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Welcome to the 2nd QCUP Tournament - 2015!

The games will be streamed here!

1. General Information/Rules

  1. As of now, the tournament will begin 12th December.
  2. The Tournament will be held in a 1v1 format
  3. New rules might be added on the go, so please check this thread frequently. Any changes will be notified.
  4. Invitational only based on Tournament Experience and prowess.
  5. Mappool will be given out the second the match starts.

2. Match Information/Rules

  1. The Tournament will be run in a single elimination style.
  2. During the match, both players will be in a multiplayer game; "Head To Head" and win condition set to "Score".
  3. Each player will select a set number of maps from a predetermined mappool which the player receives at the same time as the match starts to play during their match. You are not allowed to choose a map that your opponent has chosen before.
  4. You're allowed to pick 1 mod pick from each mod pool. Nomod is excluded from this, but you're not allowed to pick the same song twice either.
  5. For Freemod picks both players have to choose a mod.
  6. In case of a tie, a predetermined tiebreaker map will be played.
  7. If there is a disconnect then the disconnecting party will lose a point.
  8. Postponing a match is not possible if you have agreed to being a specific streamed match on a stream day (More info to which day that is will follow soon)
  9. If possible, a referee will be staying with you in the multiplayer match.
  10. Final decisions can be made by the referee in the match to avoid a discussion breaking out

3. Prizes

  1. First place: MK-85 mechanical Keyboard, QH-90 Headset, 8K Mouse and Custom Osu Mousepad, potential profile Badge (working on it, not yet confirmed)
  2. Second place: QH-90 Headset, 8K Mouse and Custom Osu Mousepad
  3. Third place: 8K Mouse and Custom Osu Mousepad

4. Participating Players

Player - Rafis

Player - Wilchq

Player - NerO


Player - estellia-

Player - Omgforz

Player - Tiger Claw

Player - Musty

Player - -GN

Player - HappyStick


Player - Rucker


Player - Doomsday

Player - BlueFlame

Player - WubWoofWolf

5. Schedules

Best of 5 in the 1st round!
Best of 7 in the 2nd round!
Best of 9 in Semi Finals!
Best of 11 in the Final!

6. Tournament Staff

  1. Organizers: WORSTPOLACKEU, Omgforz, Isla
  2. Map Selectors: WORSTPOLACKEU, Kotayo, Kyshiro
  3. Referees: Ecliptus, Van Dyke Brown, Dunois, DatPenguinTho,Seto Kousuke, Comcast.,Xim
  4. Streamers: QPAD
  5. Commentators: Omgforz, rfandomization, Doomsday, lolimonz, Xytox

    If you are interested in helping out as a referee during matches, feel free to ask!
Hi I have been signed up for this tournament and I didn't sign up.
Find someone else, thanks.

Tasty Beverage wrote:

Hi I have been signed up for this tournament and I didn't sign up.
Find someone else, thanks.
You said yes apparently but you were going to come back in a few days if it was a no :)
Removed from the list! Will update with another player soon!
can I sign up? (?)

Mastersstk wrote:

can I sign up? (?)
This is an invitational Tournament, so that means that only specific players that got invited can play. So the answer is no, you can't sign up for this tournament, you can only play if you got invited
Schedule is up!
Due to [Chiyo] having to drop out, HappyStick will be taking his place instead.
There have also been slight changes in the schedule.

Stay tuned for tomorrow!
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