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OKAY , i think i want to vote my players now , which are standard players !

Arguably the best player in Malaysia , really nothing to say about him , his overall performance are top notch and deserved to be known globally as well , His from Sabah , no wonder his so good Kappa.

What made him voted to be #2 instead of ClawViper is honestly his past performance in the recent OWC , he showed great consistency , and versatility at any aspect , which are aim , reading and streaming.

His godly accuracy on OD10 is not to be reckoned with , he is well deserved to be in the top 3 in Malaysia , though he has a weaker streaming skill compared to the others but he still is one of the best consistent player in Malaysia , not to mention his aim are also Amazing ! !

His amazing scores with HD and Nomod are amazing , his a well rounded player and rival's ClawViper's aim if im not mistaken , maybe better , who knows, i dont know , i only know he spectate me Kappa jk.

What made him to be able to get #5 is that , i still remember it , Toumei Elegy [Second Gonkanau] where he had 99% on it with only 2 MISSES , 2 FREAKIN MISSES AND THAT ACCURACY WHAT IN THE HELLLLLL , yes he is an impressive player from actually a HR player to more of a nomod player.

heh , this guy doesn't look much in the offical pp ranking , but he has shown great skill in Multiplayer which i've seen myself ! previously in the top 10 pp ranking but went down as new players have taken over , which i think (no offense) has the least skill to be compared with Ex6TenZ.

Nothing to say much about this guy , very consistent , similar to TequilaWolf , he loves accuracy , he also recently just won a tournament with his friends.ui keks don't be upset ah , your skill is well deserved but very similar to tjen how2comment more xd

no comment for this , but deserved to be in the top 10 because of you know , mouse only , he was meh at first then he bursted like crazy in the ranking Kappa.

the only one who passed cry thunder , priti epic

no recent scores because he switched to mouse , though 8 months back , yes he is skillful.

The last 2 votes are players who aren't very active but have made scores in 2015
1.xsrsbsns - dont really impress me buthe is impressive in terms of overall skills Keeponoh8plz everyday too op
2.spritzer - united/kanjou acc , still best plays i could see around this year
3.Tequilawolf - best joker and god acc mouse playa , did impressive scores in this year
4.ClawViper - sick hdhr scores over the year , just stream is too kapp
5.Rampax - he is just got so insane in the past few months .. 10.3 and hr boost , great performance in 2015
6.Gon - pemain owc yang agak dewa , tapi tidak membuat skor yang memberi perhatian saya , tetapi dia ini memang sangat hebat , bagi pendapat saya.
7.Amane- - this guy good dud , very consistent nomod hd playar ,achieve much impressive HD scores this year
8.Ex6TenZ - very good in overall mode , not enough farm , carrying Lost Love like a boss in owc 2015 quaterfinal
9.ffstar0716 - jojo with mouse only is too gay , i cant even pass that shet
10.sushipack321 - one of the most impressive aim player around this year , despite his acc , real deserves top 10 soon if he could acc Soon™
I only vote for CTB only, standard idk c:

1 - Gilochan :
He still the best player in CTB, he play most of the map, even Old songs. He likes to play any mods, and pass most of the map. HR/HD is his favorite mods, and also he likes Milo :3

2 - Shadow Fear - Very God Player
2nd best player in CTB, i don`t know what he play mod the most but he likes HR and HD, but hates HD AR8 :3 He likes to play TAG4 map also, and even harder Map like 9star or more. Passed CLSW map (https://osu.ppy.sh/s/296744).

3 - Future_Miku95 -
HD is love, HD is life, HD is his waifu <3 Every map he play will be HD or HD+HR. Sometimes play HD+HR+HT if dat map is too hard lol. Never ignore any map, play everything. AR8 also OP. And also the reason why I like to play HD too lol.

4 - Miharu -
Hardly know him but also best Normal Mod Player, always play hard map, and play more harder map after FC'ed that map. I don`t know he`s korean or not.

5 - Kagari -
Good CTB player, also played STD. He likes HR and play most of map just for fun :p Play most of the Rain map, and he also good at FC'ing.

6 - Xanus - Rarely active nowdays but he still good Normal mod player, Normal mod is his waifu <3 Play Overdose mostly and passed within 75/80% of the map, sometimes FC'ed.

7 - XiaoShiro -
DT Master, mostly didn`t know him. But most of his play is DT play, or HD+DT play. He also plays OsuMania too.

8 - Otsuu-san -
DT Player, played most of the map with DT+HD. Tag team with Rufusk :3

9 - SYAHME -
HT Player, played most of the map with HT. But still he tries to play Normal Mod on some Overdose map.

