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Hi, would appreciate your quick comment as to which direction i should work on to improve my mapping (my maps suck now :( )

Worked really hard on this one, I really hope that it's enough to be a ranked beatmap. Hitsounding isn't nearly as good as what i normally do, so if you have any input it would be highly appreciated!
NM req, thanks!
I'm new to mapping, this is the first map that I'm trying to rank, hope you would like it!
This song is called Hachigatsu no Yoru (translated to August Night) and was composed by the JPop band Silent Siren. The song starts out with just the guitars synth and drums, the guitars and synths play a catchy melody while the drums repeat a series of kicks and snares with the occasional roll. The vocals first verse translated to English is "The things I like about you, Your weird quirks, Though you’re expressionless, The corners of your mouth lift up tightly" Which seems to imply this song is a love song written for somebody. The next verse is "I’ll give you a passing grade You’re doing well, you know You’re praising me - What exactly are you looking at?" Which shows that the character the vocalist is describing is critiquing their love interest and giving them a passing grade with the compliment "You're doing well, you know" Then they say "You're praising me - What exactly are you looking at?" This most likely means that the characters love interest has praised and noticed her. The next verse "More and more and more and more, we’re giving in, Still, still, still, still, the subtle distance between us Slowly swaying, rolling, shaking, these trembling feelings Weakly, my fingertips, shaking, touch you, overflowing, We overlap" this verse contains lyrics which are somewhat erotic, meaning that they are in a close relationship. They end this verse by saying "We overlap" which could mean many things. "This August night, it’s getting stronger, I love you (in english), I’ll save the ice cream we bought on the way home ,Again next time, again next time, Somehow I was making a next time, Getting a little drunk, I float, swaying I thaw out deeply frozen memories Again, again I’m always looking for a reason to see you again" This verse talks about what seems to be a festival taking place on an august night, where the main character talks about their experiences with the other character and how they wish to keep meeting them, "again next time, again next time, somehow I was making a next time" and "I'm always looking for a reason to see you again" The line "I thaw out deeply frozen memories" could mean that these two characters have known each other for a long time, perhaps from childhood. The next verse "More and more and more and more, we’re giving in Still, still, still, still, the subtle distance between us Slowly swaying, rolling, shaking, these trembling feelings Weakly, my lips, shaking, touch you, overflowing" Is the same as the 3rd verse, this time it is in the background. Finally the last verse "This August night, the two of us shake, touching, overflowing, We overlap" This last line starts with the title of the song "Hachigatsu no Yoru" and continues with "the two of us shake, touching, overflowing" which shows a close relation ship, and then closing with "We overlap" which, as stated before, can mean many things.

Personally this song is one of the first I've played on osu, so it has a nostalgic feeling to it.

Lyrics from https://lyricstranslate.com/en/hachigatsu-no-yoru-%E5%85%AB%E6%9C%88%E3%81%AE%E5%A4%9C-august-night.html
I'm unsure if this is still open or closed but if it is open I would like you to NM my map.


Thank you for you time!
https://osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/1029451#osu/2153844 (Top diff if only 1)
Yo. So I didn't just start, but I'm still kinda new. I just recently realized that I have to go and look for people to help me, so here I am.
Anything Helps :)


Low bpm and qt song!
Looking for mods especially for the expert and collab insane.

hi~ nm please~

Tower of saviors - madhead
Hello, here's my map:
Thanks in advance
Syaro Kirima
Hi nm thx owo
plz don't ask why spaced stream on 5*
it's low bpm, I can't control it >_<
and song name stuff: Mythical Encirclement by madhead
My AngeI Koishi
[ L u k a s ]

just uploaded :3c
it took a long time to finish this set T-T but im glad it's done
https://osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/1030107 wagamama de gomakasanaide by oral cigs, made a set out of it since it's such a nice song & i'm still waiting/finding bns for my other set :3c
Artist: My Chemical Romance
Title: Cancer
BPM: 150
Star-rate: 3.46
Drain/Length: 2:15(2:00)
Link: https://osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/1028485#osu/2150518

nm pls :3c
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