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01:52:976 - 01:53:322 - add a note at centre?
...take my star
IRC modding on Infinity
18:39 iJinjin: feel free to do any diffs :v
18:39 -Kamikaze-: ok hi
18:39 -Kamikaze-: I'll do infinity but I wanna take a look at it first
18:39 iJinjin: herro
18:40 iJinjin: brb bathroom
18:41 -Kamikaze-: btw I hate you for haelequin bursts
18:41 -Kamikaze-: fuck you
18:42 iJinjin: back
18:42 iJinjin: <
18:42 -Kamikaze-: ok this is gay
18:42 iJinjin: wait wat haelequin bursts
18:42 iJinjin: :v
18:42 -Kamikaze-: the end ones
18:42 -Kamikaze-: end of chordstream and later
18:42 -Kamikaze-: those are all gay
18:43 -Kamikaze-: and you are gay
18:43 -Kamikaze-: gaaaaaaaay
18:43 -Kamikaze-: All timing sections have a volume below 5%.
18:43 iJinjin: thanks ' w'
18:43 -Kamikaze-: Audio bitrate is lower than 128kbps. Consider finding a better quality source.
18:43 -Kamikaze-: smhtbh
18:43 iJinjin: ;_;
18:43 -Kamikaze-: ok first section
18:43 -Kamikaze-: why aren't you accenting bass properly
18:44 iJinjin: mmmm
18:44 -Kamikaze-: like 00:01:861 - this should be more notes than 00:02:091 (2091|4,2091|5) -
18:45 iJinjin: i kinda thought of it as like
18:45 -Kamikaze-: ok I sorta get it now but still
18:45 -Kamikaze-: the clap thingy is way quieter/less noticeable
18:45 iJinjin: one note for bass, one note for that hihat sound or whatever it is, and one for the tune
18:45 iJinjin: yeah
18:45 -Kamikaze-: would like bass being accented more because it's the most prominent sound
18:46 -Kamikaze-: or at least second after the tune
18:46 -Kamikaze-: but tune is quite weak
18:46 iJinjin: ill consider it :p
18:46 iJinjin: probably gonna add one more note at
18:46 iJinjin: 00:01:861 - and places similar to these parts
18:47 -Kamikaze-: that's what I wanted to suggest tbh
18:47 iJinjin: one
18:47 iJinjin: done
18:47 -Kamikaze-: 00:06:245 (6245|2,6245|6,6245|0) - why triple
18:47 iJinjin: o baby a triple!!
18:47 iJinjin: i forgot to delete one note from there
18:48 -Kamikaze-: o
18:48 iJinjin: thanks for pointing that out
18:48 -Kamikaze-: go do it
18:48 iJinjin: 'w'
18:48 -Kamikaze-: yay
18:48 -Kamikaze-: ' w'
18:48 iJinjin: yup
18:48 -Kamikaze-: 00:07:399 (7399|0,7438|1,7476|2) - ok you may already know this but wrong snap fam
18:48 -Kamikaze-: there's like 5 or more sounds there
18:48 -Kamikaze-: also red tick does sound like it has a separate sound
18:48 iJinjin: i talked to zenny and fullerene about this, yeah
18:49 iJinjin: the snap is 1/12 with 5 notes, and then a note following shortly after (which goes on the red tick)
18:49 iJinjin: but when i testplayed it, it felt too clumped
18:49 -Kamikaze-: makes sense
18:49 iJinjin: so i decided to map it to 1/6 for emphasis on the roll instead
18:49 -Kamikaze-: would adding a note on red tick be a problem?
18:50 -Kamikaze-: not sure how that would play tho
18:50 iJinjin: tried that too
18:50 -Kamikaze-: wait no I have another idea
18:50 -Kamikaze-: or rather thing to point out
18:50 iJinjin: wew
18:50 -Kamikaze-: you map those rolls in groups of three per one repetition
18:51 -Kamikaze-: example 00:07:399 (7399|0,7438|1,7476|2,7745|0,7784|1,7822|2,8091|0,8130|1,8168|2) -
18:51 iJinjin: right
18:51 -Kamikaze-: but from what I hear, first roll is lower pitch than other two
18:51 -Kamikaze-: so I thought you might move two others 1 right or left
18:51 -Kamikaze-: depends where they are
18:51 iJinjin: all rolls are same pitch, it's just the note on the red tick (that i chose not to map) that's different
18:52 iJinjin: lol
18:52 iJinjin: but yeah
18:52 -Kamikaze-: oh maybe
18:52 iJinjin: it would be nice to emphasize that instead on the rolls
18:52 iJinjin: i'll think about it
18:53 -Kamikaze-: 00:07:399 (7399|0,7438|1,7476|2,7745|0,7784|1,7822|2,8091|0,8130|1,8168|2) - quite an awkward pause there between those streams and chords
18:53 -Kamikaze-: oops
18:53 -Kamikaze-: my c key is broken
18:53 -Kamikaze-: aaa
18:53 -Kamikaze-: 00:12:188 -
18:53 -Kamikaze-: considering that you map 1/4 just before chords, you should map it also after
18:55 iJinjin: to be honest i wanted to emphasize the bass on that part
18:55 iJinjin: the pause is barely noticeable on 260 bpm too ;_;
18:55 iJinjin: i'll take your consideration tho
18:55 -Kamikaze-: yes I know, but that still sounds awkward
18:55 iJinjin: prob tomorrow
18:55 -Kamikaze-: oki
18:55 -Kamikaze-: 00:46:803 - PSI-m i s s i n g