I think i can`t add the 10th, since I didn`t know most of it :(

Karuta- wrote:

1. xsrsbsns
2. Gon
3. ClawViper
4. Spritzer
5. TequilaWolf
6. caleb123456
7. Rumia-/Rampax/Amane-/Ex6TenZ
8. Rumia-/Rampax/Amane-/Ex6TenZ
9. Rumia-/Rampax/Amane-/Ex6TenZ
10. Rumia-/Rampax/Amane-/Ex6TenZ

Rumia-, Amane-, Ex6TenZ tied because I think they all can perform consistently in various mods and situations
I'm sorry, but you have to decide the proper sequence of 7-10 (only one player each), thanks.
mfw there's no taiko votes so far i cri

Gonna vote for Taiko

1. <strong>taiko_maniac1811</strong>
- Getting an SS on a BPM200+ map filled with streams? No problem for this guy. Without a doubt, one of the best taiko player in Malaysia in terms of sightreading, stamina, accuracy and streaming skills. His ability to play with mods such as HR and DT while still being able to maintain a relatively high accuracy has managed to pushed him up the ranks of the taiko community with ease.

2. <strong>DNA - Apple</strong>
- A taiko player that appeared out of nowhere a few years ago and quickly ascended the ranks in the Taiko mode. With his amazing skill of playing with several mixture of mods such as DT+HR and DT+HD, he has earned his current rank of #1 in Malaysia in terms of pp.

- The HR God. Her jaw-dropping ability to read notes coming at high speeds due to the HR mod while maintaining a stable accuracy was undoubtedly one of the reasons to why Malaysia managed to reach the Quarter-Finals back in 2014 during the Taiko World Cup.

4. <strong>SasakiSayaka</strong>
- One of the fast rising players in Taiko. Sasaki's usual mod of choice is the HR mod, and despite the added difficulty with the mod, he/she's still able to score quite a number of SS ranks in his/her plays.

5. <strong>HeatKai</strong>
- A veteran player who excels in the use of the DoubleTime mod. He also has an excellent reading skill especially when it comes to 1/3 note and deathstreams.

6. <strong>pimniko</strong>
- One of the past players of choice for TWC2015. Has several good scores on some of the harder maps in the game such as Critical Crystal and Crack Traxxxx

7. <strong>[ Erika ]</strong>
- Here's a type of player you don't see everyday. One that mostly plays standard-taiko converts which most of the time has several speedchanges that'll affect both accuracy and combo. However, this does not seem to be a problem for Erika as he/she manages to maintain a rather stable accuracy while playing these standard converts.

8. <strong>ZYuan</strong>

9. <strong>Amir96lx</strong>

10. <strong>Somnect</strong>
- Godly Memory Man. When he's not memorizing maps with FLHDHR, he usually plays with the HR mod, earning several SS ranks in the process.

That's pretty much all I know for now, I have several other players like Kunieda, cdhsausageboy and huiko12, but it's been awhile since they last played actively, so I think it's safer to not include them.
Hello I from neighbor country can vote????? xddd
1. xsrsbsns (what a god)
2. Clawviper (a true god)
3. Rampax (noob lah)
4. Gon (what a gon)
6. Jeffrey

-LeeP- wrote:

Hello I from neighbor country can vote????? xddd
of course you can vote :D

TequilaWolf wrote:

4) Anyone with any country flag can vote.

-LeeP- wrote:

3. Rampax (noob lah)
lol Rampax xDDDD
Mania only *also idk what reason to say..so i just say random thing
- idk much about him...but when i multiplayer with him...he got an impressive score and accuracy

- really good in jacking song

- really good in 4k and 7k...idk much about him

- i already met him in real life..he so good in accuracy and stream..he also teach me how to pass aiae shd with half time

- almost same skill with shiki...got good accuracy and can pass some stream...he also teach me to pass some spam when my rank are at 10k

- an ET who can pass jack stream and some hard song

- idk what are u drink b4 playing man..but ur stamina is outstanding

- idk too much about you...but u got a good accuracy and can pass the freaking haelequin ;-;

- my best friend...he so fast in learning...havent reached 1 year he already can pass some 5 star map

- my best friend too...so good in accuracy...but sad since his laptop got problem..he losing some of his skill...he also the one that introduced osu!mania to me

that's it
Warning: Huge wall of texts in my write-up for each of these players!

