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Neku Okazaki

Low priority queue

Neku Okazaki wrote:

Low priority queue
Mexican looks a lot like Spanish
Comfy Slippers
so much for delta fox

Chapanya is a monster support, he's a monster player in general. Made these washed up clowns look 2x better.
Can actually kills Target Dummy on Practice Tool mfw

-SayaKai wrote:

Can actually kills Target Dummy on Practice Tool mfw
Grievous Wounds too op smh
mfw I got PROJECT: Fiora on the chest but idk how2play new Fiora because I mastered old Fiora before her current and new Fiora appears.
I think getting skins in this game is too ez
also bless I'm currently g3

Send help, fast.
Im a gangplank main and i have never won against a Jayce before, the game is starting soon
Never won a match or laning phase? Former is disturbing, latter is normal and expected.
Names Josherlayan ( on LoL)
Comfy Slippers
sona is freelo rn
Caput Mortuum
guys pls play aram
I think I've played enough aram for today. Teammates on saturdays are actual cancer.
Comfy Slippers
fuck warwick
League isnt based off of Dota, it is an individual platform by itself (aside from being a moba game)

Glass wrote:

in b4 6300IP champ again

but either way I only have 131 left so FUCK.
Back when LoL was innocent and 6,3k champions were rare.
Comfy Slippers
League was never 'innocent'.
Moon Dancer
> 1 month without playing
> *logs in*
> wtf
It's wild to see old posts about League from 10 years ago. Back when Lux was new...
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