S3RL - Bass Slut (Original Mix)

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Cherry Blossom
Hey, calm down, i didn't have time to write a mod.


  1. 00:48:025 (1,2) - This antijump is really close compared to what you can see before or after, the spacing between these objects is close and it could be better if you increase the spacing between these circles (like 1.00 instead of 0.8) in order to make this pattern more fluid and comfortable to play. Same for 00:48:540 (4,5) -
  2. 00:50:940 (6,7) - I don't really see any reason why the spacing is closer here, tell me why. Imo this looks a little randomly done, the note you can hear on 00:51:454 - is enough powerful and there should be a jump here or the same spacing as 00:50:768 (5,6) - .
  3. 00:57:540 (2) - Imo this is a bad idea to make this blue tick followed by a circle, there is nothing really audible on this tick, it's just the note you can hear on this tick 00:57:454 - which is continuous. It could be more suitable to use a 1/4 slider instead of a triple.
  4. 01:16:654 (7,1) - Look like you didn't have enough space to do something more airy to play like we can see before and after, the spacing difference is really noticeable, and imo it will be better if you keep the consistency with your patterns, it includes their spacing, in order to make everything equal and fluid to play, if you see what i mean. The spacing between 01:16:654 (7,1) - should be increased. Same for 01:27:454 (6,1) -
  5. 01:55:911 (4) - Inaudible or not enough audible, unrankable ?
  6. 02:14:082 (4,1) - This reversed slider 02:14:082 (4) - is enough fast, and it could be better and more comfortable to play if the spacing between 02:14:082 (4,1) - is increased. The little distance between them makes this pattern weird to play and doesn't really give a good feedback.
  7. 02:25:054 (4) - I see that you used some reversed or 1/4 slider to follow these kind of notes, but imo they are all questionable, and sometimes i doubt if they follow the song or your own imagination. This reversed slider sound out of place, there is clearly nothing audible on the blue tick your reverse follows.
  8. 02:41:854 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,1) - I didn't get your pattern, you use triangle with a different spacing between each notes, this doesn't really give a good impression, it looks a little random mapped here when you see that the spacing is different everywhere, without a very good structure. The triangles look ugly for this case.
  9. 03:04:997 (1) - Here the rhythm is a little wrong, imo, the downbeat should be clicked, not just only followed by a sliderend even if you're following vocals, you could just swap these objects 03:04:997 (1,2) - , i mean the rhythm, not the structure.
  10. 03:09:282 (1,2,3,4) - I never saw something like this before, it looks a little out of place, because this part is more calm than the kiai parts where there is no objects like this. At least, decrease the spacing between these long 3/4 sliders, when the map is not built around this kind of pattern, when you play this pattern just once a time. It look really weird.

    In my opinion, the ranking process was messed up for this map. That's really disappointing to see a map with much potential, get speedranked like other random tv size maps or popular songs or rorikon eroge etc.
    This map has everything which is attractive, a good storyboard etc. But that's really disappointing to see that the quality could be improved a lot by fixing issues that could be easily fixed, to show what is a good osu! official beatmap.

    I'm not trying to be salty at all, i'm just trying to show you that speedranking a map with much potential is not the best idea. Even the best mapper ever has to find mods (only if he is enough clever and not firetrucking arrogant to find mods instead of stupid puppets that throw hearts and bubbles like food to birds).

    I won't force you to DQ your map, it's up to you, but just keep in mind what i told you.
    Long time i didn't talk about mapping, some points could not be accurate.
Love the SB :)

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CB , I think you're misunderstanding :

"Speedranking" =/= Speedmapping.

The diffs weren't made in like 2 days and boom ranked..
Let's say that my stuff takes a lof of time to do and I'm polishing it everyday ahah

Why don't you go posting "salty" comments where some maps get some bubbles without mods and get ranked in the day? :D

edit :gonna answer to ur "mod" later tho
Cherry Blossom
Because i was afk for OWC purposes and ridiculing myself on osu!live loool
My scope will be ready soon, don't worry this won't be only you ! Secret ! :3
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I gotta see your future interventions then haha

Also I can understand you about your feeling of surprise but in my opinion , I don't think the stuff got approved w/ a shit qualeetee~
speedranking =/= low quality.

how long it takes to qualify a map shouldn't influence your perception of that map's quality. some people actually continue to polish their maps instead of sitting around waiting for mods :P.

there is nothing wrong with only finding one or two mods before looking for icons. that's just being confident in your style. being arrogant is when you expect BN's to shower you with bubbles/hearts.

lets hope this makes it through qualified!
I literally get goosebumps while playing this. I LOVE the jumps :3
The song is so goddamn good.

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fully ranked!

Secretpipe wrote:

gonna answer to ur "mod" later tho
damn secretpipe's a savage
I like it
best storyboard 2015
Hp drain on tari's is a bit harsh middle section can be a guaranteed fail, as a slight acc misstep early on makes it impossible to build up enough hp to survive.
funny thing is that my name appears twice in tags lol
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This is best map I've ever seen
the doublegrumd
Beatmap is awsome!
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