It is incredibly difficult to find any reason to not vote for him as #1. Despite being at such a high level for the last two years, he still showed immense improvement this year, most notably in terms of high BPM stamina as he is able to set various Double Time scores which he couldn't in previous years. In addition to that, he is still able to keep on top of the leaderboards on various maps farmed only by global top Hard Rock players. Still the best player in Malaysia by far in terms of overall skill as he is at least a year ahead of the others. This is without mentioning that he is undoubtedly the best performer in the osu! World Cup to boot, where he FC-ed so many maps throughout the group stage and the bracket stage, allowing a great show for Malaysia in his final osu! World Cup.

99% on Best FriendS full version DT and Aki - Wanna Be My Dream DT is probably a testament of his improved stamina at high BPM levels, being able to maintain his accuracy for a prolonged period of time on a song around 245BPM.

ORA ORA ORA is a reminder of his ability to play extremely difficult aiming patterns a high level.

x.U. and many other scores such as the Anime Medley IV with 99.5% on HR, Kanjou no Matenrou HR, Clarity HR and many others (too many to list) shows how consistent he is at obtaining scores on 5 minute + maps, in terms of his aim and accuracy.

FREEDMAN HR FC is another score that demonstrates his ability to play high BPM even on the HR mod.

Whisper of Rose HR and Banned Forever HR demonstrates that he is able to stay on top of high CS (6.5) maps.

There is so much more that I want to say, but it will never come to an end at this rate. Therefore, I'll leave it at here.
Rampax's story in a nutshell.

Arguably the fastest improving player this year, rising from the middle ranks to a potential challenger to xsrsbsns in the future, the brightest one yet. He is without a doubt the fastest player in Malaysia, earning the nickname of 'Racecar', shown by his ability to obtain incredibly high accuracy on high BPM, showing a clear difference between actually being fast and spamming fast. (Shots fired!?)

A on Image Material, 92% on Delrio, sliderbreak 94% S on Mad Machine are testaments of his incredible raw speed and stamina at that high of a BPM. That's not counting his various high 98.5%+ on maps which are around 250BPM such as Wu Xuan Lan, showcasing an extremely high proficiency at maps on that BPM.

A telltale sign of his ability to actually reach the skies is his 1x miss on Kuchizuke Diamond, challenging even the best players in the game globally, giving him a 387pp score, the best non-xsrsbsns PP score in Malaysia.

Due to being known as the fastest player in Malaysia, his HR is somewhat overlooked. He has a HR Full Combo on Story of the Legendary Sword and a decent score on Skrillex Circulation with HR. It goes without saying that in the 2015 osu! World Cup, he was a core member of the team, being fielded in all Double Time and Hard Rock maps.

While arguably still being weak on reading lower ARs, there is no doubt that his abilities earn him the #2 spot in my list.
With Rampax's rise at the end of the year being much more recent and dramatic, this player has been extremely unnoticed in terms of his improvement. Still choosing to wield a mouse as his weapon of choice, he has demonstrated incredible improvement in terms of his aim and consistency this year alone. While NoMod is still what he is primarily known at, he has picked up the Hidden, Hard Rock and Double Time mods in this year.

Despite only picking up the Hidden mod recently, he is shown to be extremely proficient at aiming with the Hidden mod, shown by his FCs on Helena and Dark Flight Dreamer. His reading on extremely difficult aim patterns with the Hidden mod is also shown by his 1x miss on ORA ORA ORA with Hidden.

Even without the Hidden mod, his incredible aim is demonstrated by his 10mil score on High Score, second only to xsrsbsns in the country.

Besides just aim, it must be noted that he has shown the ability to play niche maps at a high level as well. His Hades in the Heaven Hidden FC is a sick play by him, as well as obtaining rank #10 on Tsukimiyo Rabbit (awesome alternating ability). His FC on Monster, another one of my favourite scores espouses his mastery at sliders and playing quick spaced notes. Another score to note is his FC on T-T-Techno, a map that requires slider mastery as well.

He is also one of the players who have gotten impressive scores on lower approach rate maps, such as his FC on Emerald Sword, which is AR8 with CS5, a nasty combination as well as his top 50 score on Atama no Taisou Nogard which features AR9 and 240BPM, another ridiculously nasty combination, which is also one of the toughest maps in the whole game.

Finally, it has to be noted that he also has incredible stream stamina, seen by his top 50 on Blue Zenith and 96% DT FC on Midnight Siege.

