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Ashe looks so great after the remake, especially her ultimate
Gaba yvis
Finally Ashe remake <3

kawaii_uguu wrote:

Synchrostar wrote:

Ye... i wont be playing LoL for a while. Stupid fps drops when i attack or get attacked too annoying. (aka 5 fps in teamfights)
I think already in the next patch there will be the newer designed Summoner's Rift. People on the PBE already said that it increased their fps from 10-20 to stable 50-60 so yeah..
You can also try to keep Shadows on low or just turn them off. Also helps.
Ye i've seen the patch preview. Hope patch is out next tuesday, although it probably wont.
I'm probably looking forward to the next patch more than I have any other patch ever.

Playing on a craptop with 20fps outside of teamfights is horrible.
someone deleted my account. :(
and some interest screns

+150 elo , i'm glad :)

most OP team in teamfights ever.
Kanye West
5 support team op
darius is kinda the new garen, that harass
f e a r
Dunkmaster Darius
Kanye West

f e a r wrote:

Dunkmaster Darius
Neither Darius nor Garen will ever reach Dunkmaster status.

They will both afk in bushes like pussies and only emerge when someone facechecks.
True damage ultimate + cd reset when killing an enemy with it.
Nah, not op :33
not OP at all, he can be kited.

also went on a friend's account on EU
holy shit low ping is so good..

1vs5 penta np
im league player too in eune server
name TembelVeSisko which means in english lazyandfatty that kinda black humor :D
feel free to add me so we can play some rounds (:
Colin Hou
lol that gold amount

Dat True
Just play rankeds and you will improve a lot, normal games full of tards, is easy end with 10/0

Finally played against a rioter

Teemo ap <3

Ouariasse wrote:

Finally played against a rioter
I used to watch an old streaming site that Rara was on before she got hired by Riot.

Everyone laughed her off of the site, pretty much. lol

Teras wrote:

Teemo ap <3
How come your win rate in normals is higher than mine and your screen states RETARDATION while I get people tryharding every normal game I start.

I don't get how it works.
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