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Map is fully updated:

Hitsounds and SB ready on all diff and some diffs have been polished!

I've read your reply to my mod, so first of all, I'm sorry for being kinda angry there, must have had a bad mood or something :(
01:19:311 (8) - I listened to it at 25%, and really couldn't hear a distinguishable sound. At least comparing to 01:19:054 (5,6,7) - and 01:19:397 - .
But I guess you fixed most of those, so nevermind :)
01:11:511 (3,4,5) - And yeah, of course there are beats on red ticks, I never said there are none. But the red tick beats are a lot less loud than the white tick bass which makes those sliders play weird. Oh, I found something in the wiki about it, they're actually called offbeat sliders
Anyway, this is not that important.
The most important thing is this, quote: "I don't see this ranked unless everything above is sorted out."
I'm sorry, this was not meant to be about your map, Tari. I accidentally put it in the end, it was about Collab Hard :( Diff spread was pretty bad, so I wrote it. And well, I had a really bad mood back then apparently, again sorry to all you guys.
remove "bass" and "slut" from tags. there is absolutely no need for them as they are already withing the song's title.
and pleaase, 01:10:997 - 02:27:797 - first of all they should have same volume along all diffs, second anything but >80% sounds lshit there D:
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fixed it!

waiting for the new hitsound and the sb to be fixed
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Oko bubble it I love you bro!

hah gay.

@next person double check hitsounding lol
11:48 Secretpipe: can u help me to rank a map?
11:48 Secretpipe: nobody wanna help me
11:48 Okoratu: yaya sure
11:48 Okoratu: that's how you got 18 sets ranked :D?
11:49 Secretpipe: welp
11:49 Secretpipe: I asked two people some weeks ago
11:49 Secretpipe: and they are like
11:49 Secretpipe: "oh i'll do it later
11:49 Secretpipe: l m a o
11:50 Okoratu: is it about bass slut
11:51 Secretpipe: yes
11:51 Secretpipe: I wanted to rank it last week
11:51 Secretpipe: but i got problems
11:51 Secretpipe: now it's fully ready
11:51 Okoratu: you wanted to rank monarch 6 months ago but then let it die for half a year
11:51 Secretpipe: spent days and night to polish it
11:51 Secretpipe: :(
11:52 Secretpipe: welp
11:52 Secretpipe: there was asph's bday
11:52 Secretpipe: I called 3 bn and ranked in the day lol
11:52 Secretpipe: but now they are gone
11:52 Secretpipe: even If I helped them
11:52 Okoratu: rip these 3 bns
11:52 Okoratu: ;_;7
11:52 Secretpipe: ;(
11:53 Secretpipe: priti want to rank bass slut also
11:53 Secretpipe: but he's not here
11:54 Secretpipe: I'm kinda lost tbh
11:54 Secretpipe: I wanted it ranked fast
11:54 Secretpipe: so it can be noticed in top 10 of 2015 maybe
11:55 Okoratu: is that why monstrata has 6 things in qualified right now LOL
11:55 Secretpipe: no
11:55 Secretpipe: and waited 2 whole day
11:55 Secretpipe: I helped him
11:55 Secretpipe: I even woke up at 6
11:56 Secretpipe: and then he said
11:56 Secretpipe: "I'll do it tmr"
11:56 Secretpipe: pff
11:56 Okoratu: dude
11:56 Okoratu: i asked if monstrata got 6 things qualified to be noticed in best of 2015
11:56 Okoratu: XD
11:56 Secretpipe: LOL
12:00 Secretpipe: so you wanna help me with a quick check or nah I suppose?;;
12:01 Okoratu: i wanted to map today lol
12:01 Secretpipe: Ah
12:01 Secretpipe: Alright then
12:01 Secretpipe: Even for a quick check?
12:01 Okoratu: i actually like the map so let's see zzz
12:02 Secretpipe: oh wow
12:02 Okoratu: nice armpits
12:02 Secretpipe: \o/
12:02 Okoratu: we need happy30 to take top comment or something
12:04 Secretpipe: why ? xD
12:04 Secretpipe: fast is that there's no unrankable things I think
12:04 Secretpipe: hitsounds are all used you can check it
12:04 Secretpipe: every greenlines are used
12:04 Secretpipe: and so and so
12:04 Secretpipe: and sb works perfectly
12:05 Secretpipe: lmao y u so pro
12:06 Okoratu: i don't even hear the hitsounding until the kiai
12:06 Okoratu: lol
12:07 Okoratu: at least the intro felt like i hit nothing lol
12:07 Secretpipe: lol?