Truly the best mouse player in Malaysia.
He has actually shown very notable improvement this year, although it doesn't seem like it considering how he has been top of the Malaysian rankings for so long. However, he has proved to be really difficult to place on a list, simply because he is good at everything, but yet doesn't have a special attribute that would make him stand out over the rest. He can play all mods. He has good aim, accuracy, speed, reading and consistency, but yet none of those are particularly outstanding in comparison to the rest.

His FCs on Bakunana*Testroyer and Egoistic Shooter with 99% speaks for his aim and accuracy on NoMod. Obtaining 99% on Kanjou no Matenrou also shows how consistent his streams are at OD9.

In terms of Hard Rock, he has FCs on Super Nuko World and Nuclear Fusion, showing his consistency in streaming with Hard Rock. Besides that, he also FCed Supernova at least twice with Hard Rock, notoriously difficult for its stream aim before the break and jumps after the break.

In terms of Double Time, he has decent scores on both AR 9.7 and 10.3. His consistency in streaming 210BPM and beyond is shown as he has 99% on Scar in the Earth and Justice, which are both OD8, making it doubly impressive. He can also aim 10.3 decently as seen by his FC on No Ordinary Girl.

Amazingly, he is no stranger to alternating as well. His top 50 score on Party*Party as well as a sliderbreak on With a Dance Number shows his alternating abilities.

Despite not having any scores with HD only, he has shown to be capable of playing it at the osu! World Cup, forming the staple of the Malaysian team by playing every single map in the osu! World Cup matches.

Behold Gon - the jack of all trades.
Accuracy and consistency, that's what Amane- is about, being one of the best NoMod and Hidden players in the country. It must be noted that before this year, he was just barely in the top 50 of the Malaysian rankings and now he is standing tall at #8 (potentially #7 soon) as well as having the experience of representing Malaysia in the osu! World Cup, where he was an integral part of Malaysian plans in the group stages.

His accuracy on OD 9 and below on streams just... blows me away, where he is shaping up to be a mini-sprItzEr. His 99% on Death Echo and Claiomh Solais are my personal favourite scores of his, showing how consistent and accurate he is at streaming anything 200BPM and below on OD9.

He is also one of the few players who can follow really long streams with the Hidden mod. Another of my personal favourites is his HD FC on AiAe Expert difficulty, which showcases his incredible ability to perfectly follow streams with Hidden.

He is also able to get accuracy on maps with rather odd rhythmic patterns, a perfect example being Miraizu, where his accuracy is only second best to sprItzEr.

Besides that, Amane- is probably one of the most consistent players in Malaysia. He constantly performs very well on maps within his skill level in multiplayer lobbies and even in tournaments such the osu! Community Tournament II (which he emerged as the champion!) and the osu! World Cup.

Well done for making it this far - I would love to see him trying to expand his comfort zone, but he is already as impressive as he is!
No one knew who was sushipack321 last year, where I only first noticed him when he participated in the osu! Malaysia Winter Tournament, most notably for playing using his pen to tap for K1 and his keyboard for K2. This year, although he has changed his style to normal keyboard tapping, he has developed from a nobody into arguably one of the very best in Malaysia when it comes to aiming with NoMod and Hidden.

His play on the unranked map Dango Dango Daikazoku is one of my favourite Malaysian replays, where he FCed all the incredibly difficult full screen jump patterns - a true demonstration of his ability to aim. Besides that, he also FC'd FIRST twice, a 6.41* map with very difficult full screen jump patterns towards the end of the map. However, one must not fall into the trap of thinking that he is only capable of aiming big circles. He has a 2x miss play on the CS7 map anemone, earning the top spot in the country for that map.

Besides his incredible aim, it must be noted that he is notorious for his ability to keep combo on various kinds of maps, making him a formidable player when it comes to playing tournaments especially with score v1. His FC on the Anime Medley IV certainly marks his ability to maintain consistency on long maps. He can also keep combo on difficult high level maps, such as his 936 combo on Hanairo Biyori as well as obtaining over 1700 combo on Defenders.

With all these incredible things to say about him, let's not forget that he is one of the only two players who have passed Freedom Dive [FOUR DIMENSION] in Malaysia, showcasing his incredible stamina and aim when it comes to 222BPM streams. His pass on Ascension to Heaven with the Double Time mod is further proof of how much stamina he has.

His plays are like eating a pack of sushi. You feel good when you eat it, but there is something lacking from making you full - his accuracy. Being one of my favourite Malaysian players, I can only tell others to watch out for him as he is one of the most criminally underrated players in the country in my opinion, fully deserving a spot in the top 10 of Malaysia.
While being placed lower on my list this year due to his periods of inactivity, he still shows why his finger control, reading ability on lower approach rates as well as his streaming ability on any stream below 200BPM is second to none to anyone else in Malaysia.

