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Jordan wrote:

holy fuuuuuuuuck that was intense... 2 nexus turrets down I revive and literally do a 1v4 quadra and survive it

We all baserush them and get half their nexus hp down before they 4man kill us

I'm already crying thinking how close it was when our jinx somehow defenses base 1v5

I revive again and get a triple kill with her help


Oh god that was epic
Nice skin you got there
Same thing happened here, I also finished my placement games (finally) and ended up in Silver III after 5-5. Not too bad considering people from Plat being in a similar spot now. :D


pls almost there for my placements

edit: rip


GeeNX wrote:

gg aAa Nono , caitlyn qqing since lv 1 because we play vs nono
That guy plays pretty well. Played a normal match versus him mid, talon vs talon. I went fine till lvl 6, at that time rest of the map was already lost. (5v5 premades, we all plat/gold, they all d1 ;s

Got platinum II, I guess it's fine :D

"Meh... Whatever, this always happens anyway."
*Queues, Finds match*

This is how it ends.
last game for silver promo

2 loses 2 wins

we are 20/8 in kills and ahead as fuck

Suddenly electricity goes away


Jordan wrote:

Suddenly electricity goes away
i hate when this shit happens

i went 6/4 in provisional because power shut off in one game

Well gotta climb again. I hope you can climb back to where you were!

Anyway finished my placements!

8-2 on placements :v Well it isn't that bad.
Probably won't take too long~ and let's aim higher.
Got back from Spain, LETS PLAY SOME L-

and now I gotta repair since it says It cant find mordekaiser and wont let me play.

EDIT: My team won.
lol is that windows 2000
It's VISTA, aero gives me delay so turned it off.
Top lane has to be the most boring unfun lane now.

With how retarded the defense tree is it makes a lot of the match up top ridiculous. You just ignore the enemy top lane and split push. If I wanted to PVE for 40 minutes I would just go play some MMO.

RIP top lane until the defense tree gets gutted.
I'm playing on EUNE now too with a smurf, as far as I've seen they're even more toxic than EUW
I understand that u can rage,flame ect but some guys ... i had that guy he was flaming the whole game after the game he added me as friend and he sayed i wish your mother dies of cancer just WTF
Agressive bot lane works well as always... guess my brother and I will just go Leona/Varus or Zyra/Graves for our placement matches.
First match we went 1/0/9 as Zyra and 10/1/5 as Graves, they surrended at 20...
post to commemorate getting randomly matched against foolno in soloq
i know someone who got placed in plat 1 and lost one game and got an instant demotion
tsm won?


Vulf wrote:

Top lane has to be the most boring unfun lane now.
A lot of people thought it was boring before.

I only like it because I like melee. =/
Lesson of the day: Never play Riven mid unless your name is Faker.

Dig is still bad. Expecting a perfect score on C9 though.
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