18:55 iJinjin: atm i prob won't be making too many edits since i wanna testplay things that i fix
18:55 -Kamikaze-: okay
18:55 iJinjin: but my roommate is asleep kek
18:56 iJinjin: o whoa
18:56 iJinjin: didn't notice that
18:56 iJinjin: lmaoooo
18:56 iJinjin: gg
18:56 -Kamikaze-: kek
18:56 -Kamikaze-: #kami4qat
18:57 -Kamikaze-: 00:48:015 (48015|5,48015|4,48072|1,48072|2,48130|4,48130|5,48188|1,48188|2,48245|4,48245|6,48303|0,48303|2,48361|6,48361|4,48418|0,48418|2) - considering how tune plays I think that minijacking those would be way better than trills
18:57 -Kamikaze-: http://puu.sh/lxdXi/267ce2bb6b.png
18:57 iJinjin: too fast :<
18:58 -Kamikaze-: wow do you seriously care about players
18:58 -Kamikaze-: pls it's all about pp
18:58 iJinjin: i care about players pls :v
18:58 -Kamikaze-: also that short of a section shouldn't be too hard
18:59 -Kamikaze-: it's not even half a second lol
18:59 iJinjin: okay :p
18:59 iJinjin: changed to minijacks
18:59 -Kamikaze-: yay
18:59 -Kamikaze-: tbh that will just be a short vibro burst so it's all about control
19:00 iJinjin: yeah i guess so
19:01 -Kamikaze-: 01:17:553 - tune here is quite weak so I suggest mapping one noters, add LN for background thing and start adding notes from around 01:18:938 - where bass kicks in
19:01 iJinjin: good idea
19:02 -Kamikaze-: 01:29:438 (89438|1,89553|1) - wow gross
19:02 -Kamikaze-: 01:31:284 (91284|0,91399|0) - wow even more gross
19:02 -Kamikaze-: 01:33:188 (93188|0,93303|0) - smh
19:02 iJinjin: yeah those parts are kinda iffy
19:03 iJinjin: i remapped those parts like 3 times at least
19:03 iJinjin: for now that's the best i can do
19:03 iJinjin: but i'll try finding better flowing patterns
19:03 -Kamikaze-: yeah I imagine it's very hard to find a perfect pattern
19:03 -Kamikaze-: 01:49:861 - fml those LNs made me lose my ss - _ -
19:04 -Kamikaze-: 01:52:630 - 6 01:52:861 (112861|1,112861|5,112861|0,112861|6,112976|5,112976|6,112976|0,112976|1,113207|6,113207|5,113207|0,113207|1,113322|5,113322|0,113322|6,113322|1) - 4 01:53:553 (113553|6,113553|0,113553|4,113553|1,113553|5) - 5
19:04 -Kamikaze-: pls
19:05 iJinjin: if you're hitting them like you hit normal jumptrills the accuracy stays virtually the same due to really high bpm
19:05 -Kamikaze-: would agree when first would be 4
19:05 iJinjin: the short lns there are just visualizations of
19:05 iJinjin: the
19:05 iJinjin: uh
19:05 iJinjin: chiptune notes
19:05 -Kamikaze-: it's a prank bro
19:05 iJinjin: o
19:05 iJinjin: wew
19:06 iJinjin: wait so what were you suggesting at the end
19:06 iJinjin: the amount of notes in the chord?
19:06 -Kamikaze-: yeah
19:06 -Kamikaze-: sounds are like
19:06 iJinjin: or column placement
19:06 -Kamikaze-: same
19:06 -Kamikaze-: maybe last is a bit stronger
19:06 -Kamikaze-: o wait first is 5 not 6
19:06 iJinjin: now that i hear it
19:06 iJinjin: i should emphasize
19:06 -Kamikaze-: sry can't count
19:06 iJinjin: yeah first is
19:07 iJinjin: jj
19:07 -Kamikaze-: but still it's the exact same sound as rest of 4's
19:07 -Kamikaze-: unless the scratch note sound is diffrent
19:08 -Kamikaze-: I forgot what the sound is called but it's like always on scratch in bms
19:08 iJinjin: but i want to be like zenny and make the same chords have different amount of notes ;_;
19:08 iJinjin: jk
19:08 -Kamikaze-: overchorded
19:08 -Kamikaze-: unrankable
19:08 -Kamikaze-: nuked
19:08 iJinjin: or
19:08 iJinjin: i can
19:08 iJinjin: add a note to
19:08 iJinjin: 01:52:976 and 01:53:322
19:08 iJinjin: since they seem to be more accented
19:08 iJinjin: than the same chord 2 ticks ago
19:09 -Kamikaze-: ye the scratch note sound
19:09 iJinjin: ooo that's the scratchy scratchy
19:09 iJinjin: okie
19:09 -Kamikaze-: fuck what was it called
19:09 iJinjin: actually
19:09 -Kamikaze-: not crash
19:09 -Kamikaze-: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
19:09 iJinjin: maybe it's best to leave it as is
19:09 -Kamikaze-: delete one from first then
19:09 iJinjin: cuz the patterns get pretty awkwards
19:09 -Kamikaze-: consistency fam
19:10 iJinjin: okie
19:10 iJinjin: deleted
19:10 -Kamikaze-: wheee
19:10 iJinjin: yay we're done
19:10 iJinjin: im actually pretty tired now
19:10 -Kamikaze-: fastmodding
19:10 iJinjin: jeajajaieaiejuajuae
19:10 -Kamikaze-: hehehehe
19:10 iJinjin: savelog and i gib u your kids
19:10 iJinjin: kds
19:10 -Kamikaze-: oki 'w '