My favourite score of his, which most people are probably familiar with his 99.62% on United - this score shows it all on why I consider him the best streamer in Malaysia for anything below 200 BPM - his stream aim and accuracy is on par with the best in the world. Behind this score, he also has 99.74% on Kanjou no Matenrou (Did I say Gon's 99% was impressive? Now, take a moment to consider that he had only eight 100s, in a song with 2780 combo with full of triples, short streams and a long stream section, with OD9 to boot. His finger control on low BPM is also unmatched - his SS with 79 unstable rate on Dreamer's Dream with NoMod is incredible considering how it's OD9 with 140BPM.

Mindblown yet? That's not all. There is still his reading ability on lower approach rates, especially with the Hidden mod to consider. His 1x100 on Identity Part III with the Hidden mod is arguably one of the best plays I have ever seen in old-style maps (This map isn't old, but it is mapped to an old style). He shows that his reading ability is still as impressive as previous years despite being inactive, and there might be many more scores set this year on old maps which are as impressive which I have yet to take notice of.

Take note that his near-perfect accuracy is not limited to just OD9, but he can also get equally good accuracy on OD10, such as his 4x100 using the Hidden & Hard Rock mods on Enkan no Kotowari.

His standing as the best low approach rate reader, most accurate streamer and the best at niche maps in Malaysia will probably last for a long time yet.
Despite being inactive for various periods of time, Rumia- has once again earned a spot in the top 10 of my list. While he was known as one of the Hard Rock players in Malaysia last year, this year he showed marked improvement in his NoMod ability instead. Besides that, he has shown consistency in his NoMod ability, being able to full combo various long maps as well as surprising many people when he emerged as the champion of the osu! Malaysia Winter Tournament early in the year.

I think his most impressive NoMod score is arguably his United FC. He showed his consistency in his ability to aim jumps and the spaced streams which is extremely impressive in itself. Besides that, he has shown his accuracy capability on lower ODs, demonstrated by his 99% FC on Egoistic Shooter [CRN's Extra] and his Kanshou no Matenrou FC. His FCs on Kanshou no Matenrou, World's End and United clearly demonstrates his ability to withstand the pressure and nerves of playing on long songs, especially considering the fact that he has FCed World's End 3 times alone this year.

While I sing praises of his NoMod, lets not forget that his Hard Rock ability has also improved from last year. His FC on Miiro vs Ai no Scenario [pishi's Extra] shows his much improved aim in the Hard Rock mod, not to mention that he has a 1x sliderbreak on Aphyxia's Miiro with the HR mod, showing his potential as one of the best players in Malaysia when it comes to aiming with the Hard Rock mod.

His story in the osu! Malaysia Winter Tournament in late 2014/early 2015 is also a good one, where despite not being a favourite to win the tournament, he went on to beat every single opponent along the way without giving them more than 2 points in any match, and showing that he is more than capable of playing Double Time and Hidden as well to form a complete tournament skill set.

Never count out Rumia-, the reigning Malaysian champion.
Ex6TenZ, together with Gon is another example of versatility. Being known together with TequilaWolf, ffstar0716 and sprItzEr as the top mouse players in Malaysia, he has shown that he can play NoMod, Hard Rock, Hidden, Double Time, AR 10.3, streamy maps and jumpy maps - whatever you name it to a certain extent. This is precisely the reason why he is included in the squad for the osu! World Cup, where he took on the task of using Hidden in the FreeMod bracket for most maps.

His most defining moment on how he is an underranked player is his FC on Lost Love against Norway. The ability to hold a full combo on such a tricky map coupled with the Hidden mod is simply a testament to his reading ability with the Hidden mod. He has also shown ability to play maps with tough jumps with the Hidden mod as well with his FC on Gravity, showing that his aim is not only limited to Counter Strike: Global Offensive!

His most improved aspect this year is probably his Hard Rock mod. From showing ffstar0716 the door in the osu! Malaysia Winter Tournament earlier this year due to his better Hard Rock ability, he has shown his ability by FC-ing maps with the Hidden and Hard Rock mods that are reasonably long, such as Courage and Pride Kakumei.

He has also developed the ability to play AR10.3 this year, as seen by his FC on The Nights.

Ex6TenZ has also shown to be more than capable of playing niche maps, as he FC-ed Hibikase in an osu! All-Star tournament match as well!

