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Nightcore in the mappool?

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Grapic by ZerocordX

Take me to the stream!

Hello peeps!

It's me again, gonna do another tourney and it'll be for a bit higher tier.
#1.000 - #10.000
Basically it is a 2-Stage-Tourney. You play groups and afterwards knockoutstage, this time around there will be a loserbracket!
I really need some people helping me out with the tourney!
For example: Referees, streamer, mappool-makers, and maybe a co-host.
Because this is too much to handle it alone but anyways, I try my best and try to make things work even better before then it was intended!

This tournament is held in "ScoreV2-Format"!
Time schedule in the box "times". Time format in DD.MM.YYYY
Mappool/Group schedule on December 8th!

Please write that the rooms must be created with an appropriate title!
The format MUST be:
TO-Cup: (Player 1) vs (Player 2)
Or else the tourney client will not be able to find the game!

The tournament days always start at 12:00 UTC, if I say so it'll start differently and it will be written right here!
Room gets created by players:
Please write that the rooms must be created with an appropriate title!
The format MUST be:
TO-Cup: (Player 1) vs (Player 2)
Or else the tourney client will not be able to find the game!
Be sure to include it in the OP.

lock it with a password and send Multiplayer Link from Banchobot to me. If anything is wrong, invite me to the lobby.
10 Minutes limit for not showing up. Automatic forfeit then. PERIOD!

Disrespecting results in Disqualification as well as being under Rank #1.000 and over Rank #10.000.
After applying to the tournament you can have #1000 Ranks tolerance before disqualification (#900-#11.000).

BanchoBot Roll (/roll) decides who goes first with bans and picks. Bans must be told to the opponent/referee. 2 bans each at all times. It's not allowed to ban a whole mappool by yourself, like DoubleTime!
Only 1 mappool pick per round for example, you pick DT in a Bo5, you cannot pick DoubleTime anymore then. You can pick 2 of each Pool when your in Semifinals!

FreeMod needs to be with Mods, both players! You decide on what mods you use. If both players agree it can be played Doubletime/Nightcore.
No Flashlight allowed and every playes needs to have atleast 1 Mod.

1 WarmUp Map per Player. Only beginning in knockoutstage!
No WarmUp in groupstage. (time problems)

If you get streamed, don't act like a bi*ch. Be nice.

Groupphase everyone plays against everyone in a group. 4 Players in a group. Best of 3.
Quarterfinals (and Round of 16) are Best of 5.
Semifinalse are Best of 7 and Finals are Best of 9.
Grand Finals are Best of 11.
Qualification end - 06.12.2015
Groupphase - 13.12.2015
Round of 16 (Winner and losersbracket) - 20.12.2015
Quarterfinals (Winner and losersbracket) - 27.12.2015
Semifinals (Winner and losersbracket) - 03.01.2016
Finals (Winner and losersbracket) - 10.01.2016
Grand Finals - 17.01.2016

Place 1: 3 months supporter
Place 2: 2 months supporter
Place 3: 1 month supporter
Place 4: entry to my next tourney (#1 - #1.000)

All 4 get the entry to the bigger tourney!
Host: CrsTramorio
Co-Hosts: SirCircle, emanfman
Graphical Design: ZerocordX
Mappool Selector: Reset-, CrsTramorio
Referees: SirCircle, CrsTramorio
Streamer: emanfman
Commentator: emanfman, SirCircle, CrsTramorio
Statistics: CrsTramorio, emanfman
Rank: around #2000
Country: Belgium
Timezone in UTC: UTC +1
Preferred type of maps: I like most maps, streaming is least favorite, but lately I started liking them, so don't really care.
Rank: Around 3k
Country: Australia
Timezone in UTC:+9:30
Preferred type of maps: I like any maps.
Rank: 2720
Country: Argentina
Timezone in UTC: -3
Preferred type of maps: fast/long/jumpy maps :3
Rank: 5k
Country: USA
Timezone in UTC: UTC-5
Preferred type of maps: Alternate heavy maps, '09-'12 maps (Not trolling i swear)
Rank: sub 5k
Country: Malaysia
Timezone in UTC: UTC + 8
Preferred type of maps: don't really care about ranked or unranked, dislike tv sizes
Rank: 2600
Country: Canada
Timezone in UTC: UTC-6
Preferred type of maps: Jumpy maps
Rank: 4.3k
Country: USA
Timezone in UTC: UTC-6
Preferred type of maps: Alternate and aim heavy maps
Rank: 6400
Country: USA
Timezone in UTC:UTC-7 or something i can pretty much play anytime
Preferred type of maps: idc fun maps i guess not to streamy :^(
Rank: 4400
Country: Canada
Timezone in UTC: UTC-7
Preferred type of maps: All maps are fine but prefered Stream/Aim heavy maps
Rank: Around #2300
Country: United States
Timezone in UTC: UTC-5
Preferred type of maps: 5.25 - 6 stars
Rank: 2600
Country: Germany
Timezone: UTC+1
Preferred maps: streamy
Rank: Around 4k
Country: The Netherlands
Timezone: UTC +1
prefer: Dunno, something like skystar/HW shit
Rank: ~1,4k
Country: The Netherlands
Timezone: UTC+1
Prefer: Skystar/HW kind of maps :')
Rank: around 3.7k
County: The Netherlands
Timezone in UTC: +1
Maps: dont care just no 7*+ stuff or 20 minute maps
Rank: ~4.4k
Country: the Netherlands
Timezone: UTC +1
Preference: low CS maps. E.g. hr maps with default CS 5
Rank: ~1.3k
Country: Singapore
Timezone: UTC+8
Preference: Maps with creative mapping style e.g. Skystar/HW/Broccoly/ktgster maps
Rank: 1600
Country: Germany
Timezone: UTC+1
Preferred maps: jumpy
Rank: 5200-ish
Country: Finland
Timezone: UTC+2
Preferred maps: all maps are fine!
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