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Now I'm going to change the rules again.

Changed this from General Rules :

  1. I only mod Hard diff or sth below than that, you can make me mod an Insane if it's lower than 3.75. You can post some maps that are higher than 3.75 but I will only mod the diffs that I'm capable of.

  1. 4.50 is my star rating limit for modding. You can post some maps that are higher than 4.50 but I will only mod the diffs that I'm capable of. And I have the rights for not modding the map I can't pass it. Also, I'm a newbie to 3.75*+ maps so don't expect a high quality mod from me.
For those which I modded and want another mod for higher difficulties (3.75*-4.5*). Please don't post here and contact me via pm or just poke me in game.
Hi! I'd like an NM! ^_^

[Rewrite and Grisaia]

Thanks! :)
Heart Attack
Hello Electoz!

I hope NM is still open because I kinda feel lazy to M4M.

My map: AOA - Heart Attack

126 bpm
3 diffs x3 min drain

Hope it catches your eye... and ear ... and HEART!!!
Hey there!

My song is Axsword - Ververg Symphony from the tribute album to Deemo and Cytus by Onoken/any/axsword.
This could be considered a Remix of Ververg, however its pretty different in musical style.

BPM: 155
Length: 1:46

While the mapset has diffs with higher Star ratings, I feel the lower ones would be really helped if they were modded, so those are pretty high priority.
Would be glad if you were to take a look.
Thanks in advance and have a nice day
[Rewrite and Grisaia]
Which I sadly cant play because Mac sucks for Visual Novels ;w;
Topic Starter
Sry guys, I was kinda inactive recently.
I'm typing this on my phone and it can't edit posts. So I'll update the status on the first page later.
I'll get the mods done by either today/tomorrow.
Also, feel free to post your map away. This queue is open.

I would like to request a NM for my very first map please:

Single difficulty, 4.11 stars, 4:57 drain time

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

I am a total newbie but if you feel my map is somewhat decently mapped and would like me to mod one of yours, I wouldn't mind giving it a shot. Feel free to PM me.

Thank you for taking the time to consider modding my map.

[Rewrite and Grisaia]
Hi Electoz~ I'm here again!

Can i ask you for modding? I want you to check the gap between Light Hard and Hard diffs.


Rewrite and Grisaia
Hihi, NM request here :D

[Rewrite and Grisaia]
↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑ I like these two games I have to say :D
Hi, I am requesting a NM. This is my first map, and I decided to do a mapset with a few friends because I thought it would be fun.

Taiyakiya - Friend Shitai - A cover of the Gakkou Gurashi OP by an utaite named Taiyakiya.

In order of priority if you accept this and are pressed for time:
Third Year -> Mathyrzemus' Beginning -> Daexic's Next Year -> Graduation (If you feel comfortable, 3.84 stars).

[Rewrite and Grisaia]
Hello NM req :)
Here's my map:
Thank you <3 Rewrite and Grisaia (Black colour)
You don't say closed so

Thank you ^^
[Rewrite and Grisaia]
you already modded one of my maps, but I wonder if you can do the same for another one? :o
all diffs up to Light Insane pls c: (if you can also do Light insane that would be super nice! it's 4.56 which is higher than your max, but maybe?!)

[Rewrite and Grisaia]
Topic Starter
I got an exam this week, please don't expect a fast mod.

Also, I added a poll for your feedback, please go to the first page and rate my modding if possible~
Every feedbacks are needed, very much appreciated~
Hey NM reg
Thank you :D

[Rewrite and Grisaia]
NM req !!!

thanks a lot!!!!
Topic Starter
Bump. I'll going to clear up some personal mods for now.

I'll come back to check this later so feel free to post your map. This queue is open~
Rewrite and Grisaia

Meow! :3

Thankyou ^^
Hey. I'm a newbie at mapping and couldn't find any other queue :/ on top of that i think my easy difficulty is way worse than my insane difficulty (5.15*). but nevertheless i'm giving it a shot :)

thanks in advance and merry christmas :3

[Rewrite and Grisaia] <-- black is my favorite :P
Please mod my map if i your favorite mapper haha(Don't worry it's joke)
Rewrite and Grisaia
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