[duplicate] Chrome crashes when opening my website profile

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Well, after opening my own profile the website freezes like instantly and after a while this screen appears:
It is only happening with Google Chrome and for my supprise only with my own profile. But all my friends have the same problem opening MY profile.
I first thought it is, because I added some   to my user page to make something look better. So I edited my userpage (by using, because it works on the new forum?!) and cleared my whole userpage. But it still freezes instantly.
you can try it with chrome, if you want :o

Thanks for any help <3
t/389026 There is already a confirmed thread for this. I'll add you to the list of affected users in that thread.
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wow, thanks for the super fast answer. and thanks for adding me to the list. hope this get resolved soon :)
For now you can use this to make your profile work:

VeilStar wrote:

Using this as a filter in adblock will make the profile work, but their performance graph won't be visible.
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