12:08 Secretpipe: maybe because the music is too loud
12:08 Okoratu: or hitsounding too quiet
12:09 Secretpipe: yea
12:10 Okoratu: or maybe it's just the soft hitnormal
12:10 Secretpipe: I can maybe raise the volume once again
12:15 Okoratu: ohh
12:15 Okoratu: i figured out why it felt a bit odd lol
12:15 Secretpipe: o:
12:15 Okoratu: who hitsounded this ? :D
12:16 Secretpipe: phaZ xD
12:16 Secretpipe: it's not odd :(
12:17 Okoratu: do you see the drum-hitnormals in your folder
12:17 Secretpipe: yup!
12:17 Okoratu: these basically don't have an additional soft or whatever hitnormal sound behind them
12:17 Okoratu: so you basically have default soft hitnormal on some notes
12:17 Secretpipe: o:
12:17 Okoratu: and just that bass sound on others
12:18 Secretpipe: didn't know that lol
12:18 Okoratu: and the bass sound blends in with the song a lot
12:18 Okoratu: just listen to the samples lol
12:19 Secretpipe: I did
12:21 Secretpipe: so what would be the best solution ?o:
12:21 Secretpipe: because it's still audible for me
12:21 Secretpipe: but you're right
12:21 Secretpipe: the intro is kinda low
12:21 Okoratu: the hitsounds are audible
12:22 Okoratu: but they blend in so much that i don'\t know if im playing hitsounds or if that's part of the song
12:22 Okoratu: that's my problem rn lol
12:22 Secretpipe: ahah
12:22 Secretpipe: oh phaZ is on o:
12:24 Secretpipe: maybe you can ask him :P
12:24 Secretpipe: thanks for having noticed that btw!
12:24 Okoratu: let's see what will come from discussing that with phaz
12:25 Secretpipe: :D
12:45 Secretpipe: oh phaz posted
12:45 Secretpipe: smth
12:48 Secretpipe: okay lemme fix the volume in some min
12:48 Okoratu: also in extra the really bigdistance between 03:21:625 (1,2) - is kinda uncomforatable
12:49 Secretpipe: successfully changed!
12:51 Okoratu: get your SB'er to redo the flashes that are snapped to these objects if you move them
12:51 Secretpipe: yea sure
12:51 Secretpipe: and then I can call ya again ?
12:59 Secretpipe: aight just waiting for the new drum hitnormal
12:59 Secretpipe: oopdated
13:00 Okoratu: can fort do a Stack leniency where 1/4 notes like [ do this] instead of [ this]
13:01 Okoratu: looks kinda dumb imo xd
13:02 Secretpipe: I should tell him or you wanna slap his butt ? :D
13:04 Secretpipe: will fix tags when sb will be fixed (it's coming in a min)
13:08 Okoratu: grumd's diff looks pretty cool
13:08 Secretpipe: yus
13:11 Okoratu: can u explain some of your comboing in normal to me
13:11 Secretpipe: sure dad ;_;
13:11 Okoratu: 02:36:368 (1,2,3,4,1,2) - and 02:47:340 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3) - y are these comboed the same
13:12 Secretpipe: 02:37:740 (1) - cuz it's special
13:12 Secretpipe: 02:48:711 (1) - fixed
13:12 Okoratu: then you should also not combo on 03:29:854 (1) - btw
13:13 Secretpipe: yea u're totally right xD
13:13 Secretpipe: fix'd
13:14 Okoratu: also p/4123411 is accurate
13:14 Okoratu: xd
13:15 Secretpipe: XD
13:15 Secretpipe: THAT GIF
13:15 Secretpipe: I LOVE IT
13:15 Okoratu: p/4703348
13:15 Okoratu: my bubble post is :D
13:15 Secretpipe: lolol
13:16 Secretpipe: these colours
13:16 Secretpipe: OKO IS GAY BOISSS
13:16 Okoratu: diffname is Rainbow
13:16 Secretpipe: o right
13:16 Secretpipe: forgot it
13:16 Okoratu: im also bi so i have no problems with that description XD
13:18 Secretpipe: :D
13:19 Secretpipe: it'd be funny if you can do that gif for bass slut
13:19 Secretpipe: xD
13:19 Okoratu: hey i did another gif the last time i ranked a nozhomi map
13:19 Secretpipe: o:
13:19 Okoratu: it's on his profile now
13:20 Secretpipe: haha
13:21 Okoratu: so ye i'll take a shower, get me some food, playtest everything again and if i don't have anything else to say i'll bubble
13:21 Secretpipe: fixing tags now aaaa
13:21 Secretpipe: ooo
13:21 Secretpipe: nice
13:21 Secretpipe: have a gud shower then :D
13:31 Secretpipe: FACK
13:31 Secretpipe: BSS
13:41 Secretpipe: okay it just worked
13:41 Secretpipe: tell me w/e ure back
13:53 Secretpipe: updating intensifies annnnd we're done
14:05 Okoratu: can you please
14:05 Okoratu: explain the current qualified system to sotarks in french or something
14:05 Okoratu: i think he's retarded
14:06 Secretpipe: sure
14:06 Secretpipe: LOL
14:06 Secretpipe: you mean , the ranking process?
