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Problem Details: so, i play with a mouse and i have a very weird problem. sometimes (or often) when i play i can't find a comfortable position for my hand. for example when i want to move left my hand just kinda turns left (also just happens with left), what is pretty inaccurate in the game then, and also it feels very weird while playing :c sometimes everythings okay and it feels very comfortable while playing but it really often just does this weird thing, idk how to describe it better, sry :/ i am btw playing with a normal gaming mouse from necon and my left hand. If you have a question or something, just contact me on skype: feuerbuster1234
would be really awesome if someone helped because it really sucks while playing ;-; thank you guys

Video or screenshot showing the problem: no need i guess lol

osu! version: 20151113.3 (latest)
I have similar issues sometimes.

I also use a mouse with my left hand and sometimes I find myself in awkward positions and trying to play the map can become really hard fast.

I have no idea what to do to avoid that, other than keep playing and eventually I will get over it.

For now, I praise maps that gives me a few brief breaks in order to reposition my hands.

So yea, I guess I am no help at all lol
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well, its at least good to know that im not the only one who has that problem... but yea, especially marathon levels with no breaks or sth can get really weird hard idk...
Do you mean that you can't find comfortable position before game starts or your hand goes into weird positions during a map? (this problem is called mouse drift) So if you have mouse drift then rising dpi can help, it did for me.

Another thing is that my mouse Mionix naos 7000 has some surface analyzer, it gave 40-50% on my old steelseries qcb pad but it gives me 70-80% on mionix sargas mousepad that I bought, this also reduced my mouse drift.

Also what mouse you have? I couldn't find any "necon" mouse from google.

And I think every mouse player experiences some problems at some point, so don't get frustrated, you are not the only one.

Also analyzing your problems and trying different things can often find you a solution.
As far as I am concerned I have a cheap ass mouse and I don't use a mouse pad either :)

My issues are definately what you seem to call mouse drift, at the point where my hand gets all crooked and sometimes I am barely holding my mouse by the tip of my fingers, I must look completely ridiculous when it happens :)

It just annoys me when it happens while I'm doing real good on a map, because I eventually start to realize that breaking is inevitable.

I figured someday i'll get better at it and that won't happen anymore :)
The Gambler
Or you can do this...

100% guaranteed zero mouse drift.

I'm not joking, it actually works. But you gotta deal with a slightly elevated hand to play like this. And your highest DPI is 750 due to tablet constraints.
improve your seating posture
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