Finishing second with his losses only being to Rumia- in the osu! Winter Tournament 2014/2015, his Ex6TenZ is extremely valuable in tournament play due to his versatility.
Hamato is most known for his extremely good accuracy whether it is tapping or streaming. He has shown to be one of the few players in the country who is capable of obtaining extremely high accuracy and very low unstable rates on both the Double Time and Hard Rock mod, with his accuracy being able to rival the very best in the country.

One of his best accuracy scores on Hard Rock is probably his FC on Super Nuko World [Insane] with 99.34%. Consdering that the map has many 10 note streams, he has shown his consistency in obtaining low unstable rates on bursts on OD10, only obtaining ten 100s in the map with 1381 combo. He also obtained a stunning 70 unstable rate on his 1x100 FC on Daisy, and is only the 4th player in the country who has managed to obtain below 75 UR on songs.

His accuracy does not show any weakness even on Double Time, where OD8 does not seem to be a problem for him. His 1x100 on Symphonic Love, a map with medium length 210+ BPM streams is something to be taken notice of. Besides that, his SS on Orange with the Hidden and Double Time mods clearly shows his mastery over single tapping, triples and bursts on maps on that BPM.

He has also shown the ability to maintain his accuracy on even long 220-225 BPM streams, as seen by his 99% FC on unlimitation. Besides that, he also obtained a 98.78% Double Time FC on Midnight Siege which is the highest accuracy Double Time full combo in the country for that map, truly shaping himself up to be considered one of the best overall accuracy players in the country on NoMod, Hard Rock and Double Time.

Aim and consistency is the only thing holding him back from being able to compete with the big boys. His time is yet to come.
1. Rampax
Insane finger speed coupled with fast aim, this guy went all out this year. Slightly set back by consistency and accuracy. but at the current rate he can definitely go further.

2. ClawViper
You might laugh when he does it as sharkguy, but he's actually good at jumps. One of the best at aiming, especially with HDHR. Can do OD10 well although somewhat limited by streams.

3. Spritzer
Oh man we go back a long way.. This guy is good at everything - accuracy, reading, aim. which is the reason I rate him highly. Due to lack of recent plays on 2015 maps a la full screen jumps, it's kinda hard to judge extensively on his aim but his consistency in accuracy especially streams is still the best in the country. Went to enjoy game tho.

4. Gon
No frills kind of player. Doesn't set too many fancy scores, but still one of the best and most consistent players. I wrote that not because I have no idea what else to say hehe.

5. TequilaWolf
Very nice plays, especially on NoMod and Hidden. Many of his scores can impress even without the use of HR or DT (or maybe that's precisely the reason).

6. Amane-
Every once in a while a new(er) player comes in with their crazy speed, aim or stamina etc.. I can't remember the last time when it was accuracy that first impressed me, until this guy showed up. And that's not saying his other aspects are bad. Has some really good high accuracy scores, although I'm still not too sure about OD10.

7. caleb123456
Good doubletime player. Has the ability to pull off nice DT scores, can also do (high bpm?) spaced streams with ease.

8. Rumia-
Consistency can be quite unpredictable but he can set very good scores.

9. Ex6TenZ
This guy is quite low profile but nice plays all around.

10. sushipack321
I am simple man. I see nice score, I vote.

There's very fierce competition for #10-#20 so I won't list all the honourable mentions, everyone is very close over there.

Kagari wrote:

CTB je sbb mode lain nub hue

This year, is kinda hard for me to choose IMO coz of CWC performances and some few non top 10 m'sian players are making their way up to the ranks (good job guys). Eitherway, this is my voting based on what I've observed for this year. Enjoy.
Top 10 Malaysian CTB players 2015 nominees~!

1. Shadow Fear
--> Malaysian CWC 2015 Team captain and our hard carry player that carries our team until the Quarterfinals in the lower bracket. A very strong player who can play HR, DT, HD and NoMod on any high level maps. His skills and experiences playing Catch the Beat for a long time have made him one of the best players in the world despite the current ranks. If he's not that lazy, he probably will be able to achieve top 50 world. =w=
A great friend of mine.

2. Gilochan
--> Another strong player beside Shadow Fear. Also able to play NoMod, HD, HR and DT on high level maps. Also a veteran player besides Shadow Fear that has the skills and the experiences to achieve higher rank in the world ranking.
Also a great friend of mine.

3. Future_miku95
--> The most determined HD player in Malaysia. The enormous number of his top plays in the country ranking shows how high his determination on making a good gameplay of the maps that he had played up until now. His first involvement in CWC is probably one of his greatest achievement that he got.