14:06 Okoratu: how the qualified section works
14:06 Secretpipe: im talking w/ him rn
14:06 Okoratu: like it's a queue where we throw maps in and it just ranks the 6 last things a day
14:06 Okoratu: xd
14:06 Secretpipe: go re dl bby
14:07 Secretpipe: xD
14:17 Okoratu: so
14:17 *Okoratu is editing [ S3RL - Bass Slut (Original Mix) [Extra]]
14:17 Okoratu: 01:22:397 -
14:17 Okoratu: this is like the only dududu triplet that you skip asdadsdas
14:18 Secretpipe: a triple would ruin the flow here since I'm going for a jumpy part here
14:19 Secretpipe: but if you insist I can make it a triple
14:19 Okoratu: that's your decision
14:19 Okoratu: it jsut caught my attention because you mapped all the other triples lol
14:19 Secretpipe: I want to keep it here to be consistent with thte others patterns
14:19 Secretpipe: but your idea is ncie
14:19 Secretpipe: nice*
14:20 Secretpipe: damn i'm always writing "ncie"
14:22 Okoratu: i call that the vinxis syndrome where you suddenly lose the ability to write correct english
14:22 Secretpipe: or I'm just writing fast like a retard
14:22 Secretpipe: :D
14:22 Secretpipe: vinxis is too cancer for me
14:34 *Okoratu is editing [ S3RL - Bass Slut (Original Mix) [Collab Hard]]
14:34 Okoratu: 01:10:054 (1) -
14:34 Okoratu: whose isthat
14:35 Okoratu: i found that quite hard to 300 for a hard
14:35 Secretpipe: irre's part
14:35 Okoratu: bleh if it's irre he won't change anything lol
14:35 Okoratu: xd
14:35 Secretpipe: I can remove the 01:09:968 (1) -
14:35 Secretpipe: he told me that I can change anything
14:36 Okoratu: that would work better
14:36 Okoratu: yes
14:36 Secretpipe: done
14:37 Okoratu: have phaz's issues been addressed
14:37 Okoratu: thorughout the set
14:37 Secretpipe: yea
14:37 Secretpipe: for every diffs
14:37 Secretpipe: about two greenlines
14:37 Secretpipe: and fixed tags
14:38 Okoratu: btw
14:38 Secretpipe: yis?
14:38 Okoratu: 01:09:968 - having 10% here and an object that you can click is meh
14:38 Secretpipe: which diff?
14:38 Secretpipe: oh same
14:38 Okoratu: ... i suppose every diff
14:38 Okoratu: xd
14:38 Secretpipe: I should remove it then?
14:39 Okoratu: doing 30% or something would be nice
14:39 Secretpipe: oh kk
14:41 Secretpipe: once done update?
14:41 Okoratu: not sure yet xcd
14:41 Secretpipe: :(
14:42 Okoratu: 01:54:882 - to 02:02:082 - are probably the only thing that's left to worry about in regards to hitsounds lol
14:43 Secretpipe: whichd iff?
14:43 Secretpipe: It's nice lol
14:44 Secretpipe: a lot of whistles~
14:46 Secretpipe: lmao priti dc'd
14:46 Secretpipe: is it a joke?
