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A PO would be a nice touch [Denied]

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Honestly, I feel that Osu really should have a personal organizer.
I might just be lazy when I say this, but I know I'm not the only one that feels the same, I really dislike searching for a specific song
in my list only to pass it with out noticing.

Now when I say Organizer, I don't mean a favorites list, I literally mean an organizer.

Here's how I see it would work. Users would make their own folders in which they can store certain songs.
The folders themselves can be pretty much based on anything, where it be a game, a music genre, a group/band, etc.
The user can then take which ever song(s) they wan't and just right click and choose an option to send it to a certain section
in the organizer, thus letting them find things easier without having to search though hundreds of songs.

PO would look something like this in the songs menu (please excuse my horrible GIMP skills)

Not to mention this would also make things easier in multi-player seeing as quite a few rooms
tend to have a theme to them (i.e Miku Hatsune, K-on!, Anime opening, etc.)
Thus making finding songs much easier.
You already CAN make your own folders and sort by them.
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Derekku wrote:

You already CAN make your own folders and sort by them.
Really now...
And just where is this feature.
*Create a new folder
*Place the song folder of each song you would like in said new folder
*Place the new folder inside your /Songs folder
*Sort by folders in-game:

Yes, this has to be done manually, and may be slightly buggy, but better folder support will not be available until osz2. (Try searching around the feature requests forums for more information on folder sorting [as this has been requested multiple times] and on osz2 [which is coming very soon]).

EDIT: Alternatively, you can sort by tags (such as Vocaloid or Touhou if the song has said tags), and there's also a request for custom tags: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=16809
i agree with this when you have hundreds of beatmaps you put the songs of your selection into favorite A or B.
i dont want to even think of creating folders in my osu song folders because there are so many but in the game when you played the song and you think "hey i want to remember that song or play it again" i click to add favorites A/B. i think it will be usefull and not so complicated if you can make your own playlist
Different folders are mutually exclusive though. An option to have more than just Favourites A and B would be more useful.
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