4. QHideaki13
--> Another veteran player that never loses his CTB skills. A HR powerhouse player in which I can't even beat him in that mod up until now. His full support on HR mod plays during CWC shows how capable he his on supporting our CWC team especially on that mod in particular.
One of the most respectable friends I had right now and seriously, I'm extremely grateful to have him as my friend.

5. Miharu a.k.a. Suzu
--> Currently holding the #1 spot in CTB Malaysian ranking, his overall performance throughout the year is surprisingly improved. Playing a very high level maps shouldn't be a problem for him.

6. murutattack
--> A good CTB player and mapper. Can play TAG4 maps with high scores. A good friend of mine. :>

7. Xanus a.k.a. lil boi
--> One of the most underrated player in Malaysian (shots fired). Recently, he was able to pass maps with an approach rate of 9 with DT. Soon-to-become CTB racecar senpai. :P

8. XiaoShiro a.k.a. kkc
--> DT masta. A very shy person in my opinion owo

9. [Maid] NekoRyo
--> Another HD player besides future_miku. Your HD skills is way better than me ;w;

10. Mamisorou
--> One of few players that I've noticed their improvement throughout the year. Can't wait to see him among the top Malaysian CTB players and possibly getting into top 10 Malaysian in the performance ranking.
i wanted #10 :(

Satoshi Kazuki wrote:

Mania only *also idk what reason to say..so i just say random thing
- idk much about him...but when i multiplayer with him...he got an impressive score and accuracy

- really good in jacking song

- really good in 4k and 7k...idk much about him

- i already met him in real life..he so good in accuracy and stream..he also teach me how to pass aiae shd with half time

- almost same skill with shiki...got good accuracy and can pass some stream...he also teach me to pass some spam when my rank are at 10k

- an ET who can pass jack stream and some hard song

- idk what are u drink b4 playing man..but ur stamina is outstanding

- idk too much about you...but u got a good accuracy and can pass the freaking haelequin ;-;

- my best friend...he so fast in learning...havent reached 1 year he already can pass some 5 star map

- my best friend too...so good in accuracy...but sad since his laptop got problem..he losing some of his skill...he also the one that introduced osu!mania to me

that's it
love u bro :)

edit: std

leexian99 wrote:

Satoshi Kazuki wrote:

Mania only *also idk what reason to say..so i just say random thing
- idk much about him...but when i multiplayer with him...he got an impressive score and accuracy

- really good in jacking song

- really good in 4k and 7k...idk much about him

- i already met him in real life..he so good in accuracy and stream..he also teach me how to pass aiae shd with half time

- almost same skill with shiki...got good accuracy and can pass some stream...he also teach me to pass some spam when my rank are at 10k

- an ET who can pass jack stream and some hard song

- idk what are u drink b4 playing man..but ur stamina is outstanding

- idk too much about you...but u got a good accuracy and can pass the freaking haelequin ;-;

- my best friend...he so fast in learning...havent reached 1 year he already can pass some 5 star map

- my best friend too...so good in accuracy...but sad since his laptop got problem..he losing some of his skill...he also the one that introduced osu!mania to me

that's it
love u bro :)
kyaaa xD
:lol: first time kot aku post kt sini. Nah vote aku with some comment~ Manglish is real.

1. xsrsbsns
- Ha! Mamat ni memang dari dulu mmg improve habis~ main HR kat map insane dan CS kecik but still got good acc. And yeah, dem ability to read AR10.3 so well in ar9 map. Aku rasa takda orang leh beat dia buat masa sekarang kot. Dat 8k pp dude.
- Boleh ba kalakau~ Boleh dikatakan mamat ni rrtyui Malaysia la kot. Kalau kat Jepun sana, orang panggil rrtyui tu, xsrsbsns Jepun. Ha ko ade?

2. Rampax
- From the botton to the top in such a short time, boleh dikatakan Rafis Malaysia kot kah kah kah. Dem ability to do 270bpm song, he gonna DT your map man. Oh ya, mamat ni memang laju je improve dalam reading skill, from ar 9.7 to ar10.3. And this guy also can maintain such good acc with DT.
- Entah dia makan apa kat rumah sampai improve macam tu. Mungkin saudara Rafis kot hmhmhm.

3. sprItzEr
- Overall memang perfect player. Accuracy memang gila habis kat long map. United FC proves it. Boleh maintain good acc dalam map susah memang awesome gila~ Plus dem ability to read variety types of AR fuhhh.