14:46 Okoratu: sounds better if it had +10% volume but ok
14:46 Okoratu: might just be
14:47 Okoratu: me being hypocritical
14:47 Secretpipe: the music is already really low
14:47 Secretpipe: it's audible
14:47 Secretpipe: nah u're nto <3
14:47 Secretpipe: not
14:47 Secretpipe: aaaaa syndrome of vinxis strikes again D:
14:48 Okoratu: so i'm out of things to be annoyed about
14:48 Okoratu: did you decide to do anything regarding that triplet in extra
14:48 Okoratu: or
14:48 Secretpipe: I told ya that I'd keep that pattern
14:48 Secretpipe: haha
14:49 Okoratu: oh i didn't understand that correctly so i asked
14:49 Okoratu: :D
14:49 Secretpipe: oh ahah
14:50 Okoratu: did u update
14:50 Secretpipe: I did
14:52 Okoratu: can u get rid of the green lines like in fort's, grumd's, normal and Tari's
14:53 Secretpipe: puush doesn't load
14:53 Secretpipe: hold on
14:53 Secretpipe: oh sure
14:54 Okoratu: did fort say anything about the Stack Leniency thing
14:55 Secretpipe: oh you didn't message him ? lol
14:55 Secretpipe: send me the two screens again
14:55 Secretpipe: I'll tell him
14:55 Okoratu: u mean and
14:57 Secretpipe: he told me
14:57 Secretpipe: "change to 7"
14:57 Okoratu: then change to 7 it's 3 atm
14:57 Okoratu: lol
14:57 Okoratu: 03:21:625 (1,2) - in tari's is abit dumb rhythm wise but uh
14:57 Secretpipe: changed to 7
14:57 Okoratu: i don't really care at this point lol
14:58 Secretpipe: yea that rhythm was quite odd but he told me that it was fnie
14:58 Secretpipe: fine*
14:58 Secretpipe: so i'll keepi t
14:58 Secretpipe: updating w/ SL 7
14:59 Okoratu: and removed green lines
14:59 Secretpipe: done
14:59 Secretpipe: ye removed them
15:00 Okoratu: 3 more ppl fav'd while i was modding
15:00 Okoratu: XD
15:01 Secretpipe: LOL
15:01 Secretpipe: WTF
15:01 Secretpipe: NICE
15:01 Secretpipe: You should mod my maps more often
15:01 Secretpipe: ':)
15:01 Secretpipe: ye that face is me when im sweating
15:01 Secretpipe: nah only 1
15:01 Okoratu: don't just
15:01 Secretpipe: it was 80 some hours ago
15:01 Okoratu: remove that line from all diffs
15:01 Okoratu: LOL
15:02 Secretpipe: wut
15:02 Okoratu:
15:02 Okoratu: basically i was referring to the diffs that had no sv change on the first line
15:03 Secretpipe: ah
15:03 Okoratu: you removed it from Extra, kyshiro's and collab hard too
15:03 Okoratu: and now sliders are unsnapped xd
15:03 Secretpipe: kk let's fix these 3 diffs
15:03 Secretpipe: DAMN
15:04 Secretpipe: updatingnngnngngg
15:05 Secretpipe: DON
15:05 Secretpipe: E
15:07 Okoratu: looking at random mods gives me cancer
15:07 Okoratu:
15:08 Secretpipe: the dark side of osu *cough*
15:08 Okoratu: cool none of the diffs is stuck in an update status
15:08 Secretpipe: :')
15:08 Okoratu: and i think we figured everything worth figuring out, out
15:08 Secretpipe: yea
15:08 Okoratu: only took like 3 hours xd
15:08 Secretpipe: it took a while
15:09 Secretpipe: >only
15:09 Secretpipe: nice meme
15:13 Okoratu: do i have to check samples
15:14 Okoratu: if yes i'll go back to cutting myself for a while lol
15:14 Okoratu: xd
15:14 Secretpipe: no u dont
15:14 Secretpipe: :(
15:14 Secretpipe: please i have to go homework
15:14 Secretpipe: let's rnka it
15:14 Secretpipe: :(
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Congrats! :3
pip is gonna be happy
baysse sleute
gratz, so fast
yaay \w/
tres bien

Hype \:3/
Gratz baguette
Yo grats Secret. o/
P o M u T a
Graaatz :3
yeeey gz!
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