Okoratu wrote:

your last 2 diffnames aren't really speaking to me, if you don't know that ε-δ definition of limit
considering the average age of an osu player to be around 14 and this somewhat advanced mathematical concepts i don't think many are going to understand your diffname and intention behind that unless they had calculus

yea very unlikely at 14 lol (i think there was a public survey and the avg age turned out to be around that which is why we have these strict nsfw rules anyways)

so tldr the above: They do make sense, but:
Mapsets may also use a complete set of custom difficulty names that clearly indicate their level of difficulty to the player.
right now your diffnaming makes a lot of sense (smartass actually) but only if you are aware what epsilon-delta is in the first place and so it might not be very clear to everyone who didn't have calculus?_?

does that make sense
yup it does make sense to me, I can simply revert the diff name to 'Extra' but i might keep ε-δ for a while :p (or another solution could be using terms that may be more familiar to a wider audience without having the knowledge of calculus, for example, "unbounded")

NlHIL wrote:

01:52:976 - 01:53:322 - add a note at centre? Added for emphasis on the notes being more accented
...take my star
Thanks for the *really short* mod.. jej and thanks for star 'w'

Sern888 wrote:

Good lord we're having some chiptune getting ranked for mania.

Have my double derivative of 3x^2 stars
pp에 한계 따윈 존재하지 않는다
hi just thought i'd post this thing i noticed while playing owo
00:12:938 - add one note here for the bass sound?
01:12:015 - ^
2nd maniera

Level 51 wrote:

hi just thought i'd post this thing i noticed while playing owo
00:12:938 - add one note here for the bass sound?
01:12:015 - ^
still trying to see what pattern fits the best. I think 3 notes is good enough for this part, but we'll see ^^
you crazy motherfucker

i like it
I hope that this is getting ranked, I don't care how long it will take, I just want to see how much PP it will make. xD
bublbbbblble plz. 8-)8-)8-)8-)

iJinjin wrote:

Level 51 wrote:

hi just thought i'd post this thing i noticed while playing owo
00:12:938 - add one note here for the bass sound?
01:12:015 - ^
still trying to see what pattern fits the best. I think 3 notes is good enough for this part, but we'll see ^^
haha when i was playing it that part only had 2 notes where the rest of the bass sounds had 3 each, so that's why i made those suggestions for consistency :P
because we need more maniera ranked

Level 51 wrote:

haha when i was playing it that part only had 2 notes where the rest of the bass sounds had 3 each, so that's why i made those suggestions for consistency :P
ooh woops, i was looking at the infinity diff instead of epsilon-delta diff when applying your mod LOL sorry ;w; fixed~
No "Easy" diff?

Rivals_7 wrote:

No "Easy" diff?
given the restrictive nature of this song (melody is fast, bpm is fast) it would be difficult to make a good 'easy' difficulty without limiting so many notes


차라리 계단이였으면 나았을텐데

EDIT: 엡실론-델타가 무슨 뜻이죠? 수학이나 과학 그런건가요
hypeeeeeeeeeee. iJinjin's limit does not exist! :)
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