4. ClawViper
- Korang mesti ada terjumpa nama mamat ni dlm leaderboard top50 mana lagu, tak kisah la HDHR ke (tapi mostly HDHR). Dem ability to maintain such a good acc with HR and OD10 also with Hidden Mod.

5. Gon
- Mamat ni memang dah improve sepanjang tahun ni. Walaupun korang tak notice sangat gameplay dia kat STD (sbb dia main mania jugak lol). Still, one of the best osu Malaysia player I've ever seen.
- Dahla pro kat STD, tambah lagi kat Mania perrghhh.

6. caleb123456
- Walaupun tak berapa menyerlah sangat, tapi mamat ni dpt set score yang luar biasa dgn mod DT. Still consider as one of the fastest player in osu Malaysia, mamat ni jugak dpt baca AR yang tinggi. Dem ability to tap dem long jumps really impressed me so much.
- Ko bagi je doujin, mesti dia improve lagi kappa.

7. TequilaWolf
- The best mouse player in osu Malaysia in my opinion. Capable to pass Atama no Taisou with such a good accuracy. This guy also can stream really well and consistent in a long map. Just look at dat The Last Journey Home record.
- Dem streams give me chills dude.

8. Amane-
- another fast improving player. Cantik punya accuracy with nomod. From what I can see, this guy can do really well in jump though. Also, dat nice acc with HD scores really impressed me.

9. AkoSuminoe
- Another good mouse player. Ha tu dia main DT sepanjang maisa. Boleh dikatakan dpt maintain accuracy walaupun lagu tu laju gila nak mampos.
- Lantak la accuracy noob, asalkan dpt pass lagu.

10. Rumia-
- Ha ni satu lagi mamat yang bagus jugak gameplay. Walaupun main nomod banyak, tapi still dpt set score yang cantik.

Ha tu je kot. Kot.
1. Rampax : speed

2. xsrsbsns : all

3. Amane- : meme

4. ClawViper : aim

5. Gon : consistent

6. Rumia- : rumia

7. Ex6TenZ : spooky

8. sushipack321 : jump

9. hamato : enjoy

10. AdielAdrellos : choke



RIP Taiko T.T
Not much people I can vote for Taiko this year since a lot of them are either afk or have abandoned this mode :(

1. Taiko_Maniac1811
Being extremely balanced in terms of stamina, speed, sightreading and accuracy, no song is impossible for this guy to SS or get a high acc on even if the song has high BPM or if he's using both HR and DT mods which further increases the difficulty on top of Taiko's strict accuracy judgements. Even though he has dropped to 2nd place in terms of pp, but I still consider him as the best Taiko player in Malaysia.

2. DNA - Apple
This guy... came out of nowhere and literally rekt all of us on the Taiko ranking pp. Being exceptionally skilled on getting high acc with both HR and DT mods has earned him enough pp to push him up to #1 in Malaysia. Still consider this guy as my accuracy rival.

3. Jerry
Despite being either afk or modding most of the time, he can still play taiko exceptionally well on high BPM and also earning SS on songs with very high combo (>1000). He's also another player who plays really well using HR, HD, and DT mods with HD being his strongest point and mod of choice. I still considered him as one of the Top 3 players for Taiko in Malaysia. Jerry is love <3

4. Buhzidou
This player is literally Malaysia's HR god. How he/she is able to read and play bullet-speed notes with high acc using the HR mod really baffles me... :o

5. SasakiSayaka
Also another player who came out of nowhere that can play well in Taiko, Sasaki is another HR player being able to get quite a number of SS although with the increase in difficulty.

6. Erika
Erika is one of those few players that can play standard-convert maps that features changes in SV and at times has weird note placements which can severely affect accuracy. Even so, Erika is still able to FC most of them with good acc.

Well, that's it for now until I can figure out who else to put on this list.
I'm still waiting for the original Top 10 players from 2012/13 to return back to Taiko... T.T
Started playing osu! this year,so I don't have overall information on MY players.But imma vote anyway :P

1. Rampax - Speed faster than sanic if that creature is painting his own self-portrait while sleeping using mspaint

2. xsrsbns - Uhh,overall???

3. TequilaWolf - RAINBOW srstly gud jumps man

4. ffstar0716 - Super good for being mouse only player

Das all,chiao

-good in almost everything.

-pretty good but having trouble dealing with certain streams.

-the one and only Racecar you could ever find in Malaysia. the rest is all kancil(no offence for other dt player) xD...strong in DT...very very strong...10.3 is nothing to him(maybe)

-has very good snapping skill using mouse.

-good at HD...thats all i know...
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