IGZ WT 2015-16 #2 [CLOSED]

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Few things on the "get excited" and other factors i've noticed about players and how it impacts their play.
1. Rank doesn't matter in tournament play. Well ofc higher ranked player is excpected to win, but that isn't 100% true all the time.
2. Cokiness. "I don't need to practise since I play only 5* maps", seen it happen, no point in excplaining further why the guy went 0-2 in groupstage.
3. Confidence is good... aslong as you don't go overboard with it and turn it into cokiness.
4. Mappool randomness, I've seen lots and lots of good players fail because "mappool had too easy maps" or "I dont play AR7 ever", thats what the tournament is for, finding the best OVERALL player. Not the fastest one, not the best streamer.
5. Preparing opponent vise. This is a bit harder task to do in a 2 day tournament when you get to know your opponents 1day-15mins before the match, but i had a player in one of my earlier tournaments who could EASILY upset his group by quickly scouting through their plays and banning what was their best/picking what was their worst.
6. N E V E R G I V E U P. Dropping combo doesn't mean you can't win, always play to the end, maybe he fails or something.
Player Name: AppleSun
Current Rank: #128105
Nationality: Russian
Favourite Map?: FELT - In my room Hi,again. \o
What tbag said above is pretty much on point.
And I am sorry if i get cocky at times but its just my desire to win and the hype that makes me do it xD.
Player Name: iiSymboLz_HD
Current Rank: 83301
Nationality: American
Favourite Map?: Our Stolen Theory - United (L.A.O.S Remix) [Infinity]
meaning that I should banhis good map (because he'll ban mine) and choose the mid?

E: Nah, I'm going to ban my 2 worst maps

0Nothing0 wrote:

meaning that I should banhis good map (because he'll ban mine) and choose the mid?

E: Nah, I'm going to ban my 2 worst maps
Sometimes it's better banning maps to support your strengths rather than hinder your opponents weakness. :P
Player Name: Srzega
Current Rank: 144167
Nationality: Canadian :)
Favourite Map?: Viva Happy // Mitchie M // Natsu [Insane]
Yo hey here I am for round 2

Name: Swell
Rank: 99269
Country: USA
Fav map: Dear You - DJ Genericname // Rue [Dear Rue]
Name: Zekken701
Rank: 84390
Country: Malaysia
Fav map: Demetori - Furuki Yuanxian ~ Death Echo
Player Name: JeremTheOuf
Current Rank: 181,436 (not enough time until next weekend to uprank much)
Nationality: France
Favourite Map?: not yet
Player Name: spikn
Current Rank:102,869
Nationality: Estonia
Favourite Map?: https://osu.ppy.sh/b/647685?m=0
Player Name: Gytuxas1595
Current Rank:91,156
Nationality: Lithuania
Favourite Map?: https://osu.ppy.sh/b/647685?m=0
I hope i will be allowed to join this :)
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Gytuxas1595 wrote:

I hope i will be allowed to join this :)
Hey little "disagreement" here and there just makes hosting these more fun, I'll add you when I have time.

Gytuxas1595 wrote:

I hope i will be allowed to join this :)
Why wouldn't you be allowed to join?
Player Name: AstroCore
Rank: 89222
Nationality: American
Favorite Map: DJ Genericname - Dear You [Dear Rue]

Hope I'm not too late...
Devil Raidou
Player Name:Deliore
Current Rank:80,457
Favourite Map:Frightfully insane flan-chan's frightful song > https://osu.ppy.sh/b/114716
We already have a lot more participants this month. :o
Devil Raidou
if I went to 74K during waiting time, will I still be part of the tournament?
Player Name: xAeroFeed
Current rank: 99k
Nationality: Switzerland
Favourite Map:AK X LYNX ft. Veela - Virtual Paradise
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