oh, this overlap is not looks good, fix it
  3. 00:36:064 (2,3) - yea, i guess you can improve this blanket
  4. 01:18:610 (2,3,2,3) - i think you could be gradually increase the distance between them in accordance with the music
  • [Hard]
  1. 00:07:700 (2) - idk, in theory there is a blanket, but the end (2) does not look good. I think you can improve it
  2. 00:09:337 (1,2) - here I'm 100% sure that you can do better
  3. 00:09:882 (2,1) - looks weird, blanket maybe?
  4. 00:12:609 (1,2) - same, blanket
  5. 00:13:429 (3,1) - ^
  6. 00:15:610 (3,1) - improve it, it's not looks perfect now
  7. 00:16:701 (3,1) - ^
  8. 00:34:974 (2,1) - touch lightly, you could fix it
  9. 00:43:155 (1,2) - improve blanket
  10. 00:43:701 (2,1) - same as 00:34:974 (2,1), a small problem, but it should be corrected imo
  11. 00:54:064 (4,1) - idk, maybe rework this overlap?
  12. 00:55:155 (1,2) - improve blanket
  13. 01:09:883 (2,1) - same as 00:34:974 (2,1)

Hey Baraatje! NM request from my queue.
Well, here goes nothing.

  1. Please enable "Widescreen Support" since you don't have a SB and also "Letterbox during break" and "Enable countdown" because it is unnecessary.
  1. 00:06:610 - I can hear a strong beat here. Why not add a note here to continue the flow as well?
  2. 00:07:155 (1,2) - Maybe copy and paste them so that they look alike.
  3. 00:24:611 (1,3) - I don't really like this overlap here. Please try to avoid it by placing the note here: X: 320 Y: 328.
  4. 00:33:337 (1,2,3) - I suggest you do something like this instead: It looks neater imo.
  5. 00:45:337 (2) - Move this slider just a little bit lower here: X: 228 Y: 116. It will improve the blanket with this slider: 00:44:246 (1) -
  6. 01:03:610 (4,1) - The DS between these two notes are a little bit off. Please fix that.
  7. This diff looks pretty good~!
  1. 00:37:428 (5,3) - Stack them?
  2. Very nice diff, could hardly found anything!
  1. 00:16:701 (3) - Uhm, this clap doesn't sound right. . or. .
  2. Same here. Good job!

I love the mapset!
Good luck with ranking~ :)
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I love how everyone points out the same things
Stupid BSS
Will check the 3 recent mods later, but I believe I already fixed most things :P, but I couldn't upload it >>___>>
I believe if I could update it earlier, 90% of the things mentioned by you didn't need to be mentioned
The first 3 mods already pointed almost everything out
Oh, yeah, updated the histounds, completely forgot to redo the green-lines for hrad >>___>>
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Special no-rules modding

No problems found :) Congrats
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